Paulaner Brings Summertime Refreshment to the U.S. with Launch of Grapefruit Radler

Paulaner USA (White Plains, New York), the U.S. importer of the legendary Paulaner Brauerei (Munich, Germany) portfolio, has officially announced that it will introduce American beer drinkers to Paulaner Grapefruit Radler in June 2020.

Developed to be the “perfect complement wherever you are during the warm summer months,” Paulaner Grapefruit Radler is a thirst-quenching Radler that “combines 50% Paulaner’s classic Münchner Lager and 50% naturally hazy, grapefruit infusion.” Coming in at a super sessionable 2.5% ABV, Paulaner Grapefruit Radler is “a fruity-tart refreshment that is 100% natural and not too sweet.”

“With the continued rise in flavored beers and hard fruity seltzers, it was an easy choice  for us to introduce our Grapefruit Radler here in the United States, as it was already well-received in Germany for the past two-years,” says Steve Hauser, CEO of Paulaner USA. “Its success is in the combination of our expert brewmasters and the quality ingredients used to brew the product. This has resulted in a premium, flavorful thirst quencher that consumers won’t be able to put down.”

Paulaner Grapefruit Radler is scheduled to hit the U.S. in June and will be available throughout the summer months. You can expect to find this new offering available in 4-packs of 16.9 oz. cans at fine beer establishments located in Alabama, Florida, New York and throughout the rest of Paulaner USA’s nationwide distribution network.  Prost!

Vital Information for Paulaner Grapefruit Radler from Paulaner Brauerei

Release – ???; launching in the U.S. in June 2020
Style – Radler
ABV – 2.5%
Blend – 50% Paulaner’s Münchner Lager & 50% natural “grapefruit infusion”
Availability – 4-packs of 16.9 oz. cans
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Paulaner Brewery Adds 16.9 oz. Cans to its U.S. Portfolio

PAU_CANS_HWBN-MH (1)Paulaner USA (White Plains, New York), the U.S. importer of the legendary Paulaner Brewery portfolio and other premium beverage alcohol brands, has officially announced that it will launch 16.9 oz. cans of Paulaner Hefe-Weizen and Paulaner Original Munich Lager in the U.S. market in Spring 2019.

In an attempt to satisfy “growing consumer demand for packages that meet their unique and constantly evolving occasion expectations”, Paulaner Brewery has decided to innovate and adjust by placing two of its iconic offerings – Paulaner Hefe-Weizen and Paulaner Original Munich Lager – in “lightweight, easy to carry” 16.9 oz. cans that are “BPA free, unbreakable and designed to protect the flavor of the beer . . . from the negative effects of UV light and oxygen.”  Since both offerings “strictly adhere to Germany’s Beer Purity Law, also known as the Reinheitsgebot”, this new packaging option is ideal for “preserving the authentic taste in the outdoors” and “[protecting] the standards by which all other beers are judged.”

If you happen to be unfamiliar with these classic brews, here are the full descriptions for Paulaner Hefe-Weizen and Paulaner Original Munich Lager (descriptions sourced directly from Paulaner USA’s press release):

  • Paulaner Hefe-Weizen – The #1 selling wheat beer in Germany, and a favorite around the world. This traditional unfiltered Hefe-Weizen is naturally cloudy and silky gold under a really strong head of foam. At first mouthful, some will detect a hint of banana aroma. Fine palates perceive trace of mango and pineapple and the balance between sweet and bitter. Overall, beer connoisseurs appreciate the incomparable flavor of Paulaner Hefe-Weizen for its perfectly balanced mix of aromas and refreshing taste. It’s a superb biergarten or outdoor drinking bier.  ABV – 5.5%
  • Paulaner Original Munich Lager – A true classic with its clear and bright gold sparkling hue, crowned by a pure white head. A beer which always goes down smoothly: mild, elegant malts, with a hint of sweetness and a soft hint of hops in the back note. This Munich beer is ideal to accompany spare ribs and spicy dishes.  ABV – 4.9%

“We are thrilled to launch our products in cans as we continue to find ways to satisfy the needs of our consumers and allow them to enjoy our product without comprising flavor.  What’s more, with the product now available in cans is current and prospective Paulaner fans can now drink a real Bavarian brew in places that may restrict glass bottles. This includes venues like concerts, golf courses, beaches or even biergartens, to name a few.


The combination of our outstanding beer in a high quality can provides the best of both worlds to consumers. The cans perfectly reflect our traditional heritage to appeal to both long-time Paulaner fans as well as a whole new generation.  They also are environmentally friendly and easier to recycle than glass, a consideration that is more important today than ever.”


– Steve Hauser, President/CEO of Paulaner USA

16.9 oz. cans of Paulaner Hefe-Weizen and Paulaner Original Munich Lager are rolling out now and will have Year-Round availability.  You can expect to find both of these offerings – with additional availability in bottles and on draft – at fine beer establishments located in Alabama, Florida, New York and throughout the rest of Paulaner USA’s nationwide distribution network.  Prost!