Marker 48 Brewing to Host ‘3 Years of Beer’ Anniversary Celebration

Marker 48 logo (1)On Saturday, November 17 from noon to close, Marker 48 Brewing (Weeki Wachee, Florida) will celebrate ‘3 Years of Beer’ with a full day of live music on two stages, special beer and bottle releases, and multiple food trucks.

Three years have now passed since the husband-and-wife team of Maurice and Tina Ryman established Marker 48 Brewing as the first production craft brewery in Hernando County. Over that short period of time, they have supplied their fans and community with countless imaginative craft beers, a growing barrel program, a consistent calendar of fun and creative events, and numerous fundraisers that have provided assistance for local nonprofits.  Those first three years have been absolutely amazing, but the future looks even brighter for the Marker 48 family . . . and that is exactly what they will be celebrating on November 17 at their ‘3 Years of Beer’ Anniversary Party.

“Marker 48 is just really getting started,” said Maurice Ryman, Co-founder of Marker 48 Brewing. “Our brewers are always learning and experimenting so we can brew new, amazing creations. You’ll probably see us start pushing the boundaries a bit while continuing to hone our technical prowess and consistency. Additional manufacturing capacity, a bigger distribution footprint and other package formats are all in the works, too.”

But, he added: “Bringing the community together over great beer is and will always be at the forefront of what we do.”

From the massive tap list to the lengthy lineup of musical acts, there is quite a bit to go over when it comes to the ‘3 Years of Beer’ celebration at Marker 48 Brewing. With that in mind, we are just going to break the whole thing down to ensure that you get all the information necessary to have a good time at this event.  Let’s get to it!

The Basics

What – ‘3 Years of Beer’ Anniversary Party
When – Noon to midnight on Saturday, November 17
Where – Marker 48 Brewing | 2147 Cortez Blvd | Brooksville, Florida

The Beer

In addition to Marker 48’s extensive lineup of core and taproom-only offerings flowing on draft, the ‘3 Years of Beer’ celebration will also feature the following special draft and bottle releases:

  • Mud River Imperial Stout – Bourbon Barrel- aged Imperial Stout (10.2% ABV) | bottles & draft
  • Barrel Aged Love Float – Bourbon Barrel-aged Double Black IPA brewed in collaboration with Arkane Ale Works (9.2% ABV) | bottles & draft
  • Copp In the Name of Love – Imperial IPA brewed in collaboration with Copp Brewery (12% ABV) | draft only
  • Down to the Wire – Farmhouse Saison brewed in collaboration with Bullfrog Creek Brewing Co. (6.8% ABV) | draft only
  • Dry Hopped Down To The Wire – Citra Dry Hopped Farmhouse Saison brewed in collaboration with Bullfrog Creek Brewing Co. (6.8% ABV) | draft only
  • Another River – Blend of Bourbon Barrel-aged Imperial Sweet Stout & Bourbon Barrel-aged Imperial Stout (10.7% ABV) | bottles & draft
  • FDR – Bourbon Barrel-aged Imperial Sweet Stout (11% ABV) | bottles & draft
  • Peter Pan Porter – Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter (8.7% ABV) | bottles & draft
  • Putin It Down – Russian Imperial Stout (9% ABV) | bottles & draft
  • The Citrus Mistress – American Wheat Ale with Tangerine (5.5% ABV) | draft only
  • Mixed Company – Blend of IPA & Lager using Trois Yeast brewed in collaboration with Dunedin House of Beer & Escape Brewing Company (4.4% ABV) | draft only
  • BlackBerry Weeki Weisse – Berliner Weisse Treated with Blackberry (4.2% ABV) | draft only
  • Peach and Apricot Weeki Weisse – Berliner Weisse Treated with Peach & Apricot (4.2% ABV) | draft only
  • Not So Cordial – Chocolate Cherry Porter (8.7% ABV) | draft only
  • BarleyWine – American-style Barleywine (10.9% ABV) | draft only
  • Quad Willing – Belgian-style Quadrupel (11.4% ABV) | draft only

This list is tentative and it is possible that more offerings will be added as the date of the party draws closer.  If there are any updates and/or changes to the tap list, we will be sure to post that information here.  Stay tuned!

The Music Schedule

  • DeShun | Noon – 1:30 p.m.
  • Mackenzie | 1:30 p.m. – 2 p.m.
  • Contenders | 2 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
  • Freeway State | 3:30 p.m. – 4 p.m.
  • Ally Venable Band | 4 p.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Wave Coast | 6 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
  • Stone Grey | 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
  • Shawn Scheller | 8:30 p.m. – 9 p.m.
  • Actual Bank Robbers | 9 p.m. – 11:30 p.m.

