New Realm Brewing Launches Sour Series with Release of Lime of the Party Gose

lime-of-the-party-goseNew Realm Brewing Company (Atlanta, Georgia) has officially announced that Lime of the Party, a Key Lime Gose, will release in April as the first canned offering to come out of the brewery’s Sour Series.

Here to make it so “Key Lime Pie lovers can . . . have their pie and drink it too”, Lime of the Party is a kettle soured Gose-style Ale that received an addition of “Fresh Key Lime juice from Florida . . . during the fermentation process.”  Guaranteed to be “pure tart deliciousness on draft or in a can”, Lime of the Party comes in at an easy-drinking 4% ABV.

“Key Lime Pie is one of my personal favorites,” said Mitch Steele Co-Founder and Brewmaster of New Realm Brewing. “We found a supplier of really fantastic Key Lime Juice and after bringing in a sample, we knew it was the way to go for our first major Gose release. It truly is like enjoying Key Lime Pie in a glass.”

Lime of the Party officially releases in April 2019 and will stick around as long as supplies last.  You can expect to find this Special Release available in 6-packs of 12 oz. cans and on draft at select craft beer-friendly establishments located within New Realm’s distribution footprint in Georgia and the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.  Prost!

Vital Information for Lime of the Party from New Realm Brewing Company

Release – Special/The Sour Series, April 2019
Style – Gose
ABV – 4%
IBUs – 7
Added Ingredients – Fresh Key lime juice & salt
Fun Fact – Lime of the Party “started out as a limited, draft only release at the brewery taproom and select bars and restaurants in fall 2018, but its popularity earned it a new life in 2019.”
Availability – 6-packs of 12 oz. cans & draft
Distribution – Georgia and the Hampton Roads area of Virginia


New Realm Brewing Goes Year-Round with Hazy Like A Fox IPA

hazy-like-a-fox-ipaNew Realm Brewing Company (Atlanta, Georgia) has officially announced that it will release Hazy Like A Fox IPA, the newest beer to join the brewery’s portfolio of Mainstays, in cans for the first time on March 4.

Originally developed as “the first hazy IPA brewed on-site at New Realm’s Atlanta Innovation Brewery”, Hazy Like A Fox is a New England-style IPA that “features a blend of pale malt, oats, wheat, flaked barley and milk sugar for a pillowy soft mouthfeel.”  Things then get nice and juicy thanks to “a double dry hop [that creates] waves of pineapple and tangerine aromatics that complement soft, juicy orange and tangerine notes which delight the palate.”  Pale gold in color and rocking “an opaque haze”, Hazy Like A Fox IPA (6.5% ABV and 50 IBUs) is sure to make you “crazy for hazy.”

“This is a double dry hopped beer,” said Mitch Steel Co-Founder and Brewmaster of New Realm Brewing. “We did the first dry hop early in the fermentation process which resulted in some great flavor changes by our yeast interacting with the hops to provide an intense orange juice flavor. We have already heard from our beer fans how much they enjoy Hazy Like A Fox and I believe that new fans will love it too.”

Cans of Hazy Like A Fox IPA will debut in New Realm’s to-go cooler on March 4 and are scheduled to enter distribution at or around that date as well.  You can expect to find this new Mainstay offering available in 6-packs of 12 oz. cans and on draft at select craft beer-focused establishments located within New Realm’s distribution footprint in Georgia and the Hampton Roads area in Virginia.  Prost!

Vital Information for Hazy Like A Fox IPA from New Realm Brewing Company

Release – Mainstay/Year-Round, cans launch March 4, 2019
Style – New England-style India Pale Ale
ABV – 6.5%
IBUs – 50 
Hops – Citra, Mosaic, Azacca & El Dorado
Availability – 6-packs of 12 oz. cans & draft
Distribution – Georgia & the Hampton Roads area in Virginia


New Realm Brewing Opens Beer Garden on Atlanta’s Beltline

newrealmlogo2New Realm Brewing Company (Atlanta, Georgia) has officially announced that its highly-anticipated Beltline-adjacent beer garden is now open at the brewery’s Atlanta location.

