Good People Brewing Releases Details for El Gordo Day 2017

elgordoOn Saturday, December 9 at 9 a.m. (CST), Good People Brewing Company (Birmingham, Alabama) will hold its second, in-house bottle release for the wildly-popular El Gordo Imperial Stout at a festival-style event playfully dubbed ¡Dia del Gordo! – The Rematch!

Yeah, you read that correctly.  The infamous and super-sized El Gordo Imperial Stout has committed to make another rare appearance on December 9 for its highly-anticipated rematch to last year’s ¡Dia del Gordo!  Back to defend the title it earned in 2015, El Gordo plans to deliver its signature “flavorful smackdown” as a 13.9% ABV Imperial Stout that “[dominates] the senses without overwhelming the palette.” Oh, and we almost forgot to mention that he’s bringing friends to this party – a.k.a. variants and vintages that date back to 2014.

¡Dia del Gordo! – The Rematch! will be held at Good People Brewing Company and act as the exclusive bottle release event for El Gordo in 2017. You best believe that many will show up on December 9 to witness the power, grace and mystery of El Gordo, so let’s break this thing down to ensure that you have all the details needed to prepare for this glorious spectacle:

The Basics

  • What – ¡Dia del Gordo! – The Rematch! / El Gordo Imperial Stout Bottle Release Event
  • When – Saturday, December 9 at 9 a.m.
  • Where – Good People Brewing Company (114 14th St S, Birmingham, Alabama)

The Bottle List

  • 2014 El Gordo Imperial Stout – $25 per 22 oz. bottle
  • 2015 El Gordo Imperial Stout – $25 per 750ml bottle
  • 2016 El Gordo Imperial Stout – $25 per 750ml bottle
  • 2016 Barrel Aged El Gordo – $30 per 750ml bottle
  • 2016 Olé Mole El Gordo – $25 per 750ml bottle
  • 2017 El Gordo Imperial Stout – $20 per 750ml bottle
  • 2017 Barrel Aged El Gordo – $25 per 750ml bottle
  • 2017 Olé Mole El Gordo – $20 per 750ml bottle
  • 2017 Fatso Russian Imperial Stout – $20 per 750ml bottle

The Draft List

¡Dia del Gordo! – The Rematch! will also feature a variety of exciting beers pouring on draft throughout the event.  These offerings will be available by full pour or sample.  The official draft list is still being compiled.  We will update this area with that information just as soon as we have it, so stay tuned.

The Ins & Outs

  • Bottle sales will begin at 9 a.m. on Saturday, December 9
  • In an effort to improve upon last year’s experience, the brewery has decided to have a dedicated line for bottle sales only this year.  This line will begin at Good People’s side patio, take you through the back of the brewery, and have you exiting through “the garage doors on 2nd Ave with bottles in tow.”  This line will NOT go through the taproom.
  • There will be NO forms to fill out this year.  Once you make it to the bottle selection area, you will grab a box and “move down the line to grab whatever bottles you want.”  You will then pay for your bottles at the end of that line.
  • The legal limit for take-home sales in the state of Alabama is 288 oz. per person per day, and the brewery will be enforcing this limit.  That amounts to roughly a maximum of 11 bottles per person.
  • All bottle sales will be sold on a first come, first served basis
  • The taproom will also open at 9 a.m. so that you can enjoy some tasty offerings on draft.  If you would like a brew while in line for bottles, you will have the ability to grab a beer from the brewery’s “draft trailer, a beer station close to [the] QC lab, and the taproom.”
  • Attendees are encouraged to hang out “to enjoy plenty of El Gordo and other specialties in the taproom after [they are] done buying bottles”
  • Bottles and draft beers can be purchased with either cash or credit cards, and you will be required to present a valid ID to make any purchases at the brewery
  • To make sure you are all covered in the grub department,  Cantina on Wheels will be at the brewery at 9 a.m. to serve up some breakfast burritos and The Hot Tag will be on-site later in the day to take care of the lunch crowd

Alright, that should cover all the information that is available at this time.  We will update this post just as soon as more details surface, so stay tuned.  Until then . . . ¡Viva El Gordo!  Prost!


Cycle Brewing Marks Fourth Anniversary with Four Bottle Releases

Cycle4thCycle Brewing (534 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL) has taken to social media to announce that it will celebrate its Fourth Anniversary with four straight days of rare bottle releases beginning on Tuesday, August 15.