Admission/How It Works/Other Useful Info

  • No tickets are required for the ‘3 Years of Beers’ Anniversary Party.  This is a come as your, pay as you go event.
  • To expedite the ordering process, a token system will be in place during this event. Tokens will be $5 each (cash preferred) and are good for one (1) full-pour of beer, wine, cider, or sangria. Tickets for soda or bottled water will be available for $1 each.
  • The first 200 attendees that spend a minimum of $20 at the event will receive a limited-edition Marker 48 anniversary glass (pictured below). Limit of one glass per person.
  • Brewery tours will be available throughout the ‘3 Years of Beer’ Celebration. Tours cost $8.50 per person and include a full-pour of any beverage, a full-sized branded pint glass or snifter to take home, and beer samples during the tour.  Exact tour times will be based on demand and determined during the event.
  • Multiple food trucks will be on-site to take care of any food cravings you encounter during the event.
  • Parking is limited and the folks at Marker 48 urge attendees to consider taking an Uber, Lyft or taxi to the event. If you must drive, the brewery asks that you “do not park in Tire Kingdom or the car wash area, and do not double-park or otherwise block other patrons’ cars.”

That should just about cover all the information currently available for Marker 48’s ‘3 Years of Beer’ celebration.  If any additional details surface before the event, we will be sure to update this post with that information just as soon as we get it. All you have to do is block out November 17 on your calendar, assemble your crew of friends and family, and have a great time while raising a glass to ‘3 Years of Beer’ with everyone at Marker 48.  Prost!




Angry Chair Brewing Sets Date for 4th Anniversary Party

AngryChairlogo2Angry Chair Brewing (Tampa, Florida) has officially announced that it will close its doors to the public on Saturday, December 8 so that it can celebrate its birthday with a ticketed 4 Year Anniversary Party that will take place in two sessions.

Another year has passed, and Angry Chair Brewing has come out the other side even stronger and more powerful.  The last 52 weeks have allowed the brewery’s spell to set further, enthralling craft beer fans in Tampa – and throughout the country/world – to the extent that they eagerly endure long lines and a lack of parking just for the chance to frenzy over the brewery’s latest, decadent treat.  This power is very real, intriguingly volatile and absolutely gravitational.

Realizing that this level of influence should be celebrated, Angry Chair will lure in 200 of its most dedicated supporters on December 8 so that they can all recognize the last four years of accomplishments by entering into a pact that can only be sealed in the darkest of pastry stouts.  Gaining entrance into the 4 Year Anniversary Party at Angry Chair Brewing will not be easy, but here is all the information that we can provide you so that you at least have a chance.

The Basics

What – Angry Chair Brewing’s 4 Year Anniversary Party
When – Saturday, December 8 – 1st Session: Noon to 3 p.m. | 2nd Session: 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Where – Angry Chair Brewing | 6401 N Florida Ave | Tampa, Florida

Ticket Info

Tickets are $40 each and include a bottle of Angry Chair’s Anniversary Grand Cru and a commemorative anniversary glass.

Ticket sales are CASH ONLY.

Tickets will be available for purchase on the following two dates:

  • Saturday, November 10 at Noon (100 tickets available -50 for the AM session & 50 for the PM session)
  • Saturday, November 24 at Noon (100 tickets available -50 for the AM session & 50 for the PM session)

Tickets can only be purchased in person on one of the two dates designated for ticket sales. There will be NO ONLINE SALES.  Each person is allowed to purchase TWO tickets – One for yourself and one for a plus one.  The brewery will need the name of your plus one at the time of purchase and their name must match their ID on the day of the event. Tickets are NON-TRANSFERRABLE, and no changes will be made once the sale is final.

The Draft List

The folks at Angry Chair are still compiling the final tap list for the 4th Anniversary Party, but here is what they have come up with so far:

