Good People Brewing Company Releases Hitchhiker IPA as Spring Seasonal

GPhitchposterGood People Brewing Company (Birmingham, Alabama) recently announced that Hitchhiker IPA has officially returned to shelves and taps for the spring.

Brewed each spring as a more West Coast representation of the style than Good People Brewing’s American IPA, Hitchhiker IPA boasts a more tropical fruit character by displaying notes of pineapple, grapefruit, orange and tangerine.  Relying on a sturdy, caramel malt backbone, this 7.8% ABV, 100+ IBU India Pale Ale passes through each year as “a rejuvenating option whatever the weather brings.”

Hitchhiker IPA is officially available now and will be hanging around through the spring months (while supplies last).  Look for this Seasonal offering to be available in 6-packs of 12 oz. cans and on draft at select craft beer retailers, bars and restaurants in Alabama and throughout the rest of Good People Brewing’s distribution area.  Official Hitchhiker IPA Release Events started late last week and will be going on through the month of March at select craft beer establishments.  Click here to check out the full list of scheduled events.

Just as its name implies, the fan-favorite Hitchhiker IPA will be moving on before you know it.  Make sure that this is the one Hitchhiker that you pick up and enjoy your time together while you can.  Prost!

Vital Information for Hitchhiker IPA from Good People Brewing Company

Release – Seasonal, beginning March 2017
Style – American IPA (West Coast-style)
ABV – 7.8%
IBUs – 100+
Hops – Cascade, Columbus & Simcoe
Malts – 2-Row, Carapils & Crystal
Yeast – California Ale
Availability – 6-packs of 12 oz. cans & draft
Beer Finder –



Cans of Good People Snake Handler DIPA Make Annual Return

gpbcshcanGood People Brewing Company (Birmingham, Alabama) recently hit social media with the fantastic news that cans of Snake Handler Double India Pale Ale will make their yearly return beginning the week of January 16.

Although it is listed as a part of Good People’s Ales from the Heart of Dixie – the brewery’s year-round lineup of six staple beers -, Snake Handler Double IPA kind of does its own thing when it comes to availability.  Sure, there’s a good chance that you can track it down on draft throughout the year, but cans are infrequently released and tough to come by.  This could be a good thing when you consider that the brewery describes this beer as a “dangerously drinkable . . . spirited celebration of all things hoppy.”  After all, a beer that boasts of having “aromas of pine, citrus, flowers, spice, pineapple, and grassiness [that] complement a biscuit and caramel backbone” should probably be consumed in moderation.  Sometimes in life we need a limited supply of something so that we appreciate it more, and that truth makes it no mystery why Snake Handler is Good People’s most requested beer and one of the most highly-regarded Double IPAs brewed in the Southeast.

The good news to take from all of this is that the time for Snake Handler’s release in cans draws near.  Beginning the week of January 16, you will be able to find 4-packs of 12 oz. cans at select craft beer retailers in Alabama and within the rest of Good People’s distribution area.  Truly appreciate it while you have it, drink it fresh and spread the Snake Handler love if you can.  Prost!

Vital Information for Snake Handler DIPA from Good People Brewing Company

Release – Year-Round on draft, limited in cans.  Cans release during week of January 16
Style – American Double India Pale Ale
ABV – 10%
IBUs – 100+
Hops – Columbus, Warrior, Cascade, Simcoe & Chinook
Malts – 2-Row and 4 Specialty Malts
Yeast – California Ale
Availability – 12 oz. cans & draft
Beer Finder –


Good People Brewing Expands Distribution to Georgia

gpbcglassGood People Brewing Company (Birmingham, Alabama) has officially signed with United Distributors and will launch distribution in Georgia on Monday, January 23.

Since first opening their doors in 2008, the folks behind Good People Brewing Company have endured “thousands of hours, hundreds of hiccups, [and] two abandoned day jobs” in order to turn a dream into reality.  With a portfolio boasting beers such as Snake Handler Double IPA, Coffee Oatmeal Stout and El Gordo Una Stout Imperial, the hard work ultimately paid off as the brewery steadily grew to become what is now Alabama’s oldest and largest brewery.  Although they have established themselves as a standard of excellence for craft beer in Alabama, Good People has earned the respect of the craft beer community by never forgetting their struggle and humble beginnings.  Lately, their success has led to their beers becoming available in five states outside of Alabama, “with four of them happening in 2016 alone.” This trend will continue into the New Year as Georgia will become Good People’s sixth out-of-state expansion beginning the third week of January 2017.

“We’re finally headed to Georgia!” says Michael Sellers, co-owner and co-founder of Good People Brewing Company. “This has been a long time coming. After 9 years of business and honing our craft, we now have the opportunity to come to Georgia.”