That’s right, Cycle Brewing is going 4 Beers for 4 Years for its Fourth Anniversary celebration, and the folks at the brewery are hitting fans with some mighty fine rarities during these bottle releases that span from Tuesday, August 15 to Friday, August 18.  It’s probably best for us to just skip all the pomp and circumstance, so here’s the full rundown on these featured celebratory beers:

  • 8 a.m. on Tuesday, August 15: Rare DOS 1, Whiskey Barrel-aged Imperial Stout (aged over a year) – $25 per bottle, bottle limit to be determined. Details:Rare DOS 1, this is Rare DOS that was aged over 1 year in the sweltering heat, just like Lost DOS for those who remember, and it was a good year and some of our finest beer that is nothing more than Beer, Barrel and Time.”
  • 8 a.m. on Wednesday, August 16: Hazelnut, Barrel-aged Hazelnut Imperial Stout with Cocoa Nibs – $30 per bottle, bottle limit to be determined. Details: Hazelnut with nibs is actually what we had in the first Hazelnut (black label, brown line hazelnut, the new art is reminiscent of it) and while the first label was printed before we decided to add nibs, we didn’t regret that addition and have created another batch.”
  • 8 a.m. on Thursday, August 17: Rare Noa (a collaboration with Omnipollo), Bourbon Barrel-aged Imperial Stout with Coffee, Cinnamon & Pecan – $30 per bottle, bottle limit to be determined. Details:Rare NOA, the collab with Omnipollo is a mash up of our stout and barrel aging and their adjunct expertise from Noa Pecan Mud Cake, this is a dream for those who want dessert beer – purists can skip this one, it is 100% unabashed adulterated decadence.”
  • 8 a.m. on Friday, August 18: Rare DOS Double Barrel (Sunday 2017), Bourbon Barrel then Cinnamon Vanilla Whiskey Barrel-aged Imperial Stout- $35 per bottle, bottle limit to be determined. Clarifying information on this beer: “Friday is perhaps the most confusing beer label, sorry, it’s accurate but tough to decipher if you don’t follow our beers closely, and probably even if you do. The non barrel aged stout we released on Sunday during TBBW, with coffee and cocoa nibs, was a completely different recipe from Rare DOS as we added a high percentage of Munich malt. Around the brewery we just called it Munich Stout, which is entirely confusing as it’s not a style and it’s not really related to Munich, Germany outside of the name of the malt so we decided not to call it that but then didn’t have a name and so we were left with the first batch we brewed being in barrels and we released the second batch as the Sunday beer. Now it’s “Sunday Stout“, that has been moved from its first barrels into Cinnamon/Vanilla whiskey barrels (whatever those are) and is being released on a Friday. It’s a mess, writing this is even confusing, we failed to clear anything up but damnit if this beer isn’t excellent.”

Quantities for all four beers are limited.  Bottle limits will be based on how many people are in line, and the brewery will establish those limits at the time of each release. This being the case, there is no need to disturb Cycle’s neighbors by forming a line hours before each release. With that said, the brewery does recommend that you arrive by 7:45 a.m. to be considered in the head count. All four of these bottle releases are CASH ONLY while there is a line.  Release times are for bottles only.  These beers will be available on tap at 5 p.m. on their respective release dates.

With just a glance at that list, it becomes quite clear that these bottles will sell out with a quickness.  If you are after one (or all four) of these beers, just make sure you are in line by 7:45 a.m. with cash in hand on the respective day.  Above all else, just remember to respectful of the brewery’s neighbors while in line and be sure to wish the crew at Cycle Brewing a happy anniversary while you are there.  Prost!


Escape Brewing Sets Date for 3 Year Anniversary Party and Bottle Release

EscapePartyOn Saturday, September 23 at 7 p.m., Escape Brewing Company (Trinity, Florida) will officially celebrate its Third Anniversary by hosting a ticketed party and special bottle release featuring three versions of its Bourbon Barrel-aged Seeds of Doubt Russian Imperial Stout.

After John McGregor and Matt Thompson cut their teeth making homebrew in their garages, they decided to leave their jobs in corporate America three years ago to found Escape Brewing Company.  Armed with just the American dream, a 3 BBL brew system, a taproom and limited distribution; Matt, John and their team have since established themselves in the Tampa beer community and endeared themselves to their countless fans and regulars in Trinity.  All the folks at Escape Brewing Company realize that the past three years of success would not have been possible without those fans, so they are going to throw one hell of an Anniversary Party as a thank you.  There are a lot of details to cover when it comes to this shindig, so let’s get to it!

The Basics

What – Escape Brewing Company’s 3 Year Anniversary Party & Bottle Release
When – Saturday, September 23 from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Where – 9945 Trinity Blvd Suite 108, Trinity, Florida

The Beer

Those who attend this event will enjoy unlimited pours of 35+ beers from 10 or more local breweries.  Escape Brewing is currently in the process of compiling the list of guest breweries and featured beers.  We will update you with that information just as soon as we have it.