  • Barrel-aged Fionn | Bourbon Barrel-aged Imperial Porter with Lactose, Hazelnuts & Coffee
  • Barrel-aged No Promises | Bourbon Barrel-aged Dessert Ale with Coconut & Vanilla Beans
  • Barrel-aged Fudge Bucket | Barrel-aged Sweet Stout Loaded with Fudge
  • Barrel-aged Imperial Awakening | Barrel-aged Sweet Stout with Coffee, Vanilla Beans, Cinnamon & Lactose
  • Barrel-aged French Toast | Barrel-aged Imperial Porter with Lactose, Cinnamon, Vanilla Beans & Maple
  • Barrel-aged Rocky Road | Barrel-aged Imperial Sweet Stout with Lactose, Cacao, Vanilla Beans & Walnuts
  • Barrel-aged Imperial German Chocolate Cupcake Stout | Bourbon Barrel-aged Sweet Stout with Cacao, Vanilla Beans & Coconut
  • Imperial German Chocolate Cupcake Stout | Sweet Stout with Cacao, Vanilla Beans & Coconut
  • Burkitshi (collaboration with Horus Aged Ales)| Imperial Sweet Stout with Cacao, Japanese Sea Salt & Toasted Coconut 
  • Sloth Loves Coffee | Imperial Sweet Stout with Lactose, Cacao, Vanilla Beans, Walnuts & Coffee
  • Wilfred | Sweet Stout with Cacao, Vanilla Beans, Coconut & Maple
  • Purple Puffs | Berliner Weisse with Blackberries, Black Currants & Marshmallows
  • Rocky Road | Imperial Sweet Stout with Lactose, Cacao, Vanilla Beans & Walnuts
  • Coconut Fionn | Imperial Porter with Lactose, Hazelnuts, Coffee & Coconut
  • Unrepentant Transgression | Bourbon Barrel-aged Imperial Sweet Stout with Cacao, Cinnamon, Toasted Walnuts & Vanilla Beans

Other Useful Info

  • Mouthhole BBQ and Create Bakery & Gifts will be on-site for both sessions to cover any grubbin’ needs you may encounter during the party
  • Parking is extremely limited and Angry Chair asks that you please be mindful of the situation.  It is highly encouraged that you carpool, Uber/Lyft, grab a taxi, or have a designated driver drop you off/pick you up.
  • If you decide to drive, make sure that you follow the parking map and are respectful of the brewery’s neighbors (both business and residential).  Also, be aware of the fact that the brewery will need these parking spaces open for the second session as well, so please do not leave your car after the first session of the party.
  • Angry Chair will be closed to the public all day on Saturday, December 8.  The only way in is during one of the timed sessions and with a ticket.

Alright, that should just about cover all the information that is currently available for the 4 Year Anniversary Party at Angry Chair. We will update this post with any and all additional info as it surfaces, so make sure you check back often. Beyond that, all you have to do is get in line for tickets, hope for the best (because this thing will sell out quickly), and fully embrace the dark art of the pastry stout on December 8 as you celebrate four amazing years with Angry Chair Brewing.  Prost!

Westbrook Brewing Co. to Take Over the Taps at Angry Chair Brewing

WestbrooklogoOn Thursday, November 8 from 3 p.m. to close, the folks at Angry Chair Brewing (Tampa, Florida) will turn their taproom over to their friends from Westbrook Brewing Co. (Mount Pleasant, South Carolina) for a very special Tap Takeover that will honor the breweries’ most recent collaboration, ZOOSE JOOSE.

Not too long ago, a contingent of the Angry Chair crew ventured up to South Carolina to brew a collaboration beer with Westbrook Brewing, ZOOSE JOOSE – an Ambrosia Salad-inspired Berliner with lactose, pineapple, tangerine, tart and sweet cherry, and marshmallow.  Since a beer fit for the gods can only be produced in small batches, this collaboration only experienced a limited release in Westbrook’s distribution area.

Realizing that the Angry Chair faithful would most likely want to get their hands on some ZOOSE JOOSE, Westbrook Brewing set aside some of this collaboration brew and quite a few other special kegs so that it can descend upon Angry Chair Brewing on November 8 and unleash a full-scale Tap Takeover.  This event will feature the following beers from Westbrook Brewing Co.:

Beers Tapped at 3 p.m.

  • Key Lime Gose
  • Festbrook
  • Lemon Cucumber Gose
  • Piña Colada Gose
  • Triple Double Kriek
  • Mexican Cake (2018)
  • Russian Interference – The first collaboration beer from Angry Chair & Westbrook

Beers Tapped at 7 p.m. and Beyond

  • 2018 Laphroiag Barrel-aged Siberian Black Magic Panther
  • Willet Barrel-aged Kentucky Coffee Stout
  • Imperial Mexican Biscotti Cake (Spicy Nacho Edition)
  • 2017 Mexican Coffee Cake
  • 2017 Cabernet Barrel-aged 6th Anniversary Stout (Chocolate & Hazelnut)
  • Leopold (Sauternes Barrel-aged Apricot & Peach Sour)
  • Can Can Cerise (3+year Red Wine Barrel-aged Belgian Dark Sour with Cherries)
  • ZOOSE JOOSE (draft only; Angry Chair WILL NOT have cans of ZOOSE JOOSE available for purchase)

Angry Chair will have a few of their beers on tap as well during this Tap Takeover, but the focus of this event is to showcase the delicious Westbrook offerings listed above.  There will be NO GROWLER/CROWLER FILLS during this event.