Beautifully set just steps off of the east side trail of Atlanta’s Beltline, New Realm’s beer garden offers 85 additional seats in an area that “includes stone seating with fire pit tables, creative water features, stone pavers and over 200 newly planted trees and bushes.”  The brewery also installed a ramp that grants everyone in this new space “easy accessibility to the beer garden, lower patio and restaurant.”  This incredibly well-thought-out and picturesque beer garden now gives guests the option to enjoy the brewery’s “full menu for both food and beer while taking in the Beltline scenery and action.”

“We are ecstatic to have this final piece of our brewery open for patrons to enjoy,” said Carey Falcone Co-Founder and CEO of New Realm Brewing. “Though the views of Atlanta from our rooftop are incredible, there is something special about sitting and enjoying a conversation with a beer and some food along the thriving Beltline. The beer garden completes our vision for the brewery.”

If you would like to check out the brewery’s new beer garden, New Realm Brewing is located at 550 Somerset Terrace NE (30306) with reservations accepted via OpenTable on the brewery’s website or by calling 404-968-2777. New Realm Brewing Company’s Atlanta location currently keeps the following hours: Monday – Wednesday, 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.; Thursday, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.; Friday – Saturday, 11 a.m. to 1 a.m.; Sunday, 12 p.m. to 10 p.m.  Prost!


2018-09-14 13.39.35-2
A water feature in New Realm Brewing’s newly completed beer garden area.  (Credit for all photos belongs to New Realm Brewing Company)


New Realm Brewing Adds Hoptropolis IPA to its Lineup of Canned Offerings

hoptropolisNew Realm Brewing Company (Atlanta, Georgia) has officially announced that Hoptropolis IPA is now available year-round in 6-packs of 12 oz. cans.

Arriving as New Realm Brewing’s third beer to have regular availability in 12 oz. cans, Hoptropolis is a tropical American-style India Pale Ale that is “built upon a foundation of Citra, Mosaic, Loral and Azacca hops.”  Strikingly golden in color with “a light haze”, Hoptropolis IPA (6.5% ABV) supplies its drinker with a “juicy sip of paradise . . . drenched in flavors of peach, pear and pineapple.”

“This beer has been a runaway hit for us, so it’s great to get it into cans,” said Mitch Steele, Brewmaster and co-founder of New Realm Brewing. “Now it’s so much easier to share this fantastically tropical fruity IPA with our friends near and far.”

12 oz. cans of Hoptropolis IPA are hitting shelves now with year-round availability.  You can expect to find this Mainstay offering in 6-packs and on draft at select craft beer-focused retailers, bars and restaurants located within New Realm’s distribution footprint in Georgia.  Prost!

Vital Information for Hoptropolis IPA from New Realm Brewing Company 

Release – Year-Round/Mainstay; cans debut in mid-August 2018
Style – American India Pale Ale
ABV – 6.5%
IBUs – 50
Hops – Citra, Mosaic, Loral & Azacca
Malts – Pale, English Crystal & Oats
Availability – 6-packs of 12 oz. cans & draft
Distribution – Georgia

New Realm Brewing Expands Distribution to Virginia

hoptropolis-ipaNew Realm Brewing Company (Atlanta, Georgia) has announced that it has partnered with Hoffman Beverage so that it can soon begin distributing its lineup of craft beers in the state of Virginia.

When news broke that New Realm Brewing Company had secured a second location in the former Green Flash facility in Virginia Beach, everyone knew it was just a matter of time before the brewery’s tasty beers would start flowing in establishments local to that area.  Well, that facility may not be open to the public yet, but beer is being brewed and it is now ready for distribution in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

“The Hampton Roads area of Virginia has many quality beer distribution options,” says Bob Powers, co-founder and Chief Customer Officer at New Realm. “We have chosen to work with Hoffman Beverage due to their incredible passion for craft beer, our aligned strategy of brand building, and their experience with many other small, independent craft breweries.”

