Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Revives Oktoberfest Wedding Tradition with Vow & Braus Giveaway

sierranevadabanner.jpgSierra Nevada Brewing Co. (Chico, California) has officially announced that it is actively taking submissions for Vows and Braus: Craft Beer’s Royal Wedding, a promotion that will give one lucky couple the opportunity to get married in front of thousands of guests at the brewery’s 2019 Oktoberfest celebration on September 27 in Chico, California.

It is safe to assume that the majority of beer lovers are familiar with Oktoberfest, but many may not be aware that the original Oktoberfest was thrown in 1810 to celebrate the royal wedding between Bavaria’s Crown Prince Ludwig – who went on to become King Ludwig I – and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. The event was such a blast that it returned each year and eventually became the beer-filled holiday that we all know and love today.

Now in 2019, Sierra Nevada is looking to put the wedding tradition back in Oktoberfest with Vows and Braus: Craft Beer’s Royal Wedding.  To pull this off, Sierra Nevada is holding a contest to track down an engaged couple – comprised of two not-so-common commoners who love beer as much as they love each other – that is willing to help the brewery kick off this year’s Oktoberfest with the “biggest, loudest, most over-the-top wedding in centuries.” Sierra Nevada will handle all the planning. The winning couple just has to show up in Chico, tie the knot on September 27, and enjoy the party.

Interested in entering the Vows and Braus giveaway? Here are all the entry requirements and contest details:

The winning couple will be treated to the following prize package:

  • Two round trip plane tickets to Chico, California
  • Transportation from the airport
  • A honeymoon suite before and after the wedding
  • 50 tickets for family and friends to attend Sierra Nevada’s 2019 Oktoberfest Royal Wedding (21+)
  • VIP access to Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest offerings
  • An unforgettable wedding ceremony onstage during Oktoberfest
  • Dinner, drinks, flowers and decorations, wedding cake, live music and entertainment
  • Photos capturing your memorable event

If you are at all interested in having your wedding be the most memorable one of the year, you need to get your fiancé on board (this should be an easy sell), film your Vows and Braus submission video ASAP, and get it uploaded by August 8. Good luck to all you crazy kids.  Prost!


Sierra Nevada Collaborates with Germany’s Bitburger Brewery on 2019 Oktoberfest Beer

Oktoberfest_bottleSierra Nevada Brewing Co. (Chico, California) has officially announced that it has partnered with Bitburger Brewery (Bitburg, Germany) to brew the 2019 edition of its Oktoberfest, an annually released German-American collaboration beer.

Continuing Sierra Nevada’s mission to better understand, appreciate and celebrate Germany’s many different takes on the Oktoberfest Bier style, the 2019 release of Oktoberfest is an incredibly special Festbier “brewed with Bitburger’s famed Siegelhopfen (meaning “sealed hops”)—a classified hop blend that has never been shared outside the German brewery walls. The beer will also feature Bitburger’s custom yeast, another house ingredient gifted for the first time ever.”  Coming in at 6% ABV and 20 IBUs, the 2019 Oktoberfest “will feature a rich amber color, smooth malty flavor and balanced hop character sure to turn backyards into beer gardens.”

“Our breweries’ shared commitment to quality and family ownership made this an obvious fit,” said Sierra Nevada founder and owner Ken Grossman. “Together, our families have shared great times telling stories, enjoying food and drinking beer—the perfect conditions for a great Oktoberfest.”


“We are thrilled to be brewing together with our friends from the iconic Sierra Nevada Brewery,” said Jan Niewodniczanski, Managing Director of Bitburger representing the seventh Generation of the family business. “Not only are we united by our passion for exceptional beer and truly unique hop flavors, we also share a long history of transatlantic exchange, leading to this exciting collaboration.”

2019 Oktoberfest will officially release in late July and is scheduled to hang around throughout the Oktoberfest season.  You can expect to find this Seasonal Release available in 6-packs of 12 oz. bottles and on draft at select craft beer-friendly establishments located in Alabama, Florida, California, North Carolina and throughout the rest of Sierra Nevada’s nationwide distribution footprint.  Prost!

Vital Information for 2019 Oktoberfest from Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. & Bitburger Brewery

Release – Seasonal; launching late July 2019
Style – Oktoberfest/Festbier
ABV – 6%
IBUs – 20
Malts – Caramelized malts, Munich & Pilsner
Hops – Bitburger Siegelhopfen, German Magnum & Loral
Yeast – Bitburger’s Custom Lager Yeast
Fun Fact – On Bitburger Brewery: “Founded in 1817, Bitburger has been family-owned for seven generations. The brewery is famous for its ‘perfect pilsner’ and its commitment to quality in brewing.”
Availability – 6-packs of 12 oz. bottles & draft
Beer Finder –


Sierra Nevada and Germany’s Brauhaus Miltenberger Collaborate on Oktoberfest 2017


Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. (Chico, California) announced today that is has partnered with Brauhaus Miltenberger (Miltenberg, Germany) to craft the 2017 release of Oktoberfest Festbier.

Back in 2015, Sierra Nevada launched a new Oktoberfest program that now has their brewers partnering with a different German brewery each year “to create an authentic fest beer fit for celebrating the world’s largest beer festival right here at home.”  For the 2017 Oktoberfest, the folks at Sierra Nevada invited Brauhaus Miltenberger, one of Germany’s most highly regarded craft brewers, to their Mills River facility in North Carolina to be a part of this special collaboration.

“Cornelius Faust and his team from Brauhaus Miltenberger embody the spirit and tradition of Oktoberfest,” says Brian Grossman, second-generation brewer for Sierra Nevada.  “It was a great to host them at our brewery in Mills River, NC, for the creation of this year’s fest beer.  They brought literally centuries of family brewing experience to the mix and helped us create the ultimate festival beer.”

This year’s version of Oktoberfest is a “deep golden lager” that stays true to Brauhaus Miltenberger’s “approach to the classic style.”  This yields a drinking experience that boasts “an authentic, rich, and layered malt flavor balanced by traditional German-grown hops.”

“We tried to re-create a classic Oktoberfest beer in the true German tradition,” says Cornelius Faust, fourth-generation brewmaster for Brauhaus Miltenberger. “We used traditional techniques to create layers of rich malt notes that remain light and crisp to the taste. That’s the secret of an authentic fest beer—complex malt flavor in a lager that remains easy to drink while you are celebrating the Oktoberfest season.”

2017 Oktoberfest is rolling out now and will be available throughout Oktoberfest season.  You can expect to find this special collaboration brew available in 12 oz. cans, 12 oz. bottles and on draft at craft beer-focused bars, restaurants and retailers located in Alabama, Florida, California, North Carolina and throughout the rest of Sierra Nevada’s expansive distribution footprint.  Prost!

Vital Information for 2017 Oktoberfest Festbier from Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. & Brauhaus Miltenberger

Release – Seasonal, Oktoberfest Season 2017 (August to mid-October)
Style – Oktoberfest
ABV – 6.1%
IBUs – 30
Malts – Two-row Pale, Steffi, Pilsner & Munich
Bittering Hops – German Magnum 
Finishing Hops – German Select, Tettnanger & Spalter
Yeast – Lager Yeast
Suggested Food Pairings – “Mild Cheddar, Butterkase, German Weisswurst sausage, Roast Pork, Apple Strudel with fresh whipped cream”
Availability – 12 oz. cans, 12 oz. bottles & draft
Beer Finder –

**All images provided by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.**