The Westbrook Brewing Co. Tap Takeover at Angry Chair is come as you are and pay as you go. An event of this magnitude is sure to draw some serious interest from Tampa area beer lovers, so plan accordingly (carpool or Uber/Lyft and don’t park on Fern) and expect this Tap Takeover to be mostly standing-room only.  Prost!


Marker 48 Brewing to Offer Darker 48 Haunted House Experience this Halloween

Marker 48 logo (1)During the last two weekends in October and Halloween night, Marker 48 Brewing (Weeki Wachee, Florida) will transform to take the shape of “Darker 48: The Upside Down”, a terrifying haunted house experience that will benefit four local nonprofit groups in Hernando County.

The Darker 48 Haunted House has returned to the grounds of Marker 48 Brewing with a “gory experience” that will completely flip reality and allow “only those 18 and up . . . to traverse the town from another, stranger dimension.”  The folks at the brewery are so convinced that they have “pulled out all stops for this terrifying adventure” that they will be requiring all attendees to sign a waiver before entering because “the actors can touch you. You cannot touch them back.”

The schedule for Darker 48: The Upside Down is as follows:

  • Thursday, October 18 – 8:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. | VIP night | $25 per person
  • Friday, October 19 – 8:30 p.m. to Midnight | General Admission | $10 per person
  • Saturday, October 20 – 8:30 p.m. to Midnight | General Admission | $10 per person
  • Thursday, October 25 – 8:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. | VIP night | $25 per person
  • Friday, October 26 – 8:30 p.m. to Midnight | General Admission | $10 per person
  • Saturday, October 27 – 8:30 p.m. to Midnight | General Admission | $10 per person
  • Wednesday, October 31 – 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. | Family friendly experience & all ages welcome | Ages 10 & under free, all others $5 per person

**Please keep in mind that Halloween night is the ONLY date that will be family friendly.  All other nights will be 18 & up with no exceptions.**

VIP Nights require that you purchase a ticket in advance and you can secure yours by clicking here.  A VIP ticket “includes shorter wait times, a Darker 48 pint glass, one drink token, and a Darker 48 shirt.” VIP tickets will be limited.

General Admission Nights are pay at the door and cash only. (NOTE: Ticket sales on general admission nights will stop before the haunted house closes; timing will vary, depending on the lines.)

All proceeds from the Darker 48 Haunted House will go to four local Hernando County nonprofit organizations: The ARC Nature Coast, NAMI Hernando, United Way Hernando and Children’s Advocacy Hernando.

Several of the Darker 48 event nights will also feature live music, costume contests and/or food trucks.  You can keep track of all information and updates on those happenings by following the Darker 48 event page on Facebook.

You are now armed with all the information needed to enter Darker 48: The Upside Down . . . but surviving the experience is totally up to you.  If you feel that you have what it takes to get to the other side, lock down a date with your friends, secure some tickets if necessary, and just have a great time as you help raise funds for the very worthy causes of local nonprofits.  Prost!

LOKO Cuisine & Beer Zombies Unite to Host Eggs & Kegs Event at Cigar City Brewing

lokocuisineOn Sunday, October 21 at 11 a.m., LOKO Cuisine and the Beer Zombies will form an unholy union to host a Zombie-themed Eggs & Kegs brunch at Cigar City Brewing (Tampa, Florida).

To properly bring the Halloween spirit to this year’s October installment of Egg & Kegs, LOKO Cuisine will receive a direct assist from the undead by getting the Beer Zombies, “a Las Vegas based Craft Beer lifestyle brand, brewing project and all around craft beer ambassador”, in on the action.  This very special brunch will consist of the following four zombie-inspired dishes (served buffet style):


As far as the “kegs” portion of this brunch goes, Cigar City Brewing will be breaking out the following Halloween treats:

  • There Gose a Zombie – Blood Orange Margarita Gose
  • Gourds Gone Ginger – Good Gourd Pumpkin Ale with ginger

In addition to the ghoulish dishes and beers listed above, this event will also feature nitro cold brew coffee and tea from Ginger Beard Coffee (available for an additional cost) and some swag giveaways from the Beer Zombies.

Tickets for the Beer Zombies Eggs & Kegs are available now for $32.10 each, and you can purchase yours by clicking here. Ticket cost includes the four-course brunch and one pour of beer (pint or snifter of equal value). Physical tickets will not be issued, but your name will be added to a paid list once the purchase process is completed. FYI: Everyone in your party will have to check in under the purchaser’s name at the door.