New Realm will officially launch distribution in Virginia with the following core beers (descriptions sourced from the brewery’s website):

  • Hoplandia IPA – A New Realm-style IPA. Dense with sought-after hops and lush with a heavenly hit of citrus.  ABV – 7.3%
  • Hoptropolis IPA – Set your clocks to island time. This beauty is drenched in tropical flavors of peach, pear and pineapple.  ABV – 6.5%
  • Euphonia Pilsner – A true brewer’s beer. Hop bursted with prolific hop aromatics and heightened levels of refreshment.  ABV – 5%
  • Kikimora Imperial IPA – A dank IPA. Pronounced with peachy, floral, light citrus complexities and a strong, dry finish to the palate.  ABV – 8.5%

In addition to core offerings, New Realm Brewing will also treat consumers in Virginia to “select brews from [its] limited release, small-batch specialty beers, starting with Lemon Pucker Berliner Weisse and Belga Rose Belgian Hibiscus Ale (available soon), followed by additional releases in late 2018.”

With the help of Hoffman Beverage, the New Realm beers listed above “will be available on draft at craft-focused bars, restaurants and retailers” located in the Southside area of Virginia’s Hampton Roads.  The brewery plans to introduce packaged offerings in Virginia at the start of 2019.  New Realm Brewing Company offerings can also be found distributed in the state of Georgia.  Prost!

New Realm Brewing Company to Open Second Location in Virginia Beach

radegastNew Realm Brewing Company (Atlanta, Georgia) has officially announced that it will open a second brewery and taproom in the facility that formerly served as the Virginia Beach location of Green Flash Brewing Co.

A little over a week ago, news broke that New Realm Brewing – the Southeast-based craft brewery co-founded by Carey Falcone, Bob Powers and Mitch Steele – had acquired the brewing equipment housed within Green Flash Brewing Co.’s recently shuttered Virginia Beach location.  Since the time of that news, many rumors have been swirling that New Realm – despite just launching operations in Atlanta in January of this year – was also considering assuming control of the facility so that they could open a second brewery and taproom.  Those rumors have now been confirmed as true with the announcement that “New Realm has partnered with The Miller Group to lease the 58,000 square-foot facility which formerly housed the Green Flash Brewing Company” in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  The acquisition of this new equipment and facility will allow New Realm to expand production up to “40,000 barrels annually.”

“As we looked at ways to serve our growing base of New Realm fans, it was important to us that we remain a local brewer in the Southeast, expand capacity, increase innovation and stay true to our core values,” said Carey Falcone, CEO and co-founder of New Realm Brewing. “When the opportunity came up to partner with The Miller Group to lease the Virginia Beach facility, purchase newer, high-quality brewing equipment at a great value and create jobs in Virginia Beach, we knew we needed to seize it.”

“New Realm is proud to become part of the Virginia Beach community as we continue to serve our fans in Atlanta. We could not ask for better local partners than Jerry Miller and The Miller Group. We look forward to benefiting from their experience, support and advocacy as we serve the Virginia Beach community for many years to come.”

Jerry Miller, CEO and founder of The Miller Group, said, “We are thrilled to welcome New Realm to Virginia Beach. With the backing of a strong management team, world-class facility and premier location, New Realm’s brewery and taproom will support job creation and draw visitors to Virginia Beach year-round.”

New Realm plans to open its Virginia Beach brewery and taproom – located at 1209 Craft Lane, Virginia Beach, Virginia – just as soon as “it receives all applicable licenses and permits required for operation.”  Once this facility is operational and staffed, craft beer fans can expect an experience that features “a tasting room with a wide variety of beers on tap, an outdoor beer garden, and private event space.”

