Cascade Brewing Puckers Up for Valentine’s Day, Releases Pear Mary & Kentucky Peach 2019 Sour Ales

cascadelogoCascade Brewing (Portland, Oregon) has officially announced that it will treat sour beer lovers to two Limited Releases – Pear Mary and Kentucky Peach 2019 – on Valentine’s Day 2020.

Making its debut as an all new Sour Ale project from Cascade Brewing, Pear Mary is a “blend of sour blond ales aged in oak wine barrels then naturally fermented with juice from Northwest-grown pears and infused with fresh rosemary.”  After a slumber of up to 18 months, Pear Mary (7.1% ABV) emerges from the barrels to offer “notes of fresh pear, pine and ginger with a balanced acidity, soft fruit sweetness and champagne-like effervescence.”

Back to provide fans with a new vintage featuring fruit from 2019, Kentucky Peach 2019 is “a blend of sour wheat and quad ales aged in bourbon and wine barrels for up to 16 months with fresh, Northwest-grown peaches.”  This treatment yields “flavors of ripe peaches and warm bourbon with hints of oak and a light malt sweetness.”

Both Pear Mary and Kentucky Peach 2019 will officially release in Cascade’s two Portland pubs – Cascade Brewing Barrel House and Lodge at Cascade Brewing – on February 14 and will enter distribution shortly after that date.  Pear Mary will be available in 500ml bottles and on draft through Cascade’s regular distribution network while Kentucky Peach 2019 will be available on draft only through limited distribution.  Prost!

Vital Information for Pear Mary 2019 from Cascade Brewing

Release – Limited; February 14, 2020
Style – American Sour Ale
ABV – 7.1%
Treatment – Blend of sour blond ales aged in oak wine barrels then naturally fermented with juice from Northwest-grown pears & infused with fresh rosemary
Availability – 500ml bottles & draft


Cascade Brewing Unveils 2018 Product Release Calendar

CascadepourCascade Brewing (Portland, Oregon) came forward today to present a Product Release Calendar that boasts a streamlined lineup of eleven beers scheduled for release in both bottle and draft in 2018.

To keep with our usual approach to beer calendars, we have posted Cascade Brewing’s full 2018 Product Release Calendar below so that you can look it over at your own pace.  That said, we probably should go over a few highlights before turning you over directly to the calendar.  Let’s get to it:

  • The brewery will begin 2018 with the return of Sang Rouge in January.  This offering “is a blend of sour red ales aged in select red wine barrels and fresh oak puncheons for up to 24 months.”
  • After selling out in record time in 2017, Cascade “has more than doubled the batch size” for the 2018 return of Kentucky Peach.  It will hit in March.
  • The brewery will tackle summer with the mid-July launch of Peche Fume, Cascade’s second peach offering.
  • A new version of Cuvee du Jongleur – “a blend of select reds, triples and quads” – will be released in October.  Often referred to as Cascade’s “White Whale”, this offering was last released in 2009.
  • Debuting in March as the brewery’s first “Limited Release” of 2018, Melonious Blond “is a blend of sour wheat and blondes aged up to 14 months with fresh Oregon Cantaloupe and Summer Kiss melons.” Melonious Blond is “Cascade’s first melon sour.”
  • An unnamed collaboration with Indiana’s Upland Brewing Co. will arrive in April.  For this Limited Release, “Cascade will provide locally grown fresh pears from Oregon; while Upland will supply fresh Paw Paw fruit (a cross between a mango and a banana).”  More details to come.

“In the coming year, we’re taking a slightly different approach to our annual release schedule,” stated Tim Larrance, vice president of sales and marketing. “We will be offering fewer releases, but making a greater quantity of cases and kegs available to our wholesalers worldwide, meaning more beer for everyone!”

Added lead blender Kevin Martin, “Narrowing our scope on fewer releases throughout the year will enable our production team to focus on the finer aspects of each blend, which we’re confident will result in some of the best beers ever to come out of our cellar.”

That should just about cover everything that we wanted to go over, but there are still a few old favorites and soon-to-be favorites left for you to find on the calendar below.  Give it a good look, take some notes, and get ready for another outstanding year of Sour Ales from Cascade Brewing in 2018.  Prost!

PowerPoint Presentation