Ballast Point Brewing Unveils 2018 Release Calendar

BallastPointglassesBallast Point Brewing Company (San Diego, California) has officially sent out a 2018 Product Release Calendar that features three new series that will realign the brewery’s portfolio, a couple new brews, and few availability updates.

There has been a bit of a lull in brewery calendars lately, but rest assured that we will treat this one just as we have the others.  Ballast Point’s full 2018 Product Release Calendar is available below for you to go over at your own pace, but there are a few highlights and changes that we need to cover before we send you to that document:

  • Ballast Point will restructure its portfolio in 2018 to include three distinct series: The Discovery Series, The Flagship Series, and the Explorer Series.  This change has been put in place to help consumers easily distinguish the brewery’s wide portfolio and find exactly what they are after in a beer selection.
  • Meant to “serve as a great way to ‘discover’ Ballast Point though their approachability and exceptional quality”, the beers in The Discovery Series will all weigh in at 6% ABV or under.  These gateway beers will include Year-Round offerings such as Bonito Blonde, Mango Even Keel and Longfin Lager.  The Discovery Series will also feature a rotating lineup that will include Tart Peach Kolsch (April – July), Grunion (July – November) and Piper Down (December).
  • The Flagship Series will consist of “signature beers like Sculpin, Manta Ray, and Victory at Sea—pinnacles of their styles and premium award-winners. They also carry higher ABVs, 7% and above.”  This series will also consist of Year-Round and Rotating offerings.
  • The Explorer Series will be made up of limited releases that feature “bold, exotic flavors and styles, like barrel-aged and sour offerings.”  This series includes offerings such as Red Velvet (January – February), Tongue Buckler (February – March), and High West Barrel Aged Victory at Sea (November – December).
  • Aloha Sculpin will make its debut in February as a part of the brewery’s Flagship Series.  Aloha Sculpin uses “Brux Trois yeast to turn [the brewery’s] award-winning IPA into a tropical oasis, with bright and refreshing notes of mango, pineapple and guava, along with a slight haze and smooth mouthfeel.”
  • The Explorer Series will also see a brand-new offering with the release of Moscow Mule Ale from March through July 2018.  This offering is Ballast Point’s “take on the classic & refreshing cocktail, with ginger and tart lime in a light kettle sour beer. It’s an effervescent and aromatic beer just begging to be enjoyed in a copper mug.”
  • More Ballast Point offerings will be available in cans in 2018. This includes a rotating can 6-pack in the Discovery Series (Tart Peach Kolsch, Grunion Pale Ale, and Piper Down Scottish Ale), Unfiltered Sculpin IPA and Manta Ray DIPA in 12oz cans, as well as Sculpin IPA and Fathom IPA in 16oz cans.
  • Due to all of these changes and updates, a few offerings have been redesignated to become Seasonal (Grunion & Watermelon Dorado) or draft-only (Pumpkin Down, California Amber, Big Eye) releases in 2018.

That should just about cover all the details that we needed to go over, but there is still quite a bit to discover on the lengthy calendar below.  Be sure to check it out so that you can be properly prepared for the fantastic year of beer ahead from Ballast Point Brewing Company.  Prost!

Click here for direct link to enlarged version of the calendar above  

Ballast Point Brewing Releases Nitro Bottles of Red Velvet Stout

02-beers-primary-image-redvelvetBallast Point Brewing (San Diego, California) recently announced the release of their first bottled nitro beer, Red Velvet Nitro Stout.

Created to be a “mind-bending beer” that perfectly replicates the dessert for which it is named, Red Velvet is an Oatmeal Stout that has been tinted red thanks to the beets used during the brewing process.  Supplying more than just color, the beets also give this beer an “earthy character that complements the chocolate flavor and aroma.”  The use of nitrogen rounds the beer off by lending a “creamy smoothness to the mouthfeel” that is “reminiscent of icing.”  Although this is meant to be a dessert beer, Red Velvet Nitro Stout is by no means overly sweet or heavy because it weighs in at a very reasonable 5.5% ABV.

Arriving as Ballast Point Brewing’s first nitrogenated bottle release, Red Velvet Nitro Stout has been packaged in 6-packs of 12 oz. bottles.  This limited release is currently available at all Ballast Point Tasting Room locations, and will start turning up in Alabama, Florida and throughout the rest of the brewery’s distribution area over the next two weeks.  Red Velvet Nitro Stout is sure to be a unique drinking experience, so keep an eye out for this one the next time you find yourself at the bottle shop.  Prost!

Vital Information for Red Velvet Nitro Stout from Ballast Point Brewing

Release – Limited, January 2017
Style – Oatmeal Stout
ABV – 5.5%
IBUs – 35
Added Ingredients – Beets
Availability – 6-packs of 12 oz. bottles & draft
Suggested Food Pairings – “Humboldt Fog (Fresh Goat Cheese), Chipotle BBQ Sauce on Baby Back Ribs, & Rhubarb Pie with Strawberry Ice Cream”