Cascade Brewing Set to Release Mayan Bourbonic in Bottles for First Time

cascadelogoCascade Brewing (Portland Oregon) has officially announced that it will begin the Limited Release of Mayan Bourbonic 2017 on April 16, 2020.

A variant of Cascade Brewing’s Bourbonic Plague that has been “inspired by the traditional drink of the ancient Mayan civilization,” Mayan Bourbonic is a “sour imperial porter aged in Bourbon and wine barrels with dates for up to two years, then infused with Peruvian cocoa powder, Ceylon cinnamon and cayenne pepper.”  Weighing in at 11.7% ABV, Mayan Bourbonic “delivers notes of bitter chocolate, Bourbon and cinnamon with a mild cayenne spice and delicate carbonation level.”

Mayan Bourbonic 2017 will debut at Cascade’s two Portland pubs – Cascade Brewing Barrel House (click here to pre-order for local delivery or pickup at the Barrel House) and Lodge at Cascade Brewing – on April 16 and will enter limited distribution shortly after that date. You can expect to find this Limited Release available in 500ml bottles and on draft at select craft beer-focused establishments located within Cascade Brewing’s distribution network. Prost!

Vital Information for Mayan Bourbonic 2017 from Cascade Brewing

Release – Limited; April 16, 2020
Style – American Sour Ale
ABV – 11.7%
Treatment – “Sour imperial porter aged in Bourbon and wine barrels with dates for up to two years, then infused with Peruvian cocoa powder, Ceylon cinnamon and cayenne pepper”
Fun Fact – “Mayan Bourbonic has been served as a small draft blend at Cascade pubs in the past, but this marks the first time the project has been available in bottles. The original Bourbonic Plague, from which Mayan Bourbonic is adapted, won Cascade its first gold medal at the 2009 Great American Beer Festival in the wood- and barrel-aged sour beer category and has been a fan favorite ever since.”
COVID-19 Info – “During the COVID-19 stay at home order, Cascade Brewing is making its beer and limited food available locally on its online store, offering a selection of cans, crowlers, 500ml and 750ml bottles. Pick up hours at the Barrel House are 3pm to 7pm Thursday through Sunday, and delivery day is Thursday from 10am until the route is complete. View the website for full delivery details. Food and Cascade beer is also available for pickup only at the Lodge at Cascade Brewing, view for details.”
Availability – 500ml bottles & draft

MayanBourbonic_COLA approved Final bottle label

Cascade Brewing Announces 2019 Product Release Calendar

cascadenewlogoBeer calendar season is still alive and well, and we are kicking this week off with a peek at the 2019 Product Release Calendar from Cascade Brewing (Portland, Oregon).

Just as we do with each and every beer calendar around here, we have posted Cascade Brewing’s full Product Release Calendar below for you to absorb at your convenience.  With that said, this document is rich in highlights and we would be remiss if we did not go over a few of those real fast.  Let’s get to it:

  • The biggest news on this calendar is that the ever-elusive Vlad the Imp Aler (September) and Bourbonic Plague (December) will both see full distribution in 2019. Both offerings will be available in 500ml bottles for the first time.
  • The brewery’s Core Lineup will feature four new releases in 2019: Valley Flora (January), a sour red ale made with Willamette Valley Pinot-Noir grapes; Brunch Line (February), a mimosa-inspired blend of sour blond and wheat ales aged in oak barrels with Chardonnay grapes and fresh orange zest; Garden Party (June), a blend of sour blond and wheat ales aged in oak barrels with chardonnay grapes, lemon zest and elderflowers; and Coastal Gose (July), a blend of sour wheat ales aged in oak barrels with Oregon Coast sea salt and coriander seed.
  • Cascade’s Collaboration Series will return in 2019 to include projects with Beachwood Brewing from Long Beach, California (March); Mikkel Borg Bjergsø from the world-renowned Mikkeller Brewery in Denmark (May); and Burial Beer Co. of Asheville, North Carolina (October).
  • Cascade Brewing also plans to release four draft-only cellar projects throughout the year.  These offerings will be released quarterly.

Alright, that should just about cover everything we wanted to go over, but there are still plenty of beers and descriptions waiting for you on calendar below.  Check it out and start getting yourself prepared for another incredible year of Northwest Sour Ales from Cascade Brewing.  Prost!