The Bottle Release

Attendees will also have the opportunity to purchase bottles of Bourbon Barrel-aged Seeds of Doubt Russian Imperial Stout.  The first two versions are as follows:

  • Seeds of Doubt Russian Imperial Stout Barrel Aged in a Knob Creek Barrel – $20 each
  • Seeds of Doubt Russian Imperial Stout Barrel Aged in a Four Roses Barrel – $20 each

The two versions above will have a total bottle limit of six (6) bottles per person.  This limit is aggregate, meaning you could do “4 Knob Creek and 2 Four Roses or 3 Knob Creek and 3 Four Roses or 1 Four Roses and 5 Knob Creek.” Basically, you can mix and match however you wish just as long as your total amounts to 6 or fewer bottles.

There will also be a third version of Bourbon Barrel-aged Seeds of Doubt available during this event, but this one is much more limited in quantity.  Thanks to their friends at Craft Street Kitchen, Escape Brewing got ahold of a hand-selected 13 Year Knob Creek barrel and you know they put some Seeds of Doubt in that bad boy.  Seeds of Doubt Russian Imperial Stout Barrel Aged in a 13 Year Knob Creek Barrel will be available for the cost of $25 each and will have a separate limit of one (1) bottle per person.

Ticket Info

Tickets for Escape Brewing Company’s 3 Year Anniversary Party and Bottle Release are available now for $30 each, and you can secure your tickets by clicking here (maximum purchase per person is two [2] tickets).   Ticket cost grants you admission into the party, a commemorative tasting glass, unlimited pours of featured beers, and the ability to purchase bottles of Barrel-aged Seeds of Doubt Russian Imperial Stout for an additional cost.

There will be no physical tickets issued.  Once you purchase your tickets, your name will be added to a Will Call list.  A proper ID matching the purchaser’s name will be required to claim tickets at Will Call.

This is strictly a 21 and up event, and tickets can only be purchased online.

More details are sure to be released as we get closer to the event, and we will update you with that information here just as soon as we receive it.  Stay tuned.  Prost!

Six Ten Brewing Primes Tampa for 6/10 Day

sixtenlogoOn Saturday, June 10 at 2 p.m., Six Ten Brewing (7052 Benjamin Rd, Tampa, Florida) will recognize 6/10 Day by hosting a 613 Red Velvet White Stout Bottle Release Party featuring a celebration-worthy tap list that will work its way around the Tampa area.

Just as the annual tradition dictates, Six Ten Brewing will celebrate its namesake date of June 10 by treating their fans to a limited edition bottle release and party of epic proportions.  This year’s 6/10 Day Bottle Release will feature 613 Red Velvet White Stout.  Bottles will go on sale at 3 p.m. for $12 each (limit of 2 bottles per person).

In addition to the bottle release, the 6/10 Day festivities will also feature a tap list comprised of the following special release brews:

  • 611 Neapolitan Porter
  • 612 Bourbon Barrel Aged Barleywine
  • 613 Red Velvet White Stout
  • Butterfinger CBGB
  • And many more surprises

The beers above will be available until the kegs kick.  The party goes from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m., and bottles go on sale at 3 p.m.  To ensure that you are able to post up at Six Ten Brewing and make a day of it, Holy Hog Barbecue will also be on-site to satisfy any grubbin’ needs you may encounter.

If you happened to think this 6/10 Day action could possibly be contained to one location, you would be woefully (yet happily) mistaken. Several craft beer establishments in the Tampa area are getting in on the party by also tapping the beers listed above.  The participating locations are as follows:

Whether you end up at Six Ten Brewing or one of the other locations listed above on June 10, just be sure to have a tasty Six Ten brew in hand so that you can be a proper participant in the 6/10 Day festivities.  We hope to see you all out there.  Prost!


Brew Bus Brewing Plans 1st Anniversary Party, Release of Bourbon Barrel-aged Curb Check

BrewBusCurbCheckbottle_editedOn Saturday, April 22 at 11 a.m. Brew Bus Brewing (Tampa, Florida) will celebrate the 1 Year Anniversary of the Terminal with a party and special bottle release of Bourbon Barrel-aged Curb Check Imperial Porter.

