Jester King Brewery Introduces No Whalez Here

Image Credit: jstuffings

Jester King Brewery (Austin, Texas) announced today that it will officially begin the release of No Whalez Here Farmhouse Witbier on Friday, October 20.

No Whalez Here is a Farmhouse-style Witbier that was “brewed on June 12, 2017 with Hill Country well water, White Horn pilsner malt from Blacklands, malted wheat, raw wheat, flaked wheat, Carafoam malt, rolled oats,” and an undisclosed hop bill.  To give the beer a distinctive Witbier essence, the brewers went local by adding “Texas coriander, house-dried Texas tangerines, and hand-harvested lavender from the flower beds in front of the brewery.” This brew was then finished off by being “fermented in a horizontal stainless steel tank with [a] mixed culture of brewers yeast, native yeast, and native bacteria.”

No Whalez Here will officially debut in Jester King’s Tasting Room on Friday, October 20 at 4 p.m.  The brewery has about 2,300 bottles of this offering available, and it is expected that “a portion of the batch” will be distributed.  If you live in an area that typically sees Jester King offerings on shelves (looking at you, Florida), keep an eye out for this one to possibly turn up at your favorite craft beer spot.  Prost!

Vital Information for No Whalez Here from Jester King Brewery

Release – Limited, launches October 20, 2017
Style – Farmhouse Ale/Witbier
ABV – 6.8%
IBUs – 31
Grains – White Horn Pilsner Malt from Blacklands, Malted Wheat, Raw Wheat, Flaked Wheat, Carafoam Malt & Rolled Oats
Added Ingredients – Texas coriander, Texas tangerines & Texas lavender 
Fermentation – Mixed culture of brewers yeast, native yeast & native bacteria
Availability – 750ml bottles
Bottle Count – 2,300 bottles (+/-)



Jester King Brewery Introduces 2016 Autumnal Dichotomous

Photo Credits – jstuffings/Jester King Brewery

Jester King Brewery (Austin, Texas) has officially announced that it will begin the limited release of 2016 Autumnal Dichotomous on Friday, September 1.

Since it was originally brewed on November 8, 2016 and packaged on January 24, 2017; it is by pure coincidence that Jester King’s “pumpkin beer” happens to be ready just as Pumpkin Beer season hits its stride.  2016 Autumnal Dichotomous is a Farmhouse Ale that has been brewed with grilled pumpkin, fig leaves that were picked “off of the fig tree growing beside the brewery”, and wood sorrel and horehound that was “foraged . . . at Jester King.”  Fermented with the brewery’s “mixed culture of brewers yeast and native yeast and bacteria”, 2016 Autumnal Dichotomous underwent “a very long refermentation in bottles and kegs, and went through a number of different phases.”  Always at the mercy of each beer’s unique fermentation process, the brewers at Jester King patiently tracked the beer’s progress and determined that 2016 Autumnal Dichotomous was finally ready for release in late summer of 2017.

With about 3,900 bottles (750ml) available, 2016 Autumnal Dichotomous officially begins its release at 4 p.m. on Friday, September 1 in Jester King Brewery’s Tasting Room ($14 per bottle, no bottle limit). This Limited Release offering will also see distribution to select craft beer establishments found within Jester King’s distribution network.  This could possibly mean good things for Farmhouse Ale fans in Alabama and Florida, but there are no guarantees when you consider the limited number of bottles and the fact that Jester King has not released detailed plans for distribution.  Just keep those eyes open and grab a bottle of 2016 Autumnal Dichotomous if you happen to run across one.  Prost!

Vital Information for 2016 Autumnal Dichotomous from Jester King Brewery

Release – Limited, September 2017
Style – Farmhouse Ale
Brew Date – November 8, 2016
Packaging Date – January 24, 2017
ABV – 5.3%
IBUs – 37
Added Ingredients – Grilled pumpkin, fig leaves, wood sorrel & horehound
Availability – 750ml bottles (about 3,900 bottles produced)



Jester King Brewery and The Kernel Brewery Collaborate on Colonel Toby Farmhouse Ale

1451_editedJester King Brewery (Austin, Texas) has officially announced the release of Colonel Toby, A Hoppy Little Farmhouse Ale brewed in collaboration with The Kernel Brewery (London, England).

The Kernel Brewery of London and Head Brewer Toby Munn have long been known for their “commitment to balance, simplicity, and restraint when it comes to brewing.” Being admirers of such an approach to the craft, Jester King Brewery invited Munn to Texas so that they could create a collaboration beer that properly pays respect to this brewing philosophy.  On October 24, 2016, this international team of brewers developed Colonel Toby with a recipe comprised of “Hill Country well water, 93% Crisp Maris Otter, 7% rolled oats, and Cascade hops.”  This Farmhouse Ale was then fermented on stainless steel with a “mixed culture of brewers yeast and native yeast and bacteria.”  Finally, Colonel Toby was dry-hopped with Citra and Centennial hops to result in “a hoppy, simple little farmhouse ale (3.4% ABV), that . . . is great for casually enjoying with friends and family.”