On Monday, January 23, Good People Brewing Company will begin a steady roll-out in Georgia by initially entering Atlanta with a series of launch events and promotions.  With United Distributors handling all distribution responsibilities, the brewery will enter the market with several of their craft beer offerings.  For updates on events and what beers to expect at launch, “like” Good People Brewing Co. on Facebook or follow on Twitter or Instagram at @GPBrewing.  Until then, Georgia beer fans just need to settle in and prepare for the awesome that Good People is about to send their way.  Prost!

Good People Brewing Releases Plans for ¡Dia del Gordo! Festival

elgordoGood People Brewing Company (Birmingham, Alabama) recently announced that they will host their first ¡Dia del Gordo! Festival & Bottle Release at the brewery on Saturday, December 10 at 1 p.m.

El Gordo is Good People Brewing’s rarely released, super-sized Imperial Stout that weighs in at a crushing 13.9% ABV (the legal ABV limit for beer in the state of Alabama).  Proving that it is much more than just reputation and hype, this bad boy was named the Best Non-Barrel Aged Imperial Stout in a 2015 blind taste test by Paste Magazine.

A beer of such size and infamy is truly worthy of its own day, and that day will be December 10.  ¡Dia del Gordo!, a.k.a. El Gordo Day, will be held at the brewery and act as the exclusive bottle release event for El Gordo in 2016.  A limited number of 750 ml bottles will be released, and the following vintages and variants of El Gordo will be available for purchase on ¡Dia del Gordo!:

Special Release 750 ml Bottles Available For Purchase

  • 2014 El Gordo Una Stout Imperial
  • 2015 El Gordo Una Stout Imperial 
  • 2016 El Gordo Una Stout Imperial
  • 2016 Barrel-Aged El Gordo Una Stout Imperial
  • 2016 El Gordo Mole
  • a “handful” of other, yet-to-be-determined bottles will also be available

**All bottles will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.**

Special Drafts Available During the Event 

  • 2016 El Gordo Una Stout Imperial 
  • 2016 El Gordo Mole
  • Fatso Russian Imperial Stout
  • and more to be named at a later date

**Draft beer will be available in the taproom to enjoy as a full pour or sample.**  


“Y’all! Here’s the DRAFT LIST for Saturday:

2014 Sour Stout (only one 1/2 barrel keg)
-2015 Fatso
-2015 El Gordo
-2016 El Gordo
-2016 Barrel Aged El Gordo (only one 1/2 barrel keg)
-2016 El Gordo Mole
-2016 Fatso
-2016 Fatso Nitro
-2016 El Gordo Nitro
-Coffee Oatmeal Stout*
-Coffee Oatmeal Stout Nitro
-Bearded Lady*
-Snake Handler*
-Buffalo Rider*
-Session 9*
-Belgian SMASH*

*Grolwer and Crowler fills will be available for these styles” **UPDATE 12/08/16**

In addition to the plethora of El Gordo goodness and rare draft options available for your enjoyment, this event will also feature live music, food trucks, and other entertainment throughout the day.

¡Dia del Gordo! is still in the planning stages and much more information will be released as we near Saturday, December 10.

**UPDATE 12/08/16** – FROM THE BREWERY:  

“It’s the week of El Gordo Day 2016, y’all!  Here’s a rundown of what to expect:

  • Doors open at 1pm. Street parking only. Please respect/be aware of other businesses in the area that have put up “no parking” signs. You will get towed.
  • We’ll have 2014, 2015, and 2016 El Gordo, 2016 Barrel-Aged El Gordo, and 2016 El Gordo Olé Mole available in bottles. Funk Farm Sour Blonde and Funk Farm Farmhouse will also be available for sale.
  • The 2016 El Gordo will be $20 and everything else will be $25.
  • The state of Alabama limits each person to purchase 288oz per day for off-premise (at home) consumption. This equals to about 11 bottles per person for El Gordo Day. However, that does NOT include beers you drink on premise (at the brewery).
  • The Hot Tag and Taco Morro Loco will be here to feed everyone.
  • Bottle shares are not allowed in the taproom. We do not expect incredibly long lines to get into the brewery on Saturday, so waiting-line-bottle-shares are discouraged.
  • We will have a variety of special brews on draft on Saturday. These are only for samples or full pours. We will not be filling growlers or crowlers with these drafts.
  • The official hashtag of the event is #ElGordoDay

Can’t wait to see y’all on Saturday! Be Good People. Drink Great Beer.” **UPDATE 12/08/16**

Be sure to give Good People Brewing Company a like/follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay in the know, and you can always check back here for any and all updates as they surface.  ¡Viva El Gordo!  Prost!

