Field Trip: Cavalier Distributing Trade Show – Tampa

Just a few weeks ago, Cavalier Distributing (Lakeland, Florida) held a fantastic and informative trade show at The Vault, a beautiful venue located in the heart of Tampa’s Downtown Arts District.  Cavalier used this industry-only event as an opportunity to introduce the area’s restaurants, bars, retailers, and media members to their vast portfolio of fine craft beers, meads, ciders and spirits.  The best way to capture all that this event had to offer was through a visual medium, so check out the photos below (click to enlarge) so that you too can get the inside scoop on the exciting beverages headed our way this year from Cavalier Distributing.  Prost!


Forbidden Root Brewery to Expand Distribution to Florida

fr-logo-orange-on-trans2xForbidden Root Brewery (Chicago, Illinois) has officially signed with Cavalier Distributing to bring the brewery’s offerings to Florida in early 2017.

Situated in the West Town area of the city, Forbidden Root is “Chicago’s first botanic brewery making craft beer inspired by nature.”  For their offerings, the brewery uses water, barley, hops and yeast as a foundation on which they can explore, honor and showcase wild, natural ingredients such as “bark, stems, flowers, herbs, spices, leaves, roots, and other foraged flavors.”  Randy Mosher, respected craft beer authority and author of Tasting Beer, is an equity partner and acts as the brewery’s Alchemist by providing the guidance needed to craft and harness these complex and unique flavors.  Forbidden Root was founded by Robert Finkel as a benefit corporation, “meaning benefits, other than shareholder value, are built into their operating charter [and] they donate 100% of all non-consumable merchandise profits to charity.”  Their overall approach to the brewing industry has resulted in rapid growth, and now Forbidden Root Brewery is nearly ready to share their offerings with the Florida craft beer community.

When they enter the market early next year, you can expect Forbidden Root to launch in Florida with the following three brews:

  • Money on My Rind Witbier – Juniper and grapefruit have become a legendary combination in pop culture, known for their ability to refresh and satisfy. So we take a witbier, spike it with juniper berries and the deliciousness of pure grapefruit, and add a peppery hint of grains of paradise.  ABV – 5%  IBUs – 9
  • Sublime Ginger Wheat Ale – Storms come and go, and in the end, there’s just a refreshing breeze. So with this shimmering golden wheat beer, the escape is sure to be fresh, cooling and sustaining. We start with a dry and creamy wheat beer, and add fresh botanicals and a splash of key lime juice for a tangy flavor with the delicious bite of ginger. The flavor is bright, layered, and thoroughly satisfying. This beer resonates with the Caribbean otherworldliness of the Florida Keys.  ABV – 3.8%  IBUs – 14
  • Wildflower Pale Ale (WPA) – WPA entices with a bright, refreshing hop aroma with a citrusy character, along with added depth from the subtle addition of Elderflower, Marigold, and Sweet Osmanthus flowers, and just enough clean maltiness to balance. On the palate, it is full-flavored up front, then builds to a crisp bitterness, with waves of range citrus, spicy and fruity hop flavors enhanced by a hint of exotic blossoms. Finish is complex and scrips, with a lingering clean bitterness. It’s a breath of fresh air, like a bouquet picked along a country lane.  ABV – 5.6%  IBUs – 55

Once they arrive in 2017, the unique beers of Forbidden Root Brewery are sure to be a welcomed addition to any craft beer retailer’s shelf in Florida.  More information concerning exact release dates and launch parties should begin to surface soon, and I will update you with those details as soon as I get them.  Prost!