Like all LOKO Cuisine events, seating for the Beer Zombies Eggs & Kegs Brunch is limited and tickets are expected to sell out with a quickness.  If you have any desire to brunch with the undead at Cigar City Brewing on October 21, be sure to lock down some tickets as soon as possible.  Prost!

7venth Sun Brewery Speaks Out Against Domestic Violence with Break the Silence Event

7venthSunLogoBothOn Sunday, October 7 from noon to 11 p.m., both locations of 7venth Sun Brewery (Tampa & Dunedin, Florida) will host Break the Silence, a 7venth Sunraiser Event meant to raise funds and increase awareness about domestic violence.

If you are local to the Tampa area, a fan of craft beer and pay attention to the news, it is safe to assume that you have already heard about how domestic violence has affected 7venth Sun Brewery.  When you consider how difficult and sensitive this subject is, it would have been really easy for the crew at 7venth Sun to put their heads down, stay quiet and work their way through to the other side . . . but the heart of 7venth Sun has decided to take a much different approach.

The remaining members of the 7venth Sun team have decided to show their strength, raise their voices, and speak out against domestic violence by hosting Break the Silence, a 7venth Sunraiser Event.  Taking place simultaneously at both 7venth Sun locations on October 7, this event will raise funds/donations and increase awareness about domestic violence through a donation drive, silent auction, fundraising efforts, and the sale of limited/rare beers that have been donated by breweries from around the area. Most importantly, the hope is that the collective show of strength displayed at this event will help other victims of domestic violence realize that they too have a voice and can get the help they need to get out of a dangerous situation.

There is quite a bit to go over when it comes to this event, so we are just going to break the whole thing down to ensure that we cover all the details.  Let’s get to it.

The Basics

What – Break the Silence, a 7venth Sunraiser Event
When – Sunday, October 7 from Noon to 11 p.m.
Where – 7venth Sun Brewery – Tampa |6809 N Nebraska Ave | Tampa, Florida AND 7venth Sun Brewery – Dunedin | 1012 E Broadway Ave | Dunedin, Florida

The Cause

“Domestic Violence is something that many women live with in silence. Often because they are too afraid or embarrassed to reach out to friends or family members, or ties have been cut to their support systems.

Domestic Violence can be happening to the strongest person you know, sitting right next to you, and you are completely unaware. It doesn’t always take the form of obvious physical bruises and often the victim is terrified and trying to hide it.

Domestic Violence is an epidemic and it’s hardly discussed in US society. Three women are murdered a day in the US and 38,028,000 have experienced physical intimate partner violence in their lifetimes.

Domestic Violence has directly impacted 7venth Sun and it is for this reason we are hosting a fundraiser called Break the Silence.

This event will raise money, collect supplies and promote education and awareness about Domestic Violence. If we can even help just one person escape the cycle of abuse, then we consider this a success, but we hope to free many more than that.

Fundraising proceeds will be given to The Spring of Tampa Bay and CASA St. Pete. They provide shelter, resources, counseling and support for victims who have nowhere to turn, are in search of a safe-haven, or are trying to process the mental, physical and emotional trauma they have sustained.

Break the Cycle. Break the Chains. Break the Silence.”

The Beer

100% of funds raised from the beers on the following tap list will be donated to the selected domestic violence organizations:

  • Cigar City Brewing (Tampa, Florida) – Maple Bourbon Barrel-Aged Hunahpu’s: Maple Bourbon BA Imperial Stout (15% ABV)
  • Angry Chair Brewing (Tampa, Florida) – Unrepentant Transgression: Imperial Milk Stout aged in Bourbon barrels with cinnamon, toasted walnuts, cacao and vanilla bean (11.5% ABV)
  • Garagiste Meadery (Tampa, Florida) – She Showed Me a Beach, Gave Me a Peach: Locally produced honey, California peaches, apricots from Spain and fermented on bourbon staves (14% ABV)
  • Arkane Aleworks (Largo, Florida) – Chocolate Starscream: Blackberry, raspberry dark sour with cocoa nibs (6.2% ABV)
  • Calusa Brewing (Sarasota, Florida) – Battle Canoe Hazy IIPA: Double Dry-Hopped with Denali, Simcoe and Citra (8.3% ABV)
  • Green Bench Brewing Co. (St. Petersburg, Florida) – Alice: Barrel Aged Golden Sour (6% ABV)
  • Green Bench Brewing Co. (St. Petersburg, Florida) – Turbid 12: NE IPA Triple Dry Hopped with Hallertau Blanc, Huell Melon, and Grungeist (6.5% ABV)
  • B. Nektar Meadery (Ferndale, Michigan) – Funky Monky: Belgian inspired imperial melomel with Balaton Cherry Juice and Styrian Goldings hops (12% ABV)
  • Coppertail Brewing Co. (Tampa, Florida) – Raspberry Lychee Foeder Beer
  • Escape Brewing Company (Trinity, Florida) – Overnight Sensation: Brett Barrel Aged Saison w/ Raspberries (7% ABV)
  • Hidden Springs Ale Works (Tampa, Florida) – Pretty In Pink: Raspberry Lemon Gose (5% ABV)
  • 7venth Sun Brewery (Tampa & Dunedin, Florida) – Vultures From the Past: Barrel Aged Barley Wine (12% ABV)
  • 7venth Sun Brewery (Tampa & Dunedin, Florida) – Drinks with Chocolate: Chocolate Coconut Imperial Sweet Stout (10% ABV)
  • 7venth Sun Brewery (Tampa & Dunedin, Florida) – Berry White: Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackberry Berliner with Lactose (5% ABV)
  • Overflow Brewing Company (St. Petersburg, Florida) – TBA
  • Late Start Brewing (Tampa, Florida) – TBA