To properly recognize and reflect upon one year at their brick and mortar location, Brew Bus Brewing will host an Anniversary Party boasting “a massive bottle release” of Bourbon Barrel-aged Curb Check Imperial Porter and two variants, an insane tap list, delicious food, and plenty of games and good times.  There will be quite a bit going on during this shindig, so let’s break it down to ensure that we cover all of the details:

The Basics

  • What – Brew Bus Brewing 1 Year Anniversary Party & Bourbon Barrel-aged Curb Check Bottle Release
  • When – 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, April 22
  • Where – Brew Bus Brewing (4101 N Florida Ave, Tampa, Florida)

The Bottle Release

During the event, the following three versions of Bourbon Barrel-aged Curb Check Imperial Porter will be available for purchase in 22 oz. bottles:

  • Bourbon Barrel-aged Curb Check Imperial Porter
  • Bourbon Barrel-aged Curb Check w/ Madagascar Vanilla Beans & Cacao Nibs
  • Bourbon Barrel-aged Curb Check w/ Roasted Brazilian Coffee from Buddy Brew Coffee

Bottles will be available for purchase (cash or credit) at a designated area within the Tasting Room.  Bottles are first come, first serve and only available while supplies last. Information regarding bottle limits and pricing per bottle is not yet available, but we will update this post as soon as those details surface.

The Tap List

In addition to the bottle release, attendees of the event will be able to enjoy the following tap list comprised of special offerings from Brew Bus Brewing and Florida Avenue Brewing Co.:

Offerings from Brew Bus Brewing

  • 5 Car Pileup Double IPA (Collaboration with Proof Brewing Co.)
  • Juicy Sloot #2 Double IPA Brewed w/ Simcoe, Mosaic & Citra Hops
  • Green Light Gose
  • Tummy Sticks Gose w/ Pickles
  • Double Decker English-style Porter
  • Upper Decker Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter
  • Torsion Double Nut Brown Ale
  • No Right on Red Imperial Red Ale
  • Imperial Stout
  • Bourbon Barrel-aged Curb Check Imperial Porter
  • Bourbon Barrel-aged Curb Check Imperial Porter with Buddy Brew Coffee
  • Bourbon Barrel-aged Curb Check Imperial Porter with Cacao and Vanilla
  • Kumquat Session IPA
  • Rollin’ Dirty Irish-style Red Ale
  • Last Stop IPA
  • Are Wheat There Yet? Hoppy Wheat Ale
  • You’re My Boy, Blue! Blueberry Wheat Ale
  • Beach Cruiser Peach Mango American Wheat Ale

Offerings from Florida Avenue Brewing Co. 

  • Florida Avenue Berliner Weisse
  • Florida Avenue Cucumber Berliner
  • Florida Avenue Milk Stout
  • Stormin’ Norman Black Lager
  • Passion of the Heights Hibiscus Spiced Wheat Ale
  • Florida Avenue Ale
  • Florida Avenue IPA

Note: In order to minimize wait times in lines, there will be no growler or crowler fills during the event.  Growler and crowler fills will be offered again on Sunday, April 23.

The Food

Chef Max will be serving up a spread of authentic Southern-style BBQ during the Anniversary Party.  BBQ plates can be purchased at the bar.

Payment Details

The 1 Year Anniversary Party is a come-as-you-are event and tickets are not needed to attend.  With that said, a token system will be in place for the purchase of food and draft beer.  Tokens will be available for purchase at a designated area for $5 each.  You will be able to purchase tokens with either cash or credit.  All draft beers will be exchanged for one token and all BBQ plates will be exchanged for two tokens.  This system is an effort to keep lines moving at the bar.  These tokens will be accepted throughout the day (April 22nd) but will not be accepted after the event.

Additional Info

This event is family friendly and will feature cornhole, a putting green and live music from Kasondra Rose (musical entertainment will be available later in the evening).  There will also be a toast raised with attendees “to another great year in Seminole Heights.”

If you are in the Tampa area and have been looking for something to get into on Saturday, everything listed above is more than enough evidence that you cannot go wrong by taking a trip to Seminole Heights for this Anniversary Party.  Mark those calendars now so that you can grab a bottle or three of Bourbon Barrel-aged Curb Check, and raise a glass with the folks of Brew Bus Brewing to a great past year and the many more ahead of them.  Prost!


Escape Brewing Company to Host Seeds of Hope Spring Beer Event

escapeseedsOn Saturday, April 22 at 7 p.m., Escape Brewing Company (9945 Trinity Blvd Suite 108, Trinity, Florida) will host their First Annual Seeds of Hope Imperial IPA Bottle Release and Spring Beer Event.