Since this situation is still developing, we will be sure to provide you with opening dates and any other updates just as soon as they surface.  Stay tuned.  Prost!

New Realm Brewing Company Acquires Equipment from Former Green Flash Facility

radegastNew Realm Brewing Company (Atlanta, Georgia) sent out a press release today to confirm that it won a bid to purchase the brewing equipment located at the former Green Flash Brewing Co. facility in Virginia Beach.

After just opening its doors in January of this year, New Realm Brewing Company is set to substantially increase its brewing capacity now that it has acquired the brewing equipment housed within Green Flash Brewing Co.’s abruptly shuttered Virginia Beach location.  New Realm is actively “exploring options for the location of the equipment and a potential new taproom.”

For more information on this acquisition, here are the official statements from New Realm’s founders – Carey Falcone, Bob Powers and Mitch Steele:

“This equipment presents an incredible opportunity to expand our capacity in a meaningful way while staying committed to our roots,” said Carey Falcone, CEO and co-founder of New Realm Brewing. “New Realm is proud to be part of the Atlanta community and we are enthusiastic about the opportunity to serve more New Realm fans.”


“We continue to invest in our Beltline brewery and restaurant with additional team members and new 60-bbl expansion tanks. But the reality is that, thanks to the incredible support of New Realm’s patrons and fans in Atlanta, we are capacity and space constrained in our current location,” said Mitch Steele, Brewmaster and co-founder of New Realm Brewing. “We are excited about the ways this new equipment and capacity will enable us to deliver the same high-quality beers while increasing our ability to innovate and create new beers for local fans.”


“This equipment acquisition is a unique opportunity to meet growing demand, while continuing to focus on quality and consistency. This new equipment will allow our team to brew even more of the beer that we feel passionate about,” said Chief Commercial Officer and co-founder, Bob Powers.

New Realm Brewing Company has not yet officially named a destination for this new equipment or a location for that “potential new taproom.”  This story is still developing, and we will be sure to provide you with any and all updates just as soon as they surface.  Stay tuned.  Prost!

New Realm Brewing Company Set to Release Cans into Distribution

NewRealmHoplandiaNew Realm Brewing Company (Atlanta, Georgia) has officially announced that it will begin distribution of its first two canned offerings, Hoplandia IPA and Euphonia Pilsner, in early April.

Since first opening their doors in January, the folks at New Realm Brewing have spent the last few months getting fully acquainted with their equipment and honing their approach to the day-to-day workflow in both the brewery and restaurant sides of their beautiful facility located on Atlanta’s Beltline. Confident that they have locked all that down, they are now ready for the next natural step: canning some beer for distribution in the Atlanta area.

The first two canned offerings will be Hoplandia IPA and Euphonia Pilsner, and their official brewery descriptions are as follows:

  • Hoplandia IPABudding with sought-after hops and a heavenly hit of citrus and peach, Hoplandia is no ordinary IPA. It’s not confined to the style of the West Coast, East Coast or whatever coast. This lush IPA is something sublimely different and now in cans, more Atlantans will be able to experience Hoplandia for themselves.  ABV – 7.3%  IBUs – 75
  • Euphonia Pilsner – Inspired by a utopian kingdom of musical perfection, Euphonia Pilsner is a true brewer’s beer. Rocking a hallmark blend of smooth floral hops and classic German malts, this beer masters the desired sessionable balance of crisp refreshment and floral hop flavor.  ABV – 5%  IBUs – 30

“This is a super exciting time for us at New Realm Brewing. Not only has it been a phenomenal year opening our facility but now to be releasing our original IPA and Pilsner to market in cans, it’s just so cool,” said Mitch Steele, Brewmaster and co-founder of New Realm Brewing. “Hoplandia is for those that crave piney, citrusy hop flavors and Euphonia Pilsner, our refreshing, easy sipping pils has been a favorite amongst our brewers and guests at our bar.”