Colonel Toby officially released in 750 ml bottles at Jester King Brewery on Friday, April 28th.  This limited release offering will also be available at select fine beer establishments located in Alabama, Florida, Texas and within the rest of Jester King Brewery’s distribution area.  Only about 6,500 bottles of Colonel Toby are available, so be sure to snag yourself a bottle if you are lucky enough to happen across one.  Prost!

Vital Information for Colonel Toby from Jester King Brewery & The Kernel Brewery

Release – Limited/Collaboration, late-April 2017
Style – Farmhouse Ale
ABV – 3.4%
IBUs – 56
Malts – 93% Crisp Maris Otter, 7% Rolled Oats
Hops – Cascade, dry-hopped with Citra & Centennial 
Availability – 750 ml bottles


TBBW: Bring on the Funk! A Celebration of American Wild Ales at Independent Bar

Indie_Welcome_1_400x400On Thursday, March 9 from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m., The Independent Bar and Cafe – Tampa (5016 N Florida Ave, Tampa, Florida) will host Bring on the Funk!, a Tampa Bay Beer Week celebration of American Wild Ales featuring Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project (Denver, Colorado), Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales (Dexter, Michigan) and Jester King Brewery (Austin, Texas).

To make their mark on Tampa Bay Beer Week (TBBW), The Independent Bar and Cafe – Tampa will Bring on the Funk! on March 9 by venturing into the amazing world of American Wild/Sour Ales.  Attendees of this event will experience a ridiculously awesome lineup of brews from three award-winning and incredibly respected brewers of Wild Ales: Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project, Jester King Brewery and Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales. Featured beers to be flowing at this event are as follows:

Featured Beers Pouring on Draft

  • Crooked Stave Petite Sour Blueberry
  • Crooked Stave L’Brett D’Apricot
  • Crooked Stave Persica
  • Crooked Stave St. Bretta
  • Jolly Pumpkin Gratzer
  • Jolly Pumpkin Bam Biere
  • Jolly Pumpkin La Roja du Kriek

Featured Beers Pouring from Bottles

During this event, the Independent will be offering sample size pours of both the draft and bottled Wild Ales of the night.  As an added bonus, representatives from each brewery will be on hand to hang out, raise a glass, and talk to you about the beer in your hand.

In all honesty, you are going to be hard-pressed to find this many world-class Wild/Sour Ales pouring at one event again.  Take advantage of this open invitation (this event does not require a ticket), free up your calendar on Thursday, and head over to the Independent to take part in this can’t-miss TBBW event.  Prost!

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Jester King Brewery to Release Bière de Blanc du Bois

jkblanc_editedOn Friday, January 6 at 4 p.m., Jester King Brewery (Austin, Texas) will release their 2016 vintage of Bière de Blanc du Bois- Barrel-Aged Beer Refermented with Blanc du Bois Grapes.

Officially returning for its third batch, Bière de Blanc du Bois is a true embodiment of Jester King Brewery’s unwavering commitment to create Farmhouse-style Ales with mixed fermentation techniques and local agriculture.  This brew begins as a blend of barrel-aged sour beer that has been fermented with a “mixed culture of native yeast and bacteria.”  Once the proper blend has been achieved, the beer is then refermented with Texas-grown Blanc du Bois grapes.  This lengthy process results in a unique offering that is a study in both Farmhouse brewing and ancient Georgian winemaking.

Due to the limited number of bottles (about 1,800 total), Bière de Blanc du Bois will only be available for purchase in Jester King’s Tasting Room beginning on January 6.  These 500ml bottles will be $20 each and there will be a bottle limit of two bottles per person per day.  There is an outside chance that Bière de Blanc du Bois may turn up at a handful of special events, but your only confirmed shot at this brew is at the brewery itself.  If Sour/Wild Ales are your thing and this beer is speaking to you, you need to either hit up your favorite travel website now for a last-minute deal – Austin is awesome any time of year – or make some good friends in Texas.  Prost!

Vital Information for Bière de Blanc du Bois from Jester King Brewery

Release – Limited/Brewery only, January 6, 2017
Style – American Wild Ale
ABV – 6.0%
Malts – Pilsner Malt, Wheat Malt
Hops – Golding
Fermentation – Farmhouse Yeast, Native Yeast and Souring Bacteria from the Texas Hill Country
Added Ingredients – Blanc du Bois Grapes
Treatment – Refermented in oak barrels
Availability – Brewery only, 500ml bottles for $20 each (limit of 2 per person per day) or by the glass