Vital Information on El Gordo Una Stout Imperial from Good People Brewing Company

Release – Rare/Limited
Style – Imperial Stout
ABV – 13.9%
IBUs – 78.8
Malts – 2-Row, Chocolate Malt, Black Patent, & 4 other Specialty Malts
Hops – Centennial, Columbus, Liberty & Crystal
Yeast – British Ale
Availability – 750 ml bottles sold exclusively at the brewery during ¡Dia del Gordo! on Saturday, December 10; limited draft





Good People Brewing Releases Mumbai Rye IPA in Cans

gpmumbaiGood People Brewing Company (Birmingham, Alabama) recently announced that Mumbai Rye India Pale Ale officially hits cans for the first time this week.

Not too long ago, I let you know about Good People Brewing Company purchasing new canning equipment that now allows the brewery to expand their portfolio of packaged seasonal and limited releases.  Well, it did not take long for fan-favorite Mumbai Rye India Pale Ale to take advantage of this new development.  If you are unfamiliar with this offering, Mumbai Rye is known for its pronounced spicy and earthy rye notes.  Balance is achieved thanks to an American IPA level of hop presence provided by Columbus and Mt. Hood hops.  This harmonious union creates a 7.4% ABV, 71.9 IBU seasonal release that is the perfect beer to sip on all autumn long.

Mumbai Rye IPA is available now on draft and 6-packs of these beautiful 12 oz. cans are rolling out this week.  Look for this brew to turn up at select craft beer retailers within Good People’s distribution area consisting of Alabama, the Florida Panhandle, and Tennessee.  Prost!

Vital Information for Mumbai Rye IPA from Good People Brewing Company

Availability – Seasonal, cans launch this week
Style – Rye Beer/India Pale Ale
ABV – 7.4%
IBUs – 71.9
Hops – Columbus & Mt. Hood
Malts – 2-row and 4 specialty malts
Yeast – California Ale
Packaging – 6-packs of 12 oz. cans and draft

Good People Brewing releases Urban Farmer as newest canned offering

14224726_10155447219529988_2548202767289278872_nGood People Brewing Company (Birmingham, Alabama) is expanding their portfolio of canned offerings with the introduction of Urban Farmer Farmhouse Ale.

Thanks to the purchase of a new can labeling machine, Good People Brewing is pleased to announce that they now have the ability and capacity to release more “seasonal, specialty, and limited batches into the marketplace.”  This specialized labeling equipment allows the brewery’s packaging department the flexibility to create custom labels on site for blank 12 oz. cans and 22 oz. bottles.  Having this feature at the brewery means they no longer have to wait for cans and bottles to be printed at another facility that might be currently limited due to the huge demand placed on them by the surging craft beer boom.

Urban Farmer Farmhouse Ale is the first release to become available by way of this new equipment.  This traditional Farmhouse-style Ale is “brewed with a variety of pale malts and a unique blend of saison yeast strains.” The recipe yields aromatic and flavor notes of “grapefruit, pineapple, orange zest, earthiness and spiciness.”

This offering was released in time for Labor Day weekend and is available on draft and in 12 oz. cans.  Distribution of Urban Farmer will begin in central Alabama and then it will eventually make it to the brewery’s full distribution area throughout the state, in Tennessee, and the Florida Panhandle.  Look for this brew to be on shelves now, and keep an eye out for future limited and small batch beer releases to be announced by Good People Brewing soon.  Prost!

Good People Brewing introduces Sour Ale Program

gp_2014_m2Good People Brewing Company (Birmingham, Alabama) announced this week that they are nearly ready to introduce their fans to a new Sour Ale program dubbed Funk Farm.

After nearly a year of development, Good People Brewing is set launch a series of mixed fermentation Sour Ales thanks to the Funk Farm brewing program.  These ales will be created by way of experimentation with wild yeast strains and non-traditional microbes.  Funk Farm offerings will range from small-batch, limited releases to (eventually) regularly available Sours.  Beers in this series will be packaged in 750 ml bottles and available for purchase at the brewery only.

“We’ve been interested in sour beers and developing new beers for a couple years now. The Funk Farm series showcases the creativity and innovation of our brewers. Through experimentation, we want to explore the art of aged, mixed-fermentation sour beers,” says Jason Malone, Co-Founder and Brewmaster at Good People Brewing.

The first release from the Funk Farm will be a Sour Blonde Ale with Raspberries & Blackberries added that was aged in French oak red wine barrels for 8 months.  This offering will be officially available on Saturday, September 24th at a release party to be held at the Good People taproom (114 14th St South, Birmingham).  More information is sure to come, so stay tuned for updates.  Prost!