In addition to the beers listed above, Special Hoperations will be at the Tampa location pouring some awesome homebrewed beer for donation. The Dunedin Brewers Guild and the New World Celts will be doing the same at the brewery’s Dunedin location.


If you would like to make a direct financial donation to the cause, you can click here to do so.  All proceeds will be donated to The Spring of Tampa Bay and CASA St. Pete.  There will be collection areas for cash donations at both 7venth Sun locations during the event, but the brewery does ask that you use the fundraising link for any/all credit card donations.

Donation Drive

The Break the Silence event will also act as a donation drive to supply The Spring of Tampa Bay and CASA St. Pete with personal care items, kitchen essentials, and all the other necessities that they so desperately need to function.  You can view a list of the most needed items by clicking here.  Donated items can be dropped off at either 7venth Sun location during the event or on the days leading up to the event.

Silent Auction

Both 7venth Sun locations will hold a silent auction (or possibly a raffle) during the event as another means of raising funds for The Spring of Tampa Bay and CASA St. Pete. These auctions will include items such as rare/”super fancy” beers, gift cards from local businesses, artwork, etc.  If you would like to donate an item for the silent auction/raffle, you can email Devon Kreps at to set that up.

Other Info

  • LOKO Cuisine will be at the Tampa location of 7venth Sun to dish out some grub from its new pop-up concept, LOKO-Q Florida-Style Barbecue. Those wishing to experience these tasty eats will need to buy a food ticket in advance from LOKO Cuisine. If you would like to see the menu and/or secure food tickets, you can do so by clicking here. A portion of the proceeds raised from food ticket sales will be donated to the cause.
  • The Dunedin location of 7venth Sun will have a spread of awesome smoked foods available as a dining option.  100% of proceeds raised will go to donation.  Menu to be announced soon.
  • Shuffle will set up a pop-up shuffle court at 7venth Sun’s Tampa location. There will be a suggested minimum donation of $5 to play – 100% of proceeds to be donated.
  • Arielle Stevenson will be spinnin’ some records at the brewery’s Tampa location.

That should just about cover all the information currently available concerning 7venth Sun’s Break the Silence event.  If more info surfaces between now and the event, we will be sure to update you here with those details.

This is an event that we should all attend because this is a subject that we should all talk about. If you are in the Tampa area and free on October 7, just go ahead and block that date out on your calendar, extend an invite to your friends, pick up a few items for the donation drive, and join us at one of the 7venth Sun Brewery locations so that we can all band together to “Break the Cycle. Break the Chains. Break the Silence.” We hope to see you all then.  Prost!

Gulf Stream Brewing Company Announces Grand Opening

gulfstreamlogoOn Saturday, September 22 at 4 p.m., Gulf Stream Brewing Company (Fort. Lauderdale, Florida) will host a grand opening event for its 5,300 square foot craft brewery and taproom located at 1105 NE 13th St. in Fort Lauderdale.

Conceptualized in 2011 by friends and Co-Owners Ty Eriks and McKay Ferrell, Gulf Stream Brewing Company is a 10-Barrel (BBL) brewery that is now finally ready to share “a broad range of high-quality craft beer” with the fine folks of Fort Lauderdale.  With Brewmaster Mike Demetrus, formerly of Doral-based M.I.A Beer Company, at the helm of brewery operations, the crew at Gulf Stream plans to brew “everything from multiple IPAs, to a Bavarian Hefeweizen, Pilsner, Pale Ale, Red Ale, Porter, Russian Imperial Stout and is currently working on an active culture barrel aging program.”