Hoplandia IPA and Euphonia Pilsner will become available in 6-packs of 12 oz. cans in early April, and you will be able to find these packaged Mainstay offerings in the brewery and at craft beer-friendly establishments located throughout New Realm’s localized distribution footprint in the Atlanta area.  If you are eager to try Hoplandia IPA and Euphonia Pilsner before they hit shelves next month, you can always swing by New Realm Brewing and enjoy them on draft.  Prost!

Vital Information for Hoplandia IPA from New Realm Brewing Company

Release – Mainstay/Year-Round, cans release April 2018
Style – American India Pale Ale
ABV – 7.3%
IBUs – 75
Hops – Warrior, Simcoe & Centennial
Malts – Pale, Pilsner & Crystal
Availability – 6-packs of 12 oz. cans & draft
Distribution – Georgia only (Atlanta area)

Vital Information for Euphonia Pilsner from New Realm Brewing Company

Release – Mainstay/Year-Round, cans release April 2018
Style – Pilsner
ABV – 5%
IBUs – 30
Hops – Hersbrucker, Huell Melon, Saphir & Sterling 
Malts – German Pilsner
Availability – 6-packs of 12 oz. cans & draft
Distribution – Georgia only (Atlanta area)


Tasting Notes: Radegast Triple IPA from New Realm Brewing Company

RadegastPortrait1000This week gets a double dose of Tasting Notes as we get into a celebratory bottle of Radegast Triple IPA from New Realm Brewing Company (Atlanta, Georgia).

Arriving as New Realm’s first packaged Specialty Release offering, Radegast – named for the ancient god of brewing and hospitality – was specifically brewed to honor the grand opening of their beautiful new facility on Atlanta’s Beltline and serve as a proper introduction to the area’s craft beer community.  With a hop bill showcasing Warrior, Citra, Mosaic and El Dorado hops, this Triple IPA promises to be a “wonderfully aromatic, . . . incredibly citrusy and extremely juicy hop nectar [that] lingers just long enough to tempt another sip.”

Radegast Triple IPA officially released at New Realm Brewing Company on Saturday, January 13 with availability in 750ml bottles and 4-packs of 16 oz. cans, and it appears – at the time this post was published – a limited supply is still available for purchase at the brewery.  Radegast is also available on draft at New Realm and select craft beer establishments located throughout Atlanta.  This is a one-time release that is meant to be consumed fresh, so be sure to get your fill of Radegast while you still have the chance.

Speaking of getting one’s fill, I do believe it is time to get into some Tasting Notes so that we can finally experience the Radegast for ourselves.

Tasting Notes for Radegast Triple IPA from New Realm Brewing Company

Appearance:  Radegast fills the glass with a deep, honey gold-colored brew that is wearing two fingers of pristine white foam.  When held to direct light, the color brightens and intensifies to become more of a pure yellow gold.  The body is perfectly clear and displays an ample carbonation presence coursing throughout.  Head retention is good, but it eventually fall to a lasting 1/4 finger or so. The foam does attempt to put some lace on the glass, but the slick nature of the beer forces each web to eventually slip back down into the top cap.

Aroma:  An unabashed and pronounced hop aroma proudly billows from the glass.  We are talking about notes of citrus & tropical fruits; mostly grapefruit, tangerine, melon and a touch of stone fruit.  A light malt character brings up the back end with a nondescript sweetness and subtle hint of alcohol.  The nose is basically all hops, and we have no problem with that.

Taste:  That big hop presence carries over into the flavor and it is absolutely laden with orange, tangerine, and grapefruit.  A slight resinous character builds with tones of pine, grass, and pure dankness.  A tropical wave then moves in with a slight dose of passionfruit, berry and papaya.  As the hop profile closes with an interesting pop of peach candies, the malts then interject with a slight thread of balancing sweetness that is just enough to keep the bitterness/hoppiness from completely overwhelming the experience.  Damn, this is good.

