New Holland Brewing Company Reveals 2019 Beer Release Calendar

newhollandpourshotAnother week of beer calendar madness continues and this time around we have the 2019 Beer Release Calendar from New Holland Brewing Company (Holland, Michigan) for you.

As is the case with all release calendars around here, we have posted New Holland’s full 2019 Beer Release Calendar below for you look over at your leisure.  With that said, there are a few exciting details that we would like to gloss over before we turn you loose on that document.  Brevity is the goal, so let’s quickly get this out of the way:

  • A new Year-Round “brand extension” of Dragon’s Milk, “America’s #1 selling Bourbon Barrel-aged Stout”, will turn up in February.  This new member of the Dragon’s Milk family will be available in 12 oz. cans.  More details should surface in the near future.
  • The Dragon’s Milk Reserve Series will return in 2019 with four releases.  The first release in the series will be Dragon’s Milk Reserve – Orange Chocolate in January.
  • Introduced in 2018 as a Seasonal release, Passion Blaster – a Rose Ale with Passion Fruit, Raspberry and Apple Flavors – will return in April as a Year-Round offering.
  • New Holland plans to introduce Kombucha IPA in late February as a new Seasonal offering. This 5% ABV India Pale Ale “combines the refreshing fruit forward flavor of a Citra hopped IPA with the tartness and spiciness of a lemon and ginger Kombucha. As soon as the can is opened, consumers will be met with flavors of fresh ginger, tart acidity, tropical fruits and citrus.”
  • July will also see the release of a new Seasonal: Cerveza con Limón, a “light, crisp and refreshing” Mexican-style Lager featuring natural lemon and lime peel.
  • The brewery’s Sour Inc. Series will feature the following four offerings in 2019: Blue Sunday (January), a Gose with Concord Grapes (May), a White Sour Ale with Mango (September), and a Sour Stout with Plum (November).

Those are just a few of the highlights, but there is still a good amount of information left for you to discover on the calendar below.  Make sure to give it a good look so that you will be properly prepared for all the New Holland brews headed your way in 2019.  Prost!

New Holland Brewing Company Beer Release Calendar

New Holland Brewing Announces 2018 Beer Lineup

_MG_2214New Holland Brewing Co. (Holland, Michigan) recently came forward to release the schedule for its 2018 Beer Lineup and officially announce the January launch of Tangerine Space Machine New England Style IPA.

As we tend to do with most brewery calendars, we have New Holland Brewing Co.’s full 2018 Beer Release Calendar available below so that you can look it over at your own pace.  Even with that being the case, we do have to quickly provide some details on the launch of Tangerine Space Machine New England Style IPA and few other exciting brews headed your way in 2018. Let’s go ahead and knock that out so we can turn you loose on the calendar:

  • Tangerine Space Machine New England Style IPA will arrive in January as New Holland’s first new beer of 2018 and latest addition to the brewery’s Core Lineup.  Brewed with Galaxy and Citra hops, Tangerine Space Machine (6.8% ABV, 40 IBUs) is “a fruit forward, hazy” New England-style India Pale Ale that will be available year-round in “limited quantities” of 6-packs of 12 oz. cans and on draft at craft beer establishments located “mainly in Michigan and Midwest states.” Launch events for Tangerine Space Machine will occur at both New Holland pubs, Pub on 8th (Holland, MI) and Knickerbocker (Grand Rapids, MI), in December 2017 and throughout the first three months of 2018.
  • March 2018 will see two new releases: Xtra Time and Passion BlasterXtra Time (4.4% ABV, 11 IBUs) is listed as an “American Session Beer” and will enter the lineup as new a year-round Core offering.  Arriving as a fresh Spring Seasonal, Passion Blaster (6% ABV, 15 IBUs) is a rosy Wheat Ale that showcases refreshing flavors of passion fruit, raspberry and apple.  Both of these brands will be available in 12 oz. cans and on draft.
  • Many New Holland beers will transition to can packaging in 2018.  These offerings will include Hoptronix Double IPA, Tangerine Space Machine, Xtra Time, Lost Dune, and Taz IPA. Mad Hatter Midwest India Pale Ale will be offered in both can and bottle options.
  • The Dragon’s Milk Reserves Series will continue in 2018 with three releases. Dragon’s Milk Reserve: Salted Caramel will be the first to hit in January 2018, and the other two, yet-to-be-named offerings are scheduled to follow in May and September.
  • New Holland’s Sour Program will also return next year.  Not only will the fan-favorite Blue Sunday and Incorrigible Reserve be back, but there will also be two new sours – one being an unnamed cherry sour slated for release in October – arriving later in 2018.
  • Although the beers listed in the calendar are locked in for 2018, New Holland Brewing Co. “expects to maintain some flexibility in its lineup throughout the year, and consumers can expect a few surprises in 2018 that have yet to be announced.”

“New Holland is a brand that listens to its fans and is committed to pushing creativity within craft styles while also growing long time favorites,” says New Holland President and Founder, Brett VanderKamp. “Each brew is thoughtfully crafted and inspired by the stories around us. I think our 2018 lineup is exciting for both new and existing fans alike. We continue to build around Dragon’s Milk as our top brand while letting our brewers unleash their creativity.”

Alright, that should take care of everything that we needed to cover.  There are still a few more beers left to discover on the calendar below, so be sure to check it out so that you are fully prepared for another great year of beer from New Holland Brewing Co.  Prost!