First brewed and released in 2016 to commemorate Escape Brewing Company’s 100th batch of beer, Batch 100 Imperial IPA is making a triumphant return this April under a new name: Seeds of Hope Imperial IPA.  Since the first release of this beer was incredibly popular with fans of the brewery, it been has decided to make this year’s release of Seeds of Hope Imperial IPA a full-blown bottle release and Spring Beer Event featuring other rare beers from Escape Brewing and 12 other guest breweries.  There are quite a few moving parts when it comes to this event, so let’s break it all down:

The Basics

  • What – Seeds of Hope Imperial IPA Bottle Release & Spring Beer Event
  • When – 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Saturday April 22, 2017
  • Where – Escape Brewing Company Taproom – 9945 Trinity Blvd Suite 108, Trinity, Florida

The Bottle Release

Attendees of this event will have the option to purchase bottles of Seeds of Hope Imperial IPA for $10 per bottle.  There is a four (4) bottle limit per guest and all bottles must be purchased with CASH ONLY. To prevent breakage, purchased bottles will be available for pick up after the event.  There will be no growler fills available for Seeds of Hope Imperial IPA.

The Spring Beer Event

In addition to having Seeds of Hope Imperial IPA flowing on tap, this event will also feature a tap list boasting 18+ offerings from Escape Brewing Company and 12 more beers from local guest breweries.  The list of featured beers and guest breweries is still in the works.  We will update this area as soon as that information is released.

Ticket Information

Tickets for the Seeds of Hope Bottle Release and Spring Beer Event are available now online and can be purchased by clicking here.  Tickets for this event are available in the following tiers:

  • General Admission: $30 (plus fees) – Ticket cost provides you with a commemorative tasting glass, unlimited samples of 30+ beers flowing on tap, and the option to purchase up to four (4) bottles of Seeds of Hope Imperial IPA for $10 each (4 bottle limit per ticket holder)
  • VIP Ticket – $65 (plus fees) – Ticket cost includes four (4) bottles of Seeds of Hope Imperial IPA, early entrance into the event at 6 p.m., a commemorative tasting glass, and unlimited samples of 30+ beers flowing on tap.  VIP Tickets will be limited to 75 tickets

There is a maximum purchase of two (2) tickets per transaction.  Once purchased, you will not have a physical ticket.  Your name will be added to the WILL CALL list and a proper ID matching the WILL CALL name will be needed to access the event.

Although this is a ticketed event, you do not need one to enjoy the beers pouring on draft during the event.  You have the option to attend and pay per pour.  Ticket holders, on the other hand, get to enjoy unlimited samples of all beers available on tap.  So . . . it just makes sense to purchase a ticket.

Other Things to Consider

  • Parking – Although there is a parking lot at this location, parking is limited.  The brewery urges that you carpool, use UBER, take a taxi, ride a bike, etc. so that any issues with parking can be avoided.
  • Food – Escape Brewing Company is working on possibly having a food truck on-site during this event.  If that does not happen, Brick Oven Pizzeria is located next door to the brewery and is always a great option if you find yourself in need of some tasty eats.

More information concerning the Seeds of Hope Imperial IPA Bottle Release & Spring Beer Event will be released soon, and we will of course update this post as soon as we receive any additional details.  Stay tuned and make sure to purchase your tickets soon.  Prost!




Crooked Thumb Brewery Prepares for First Bottle Release

ctlogos_editedOn Friday, January 20 at 4 p.m., Crooked Thumb Brewery (555 10th Ave. S., Safety Harbor, Florida) will host their first ever bottle release event featuring Abbey of the South Trippel and Brett Singel Ale Aged on Plums.

As a way of recognizing Inauguration Day with the brewery’s own inaugural event, Crooked Thumb Brewery has officially announced that they will introduce the following two packaged offerings from their Abbey of the South lineup of Belgian Ales on January 20:

  • Abbey of the South Trippel: $8 per bottle- A tasting room favorite with a limited release in bottles. This strong Belgian Ale is comprised of Pilsner and wheat malts and flaked oats for a full rich mouthfeel. Noble hop aromatics prevail with esters of orange rind, clove, banana and apricot. Becomes more complex as it warms.  ABV – 10%
  • Brett Singel Ale Aged on Plums: $9 per bottle – With faint aromas of pear, plum and clove that give way to an array of flavors from the yeast’s early presence. This release finds the addition of plums resulting in a second fermentation with hints of ripe fruit.  ABV – 6%

Bottles of Abbey of the South Trippel and Brett Singel Ale Aged on Plums will be available for purchase exclusively at the brewery on Friday, January 20.  Details on cost per bottle, bottle limits and exact bottle size have yet to be released, but we will update you with that information just as soon as Crooked Thumb provides it.  Stay tuned.  Prost!