Mouthfeel:  This Triple IPA falls on the heavier side of medium in body and has a bright carbonation level that keeps it surprisingly refreshing and easy drinking.  Hoppy bitterness gets unlimited access to the palate, but there is just enough malt backbone to clean up the finish.  For 11.5% ABV, the alcohol is incredibly well hidden and only surfaces with a tinge of heat from time to time.  The aftertaste is an abundance of tropical and citrus fruits.

Final Thoughts:  From top to bottom . . . aroma to flavor . . . look to mouthfeel, Radegast can easily be summed up with one word: “masterful”.  Now that is not a word that we like to throw around, but it absolutely applies here.  For a Triple IPA, this beer has more than enough hop bite to make you feel alive while a ridiculously juicy hop flavor has just as much opportunity to please the taste buds.  Seriously, you will be hard-pressed to find a rival for this hop experience. With that said, the impressive nature of this beer does not stop there.  The aroma is lovely and clean, the massive ABV is muted, the feel is gorgeous, and this enormous IPA somehow remains refreshing.  A lot of the Triple IPAs out there can make a case for themselves having one or maybe two of these attributes, but Radegast can claim them all.  That’s special.  That’s masterful, and that fact makes Radegast the perfect beer for New Realm to send out first to confidently announce, “This is just the beginning.”  Prost!

Field Trip: Media Reception & Beer Launch at New Realm Brewing Company

radegastLast week, we had the pleasure of attending a VIP Media Reception and Beer Launch event at New Realm Brewing Company (Atlanta, Georgia) and we have returned to supply you with a photographic account of our experience at this newly established craft beer institution that is sure to have a huge impact on Atlanta’s beer scene.

Established by Carey Falcone, Bob Powers and IPA whisperer Mitch Steele, New Realm Brewing Company is a 20,000 square-foot facility located on Atlanta’s Beltline.  This game-changing destination brewery houses a 25hl, four vessel brewhouse and 50hl tank farm from Krones Steinecker, a stunning taproom and restaurant, multiple multipurpose rooms that can act as event space or additional seating, several bars, a dedicated growler station, and a rooftop deck featuring a breathtaking view of the Atlanta skyline.  The brewery’s main system will be focused on creating world-class, regular rotation offerings while a pilot system will be dedicated to churning out a regular stream of creative and innovative one-offs and experimental batches.  Helmed by General Manager Don Mioton and Executive Chef Julio Delgado, New Realm’s restaurant “[blends] global flavors and southern techniques” to offer a delicious menu that pairs beautifully with the house beers.  Speaking of those beers, New Realm offerings will span the style spectrum, but you can rest assured that you will see many hop-laden brews from Mitch Steele.

New Realm Brewing Company officially opened to the public on Monday (January 8), but we were lucky enough to get a first look at the facility last week.  Although part of me wishes that we returned home with a notebook full of technical data on the brewery and the beers, it was kind of refreshing to hear that this event was meant to have more of a relaxed, hangout atmosphere rather than that of a formal interview.  When I say refreshing, I mean that more so from the perspective of the New Realm team that was facing an opening week that would be full of photo ops, interviews, and the intense scrutiny of being a new brewery and restaurant in a major U.S. city.  This was the crew’s last chance to take a breath and a moment to celebrate before that coming storm. It was a needed break disguised as a soft opening and media event.

We wanted to respect that, so our conversations with Mitch Steele and everyone else at New Realm were limited to small talk about our personal lives, the beer industry in general, hobbies, and good food.  Although fun for us, we realized that those discussions would not produce interesting copy.  So . . . we adjusted our approach to the event and instead decided to document our experience through photos.  We want you to experience this place through our eyes, and hopefully that will inspire you to visit New Realm, sample the beers, have a meal, take the tour, and experience something truly special.  We hope that you enjoy the gallery and, above all, realize that you need to experience all that can be found in New Realm.  Prost!


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