Craft Brewers Nationwide Collaborate on Epic Bottle Auction For ‘We Are Stoneman Douglas’ Charity Event

50 vintage and rare signed bottles from over two dozen breweries will auction online to raise funds for victims’ families and survivors of the tragic Parkland, FL shooting.


OAKLAND PARK, FL (April 5, 2018) – Following the horrific events at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida this past February, brewers from across the country are coming together to offer assistance and support to those affected most. Over two dozen brewers nationwide have donated rare and vintage bottles of beer — many of which are signed by owners, founders, and head brewers from companies such as Stone Brewing, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, and more — in what has become an epic and unique lot of craft beer for the ages.

This lot is being auctioned online via the We Are Stoneman Douglas site (, click “Auction Items” on menu) with proceeds benefiting the Broward Education Foundation’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas fund. One hundred percent of all funds generated by this project will directly benefit the families of victims, survivors, and those affected by this tragedy. A second lot of signed barrel-aged and vintage beers from Funky Buddha Brewery, and a private dinner for 30, will also be auctioned.

This online auction (with over 50 other incredible auction items) is being organized by the Parkland Golf & Country Club located in Parkland, FL with assistance from Funky Buddha Brewery in Oakland Park, Florida. Individuals can bid on the online auctions through Sunday, April 8th. Due to regulations, these bottle lots will be available for local pickup only.

“This has been an amazing show of support and solidarity from brewers around the country, most of whom signed on and contributed unbelievable beers within minutes,” says Ryan Sentz, co-founder of Funky Buddha Brewery and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School graduate. “Although this tragedy was horrific beyond words, we can take heart in the incredible response from the community and others that shows we have the strength and bravery to rise above it and make a true difference in people’s lives.”
Bottles include (pictured above):
Funky Buddha Lot:

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Map 40 Stout Makes Limited Return for Allagash Brewing

map40pourAllagash Brewing Company (Portland, Maine) recently announced that it has once again teamed up with Speckled Ax Wood Roasted Coffee for the Limited Release of Map 40.

Although it is a rich and creamy Belgian-style Stout at its soul, Map 40 does not truly become itself until it is blended with cold-brewed Map 40 Mokha Java coffee from Speckled Ax.  This marriage supplies an experience that boasts an “aroma . . . strong in coffee and light in roasted grain” while a “light nuttiness accompanies flavors of chocolate, raisin, and a resounding coffee note that weaves its way throughout.”  Weighing in at 7.5% ABV, Map 40 comes together as a “a rich, creamy stout with a clean finish.”

“It’s fun working with Matt [of Speckled Ax] because we’re big fans of his coffee,” said Jason Perkins, Brewmaster at Allagash. “And we’re lucky that he’s also a fan of our beer. It was nice to be able to tell Matt how we wanted the beer to taste, and have him come back with the coffee that would work best.”

Map 40 is officially available now and will hang around as long as supplies last.  You can expect to find this Limited Release available in 12 oz. bottles and on draft at select craft beer establishments located in Georgia and throughout the rest of Allagash Brewing’s distribution network.  Prost!

Vital Information for Map 40 from Allagash Brewing Company

Release – Limited, late January 2018
Style – Stout (Belgian-style)
ABV – 7.5%
Malts – Dark Chocolate, Roasted Barley, Chocolate & Brown 
Hops – Chinook & Northern Brewer
Yeast – Trappist-Style
Added Ingredients – Cold-brewed coffee from Speckled Ax Wood Roasted Coffee
Availability – 12 oz. bottles & draft
Beer Finder –
Fun Fact – “The name of the beer is a nod to the name of the coffee—Map 40 Mokha Java—which is itself a nod to one of the roaster’s favorite parts of Maine: the Forks in Somerset county.”


Allagash Brewing Company Introduces Pastiche as New Limited Release

AllagashPasticheBarrelsAllagash Brewing Company (Portland, Maine) has announced that it will officially begin the limited release of Pastiche Blended Barrel-aged Ale in early January.

Arriving as Allagash Brewing’s “first non-wild, blended, barrel-aged beer”, Pastiche began its life as four different base beers “all created by senior Allagash brewers.” Brewed with “various local malts” and the specific intention “to blend well together”, these four beers were then sent to age in a variety of barrels – rye whiskey, vermouth, port, rum, bourbon, red wine, gin, and brandy.  After spending “between three and four months” in those barrels, the brewers came together once more to sample and blend the beers “into a single, unified whole.” Their final blend is the 8.5% ABV Pastiche that proves to be “a complex, yet approachable, amber beer with notes of caramel, dried fruit, spirits, and oak.”

“We’ve been wanting to experiment with blending non-wild, spirit-aged beers for a long time,” said Zach Bodah, head Allagash’s Quality Control team. “Since each [of the four] base beer[s] in Pastiche was split and aged into at least two varieties of spirit barrels, it was a terrific logistical challenge in cellar management. We’re really happy with how all that hard work turned out.”

Officially released on January 8, Pastiche will be available in 750ml bottles and on draft as long as supplies last.  You can expect to find this Limited Release at select craft beer establishments located in Georgia, Maine and throughout the rest of Allagash Brewing Company’s distribution network.  Prost!

Vital Information for Pastiche Blended Barrel-aged Ale from Allagash Brewing Company

Release – Limited, January 2018
Style – Undisclosed Ale, Blend
ABV – 8.5%
Grains – Various
Hops – Various
Yeast – Allagash House Ale 
Treatment – A blend of four base beers that were aged in rye whiskey, vermouth, port, rum, bourbon, red wine, gin, and brandy barrels
Availability – 750ml bottles & draft
Beer Finder –