“One of our favorite things is experiencing the journey with others when they try our products and begin to gain more understanding of craft beer on a deeper level,” said Co-Owner, McKay Ferrell. “We want our customers to ask questions about the process and what makes each beer different. On a personal level, helping educate and inform others who don’t typically drink craft beer is incredibly rewarding.”

A vast array of Gulf Stream offerings – ranging from Core beers to Small Batch one-offs – will be pouring on draft throughout Saturday’s grand opening festivities.  The tentative tap list for opening day is as follows:

Core Beers

  • Mo Betta Pilsner (5.3% ABV)
  • What the Hef? – Bavarian-style Hefeweizen (5.3% ABV)
  • Sub-Hop Pale Ale (6.0% ABV)
  • Marley IPA – Session IPA (4.9% ABV)

**For those who might want to take beer with home with them, Core Beers will be available for Crowler fills.**

Small Batch/Limited Run Beers

  • Hold My Beer – Craft Light Lager – (4.3% ABV)
  • Oatalicious Hazy IPA (6.9% ABV)
  • Botonka Tonk – Old Style Ale aged with Tonka bean & oak (7.9% ABV)
  • RoBoPo – Robust Porter (5.4% ABV)
  • Vlad the Impaler – Aged Russian Imperial Stout (11% ABV)
  • Runnin’ Trips – Belgian Tripel with Yuzu, lemon grass & coriander (9% ABV)

In addition to the tasty beers listed above, Gulf Stream will also have two food trucks on-site to handle anyone’s needs/cravings for snackage.  Grand opening attendees will also have the opportunity to be among the first to join the brewery’s “Batch One” club – “a special program available only on-site and limited to the first 150 members. The membership starts at $100 and includes a discounted punch card, exclusive ‘Batch One’ shirt, and an exclusive ‘Batch One’ 17.5 oz. snifter.”

If you cannot make it out for the grand opening event but still wish to check out Florida’s newest brewery, the Taproom at Gulf Stream Brewing Company plans to keep these hours of operation moving forward: Monday – Thursday, 4pm – 11pm; Friday, 3pm – Midnight; Saturday, Noon – Midnight; and Sunday, Noon – 10pm.  Tours will be conducted by brewery staff “in the evenings and on weekends when production is not active.”  Prost!

Gulf Stream Brewing Opens Tap Room on Sat. Sept 22nd
A look inside the Taproom at Gulf Stream Brewing Company. Image Credit – Gulf Stream Brewing Company


LOKO Cuisine to Host Classic Arcade Brunch at Lowry Parcade

lokocuisinelogoOn Sunday, September 30 at 11:30 a.m., LOKO Cuisine will head over to Lowry Parcade & Tavern (1213 W Waters Ave | Tampa, Florida) to fuel the beer-loving gamer’s heart and soul with a Classic Arcade Brunch.

Set in Lowry Parcade’s magical atmosphere which offers an amazing craft beer bar in a space that also houses an arcade filled with old school 80’s and 90’s video games, pinball, pool, Bubble Hockey and even Skee-Ball, LOKO Cuisine’s Classic Arcade Brunch will treat attendees to a three-course, buffet-style spread filled with the following elevated riffs on classic arcade/gaming grub:


To make sure that you do not go thirsty during this event, all attendees will receive one beer ticket “good for any pint or snifter of equal value.”  Additional beers can be purchased for an additional cost throughout the event.

Tickets for the Classic Arcade Brunch are available now for $32.10 each, and you can purchase yours by clicking here. Ticket cost includes the three-course brunch, one pour of beer (pint or snifter of equal value), and four (4) game tokens. Physical tickets will not be issued, but your name will be added to a paid list once the purchase process is completed. FYI: Everyone in your party will have to check in under the purchaser’s name at the door.

If you are free on September 30 and looking to enjoy some good times and tasty eats, go ahead and coordinate with your brunch/gaming buddies and lock down some tickets as soon as possible to ensure that you do not miss out on this Classic Arcade Brunch from LOKO Cuisine.  Prost!


Coppertail Brewing Co. Announces Plans for 4th Anniversary Celebration

coppertaillogowhiteOn Saturday, August 18 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., Coppertail Brewing Co. (Tampa, Florida) will celebrate another amazing year of growth by inviting the brewery’s fans to attend a 4th Anniversary Party that will feature over 40 taps of Coppertail offerings and guest beers.

Over the past year, Coppertail Brewing Co. has expanded distribution to now completely cover the state of Florida, earned several more medals for its beers at competitions held at both the state and national levels, and “was also recognized by the Tampa Bay Business Journal as one of the fastest growing companies in Tampa.” This is all definitely cause for celebration, and the folks at the brewery will do just that with a 4th Anniversary Party on August 18.

“According to recent IRI syndicated data, we are the No. 1 selling craft brewery in Florida. Our sales are up 35% from this time last year. We are thankful to our fans and followers for continuing to support us and drink our beer.”


– Kent Bailey, Coppertail’s president

Instead of going with the strict Florida Weisse theme of years past, the folks at Coppertail have decided to mix things up a bit by having this year’s birthday party feature a vast array of beer styles from Coppertail and several guest breweries.  Due to this change and the fact that there are a couple ways to gain admission into this event, we should probably just go ahead and break this thing down to avoid any confusion.

The Basics

What – Coppertail Brewing Co.’s 4th Anniversary Party
When – 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, August 18
Where – Coppertail Brewing Co. | 2601 E 2nd Ave. | Tampa, Florida

The Beer

To bring a bit of a variety to the experience, this year’s anniversary party will go well beyond just the Florida Weisse style.  There will be over 40 taps flowing with Coppertail offerings and a special lineup of beers from guest breweries.  At the time of this post, the brewery was still in the process of completing the event’s official tap list and list of guest breweries. We will post those lists here just as soon as they are made available. Stay tuned.

**UPDATE – 08.16.18** As promised, here’s the tentative tap list for Coppertail’s 4th Anniversary Party:


**UPDATE 08.17.18** Coppertail has also added these foeder-aged and sour project beers to their tap list for Saturday (these are all Coppertail Brewing Co. beers):

  • Dragonfruit Foeder Beer
  • Muscadine Foeder Beer
  • Prickly Pear Foeder Beer
  • Plum & Mint Foeder Beer
  • Watermelon Foeder Beer
  • Cranberry & Cherry George
  • Tangerine & Strawberry Armagnac Barrel Aged Sour
  • Tart Cherry Burgundy Barrel Aged Brett Dubbel


There are two ways to gain entry into Coppertail’s 4th Anniversary Party:

  • General Admission – No ticket required.  This level is come as you are and pay as you go. General Admission grants you entry at 1 p.m.
  • VIP – Ticket required.  Tickets are $50 each plus fees and can be purchased by clicking here.  Ticket cost provides “partygoers with a commemorative glass, early entry to the event at noon, and access to a VIP area with food and complimentary beer for the duration of the event.”  Only 100 VIP tickets are available for this event.

Other Info

  • Food will be available for purchase during the event
  • Live musical entertainment will be provided by DieAlps! and Expert Timing

Alright . . . that should cover all the information that is currently available for Coppertail Brewing Co.’s 4th Anniversary Party, but more details are sure to surface as we get closer to the event date.  We will update this post with the finalized tap list, the list of guest brewers and any other random info just as soon as we get our hands on it, so stay tuned.

If you are in the area and free on August 18, be sure to head over to the edge of Ybor so that you can raise a glass with the Coppertail Brewing Co. crew to one hell of a year and the many more ahead of them. Prost!


Escape Brewing Company to Release Cans of No One Likes You & Scandalous DIPA

EscapeLogo400sqEscape Brewing Company (Trinity, Florida) has officially announced that it will host a special can release for No One Likes You Berliner Weisse and Scandalous Double IPA on Monday, August 13.

Well, a Monday afternoon in the middle of August just got a bit more interesting now that Escape Brewing Company has decided to liven things up with a double can release for the following Limited Release brews (beer descriptions sourced from the brewery’s website & social media):

  • No One Likes You – Berliner Weisse with Passion Fruit, Dragon Fruit, Oranges and Lemons. Collaboration we brewed last year with our friends from 7venth Sun Brewery. This beer was so good, we wanted to brew it again and release it in cans…So, we did.  ABV – 3.9%
  • Scandalous Double India Pale Ale – scan·dal·ous | definition: causing general public outrage by a perceived offense against morality or law. | A big juicy Double IPA with loads of Citra and Simcoe hops for a dank, citrus hop bomb.  ABV – 9%  

Label artwork for No One Likes You and Scandalous Double IPA created by V. Steiner.

The beers above will officially release in Escape Brewing Company’s taproom at 4 p.m. on Monday, August 13.  Both offerings will be available for purchase in 4-packs of 16 oz. cans.  These Limited Release offerings are not expected to see distribution, so make sure you swing by Escape Brewing on August 13 if you wish to get your hands on No One Likes You and/or Scandalous DIPA.  Prost!