Creature Comforts Brewing & Jester King Brewery Re-Release Mutualism Farmhouse Lager

CCBC_MutualismStillWeb-8648Creature Comforts Brewing Co. (Athens, Georgia) has officially announced that it will begin the Limited Release of Mutualism, a Southern-style Farmhouse Lager brewed in collaboration with Jester King Brewery (Austin, Texas), on May 11.

First released back in July 2016, Mutualism starts with a base Pilsner “brewed using local wheat and grits from Georgia-based DaySpring Farms.”  It then picks up its “Farmhouse” designation when finished with “a secondary fermentation with a blend of both Creature Comforts’ and Jester King’s house-mixed cultures of yeast and bacteria.  The beer was then bottle conditioned for five months.”  Coming in at an easy-drinking 6% ABV, Mutualism is described by both breweries as being “dry, round, and defined.”

“We feel that this beer is a beautiful balance of our two breweries,” said Blake Tyers, Wood Cellar and Specialty Brand Manager at Creature Comforts Brewing Co. “Our work together, and our house cultures working together created a mutually beneficial relationship revealed in the beauty of this beer.”

750ml bottles of Mutualism will officially release in the Tasting Room at Creature Comforts Brewing Co. on Thursday, May 11.  This Limited Release offering is not expected to see distribution.  Prost!

Vital Information for Mutualism from Creature Comforts Brewing Co. & Jester King Brewery

Release – Limited; May 11, 2019
Style – Farmhouse Lager
ABV – 6%
Featured Ingredients – Local wheat and grits from Georgia-based DaySpring Farms
Fermentation – Mutualism underwent a secondary fermentation with a blend of both Creature Comforts’ and Jester King’s house-mixed cultures of yeast & bacteria
Fun Fact #1 – On the Mutualism project: “Creature Comforts and Jester King first released the collaborative brew in July 2016. The breweries bonded over a strong admiration for beers that represent a time and place, which inspired the blending of the two house cultures as well as the use of local grits, a staple in Southern homes.”
Fun Fact #2 – On the label artwork: “Creature Comforts resident artist, Melissa Merrill, designed the label art for Mutualism. The label depicts both breweries’ logos as one cohesive unit, representative of the symbiotic qualities of the beer. Inspired by the collaborative brew, Merrill painted the original artwork for the label with a watercolor medium derived from the two breweries’ combined house-mixed cultures.”
Availability – 750ml bottles
Distribution – None. Tasting Room-only release at Creature Comforts Brewing Co.



Garage Brewing Co. and Pink Boots Society Collaborate on Hop ‘N Boots Red IPL

HOPNBOOTSGarage Brewing Co. (Temecula, California) has officially announced that it will release Hop ‘N Boots, a limited-edition Red India Pale Lager brewed in collaboration with and support of the Pink Boots Society and women in the brewing industry, on April 19.

Crafted at Garage Brewing Co. by “a group of several women involved in the craft beer industry” on Pink Boots Society’s 2019 Collaboration Brew Day and in conjunction with International Women’s Day, Hop ‘N Boots is a Red India Pale Lager brewed with “Yakima
Chief’s Pink Boots blend featuring Loral, Glacier, Mosaic, Simcoe and Sabro hops.”  Coming in at 6% ABV, the “clean, straightforward and super drinkable” Hop ‘N Boots promises to supply its drinker with a sensory experience filled with “tropical fruit and dank notes.”

“Girls rock! How important is it to have women in the craft beer industry? Extremely important,” Laura Ulrich, Pink Boots Society’s president said via email. “We want diversity in our beer and we also want it in our business. We have great palates, amazing beer knowledge and we make some really great beer.”


“I love how we all come from different paths which means we all bring something different to the brewing process,” said Maurine Frey, Garage Brewing Co.’s microbiologist and project lead on Hop ‘N Boots. “Relationships and friendships are formed with people we might not have met.”

Hop ‘N Boots is a draft-only offering that will officially release in Garage Brewing Co.’s brewpub/taproom and at various bars and restaurants throughout Southern California beginning on Friday, April 19.  To further support the Pink Boots Society’s mission, Garage Brewing Co. “will donate 50 percent of proceeds of on-premise sales of Hop ‘N Boots to Pink Boots Society.  At Garage Brewing’s brewpub in Old Town Temecula, pints of this brew will be specially priced at $5 per pint with 50 percent of proceeds donated to Pink Boots Society.” Prost!

Vital Information for Hop ‘N Boots from Garage Brewing Co. & Pink Boots Society

Release – Limited; April 19, 2019
Style – India Pale Lager
ABV – 6%
Featured Hops – Yakima Chief’s Pink Boots Blend featuring Loral, Glacier, Mosaic, Simcoe & Sabro hops
Fun Fact – “Pink Boots Society’s mission is to assist, inspire and encourage women beer industryprofessionals to advance their careers through education and Garage Brewing Co. wholeheartedly supports that mission!”
Availability – Draft only
Distribution – Southern California

Pink Boots
The brewing team behind Hop ‘N Boots

Harpoon Brewery Introduces Dunkin’ Summer Coffee Pale Ale

HarpoonDunkinSummerPApourHarpoon Brewery (Boston, Massachusetts) has officially announced that it has once again partnered with Dunkin’ (Canton, Massachusetts) to create a new coffee-inspired craft brew – Harpoon Dunkin’ Summer Coffee Pale Ale – meant for warm weather sippin’.

Crafted to be a “hoppy tribute to Dunkin’s signature Iced Coffee“, Harpoon Dunkin’ Summer Coffee Pale Ale is an American Pale Ale that has been infused with Dunkin’s Original Blend Coffee.  Coming in at a light and easy-drinking 5% ABV, the “bright, summery” Harpoon Dunkin’ Summer Coffee Pale Ale is best enjoyed “at the end of any sunny day or seasonal celebration.”

According to Tony Weisman, Dunkin’ U.S. Chief Marketing Officer, “The classic tastes of Dunkin’ coffee and Harpoon craft beer make for such an irresistible combination, it was inevitable we’d collaborate again. We saw so much excitement and passion for our partnership last fall, and we’re thrilled to delight our fans who start their day with Dunkin’ coffee and end it by enjoying one of Harpoon’s famous craft beers once more with the introduction of new Summer Coffee Pale Ale.”


“I just depleted the last of my private stash of Harpoon Dunkin’ Coffee Porter the other day, so, selfishly, the timing on this launch couldn’t be better,” said Dan Kenary, Harpoon’s Co-Founder and CEO. “We ended last year’s baseball season with the intro of Harpoon Dunkin’ Coffee Porter, and we’re excited to begin this season with the release of our Summer Coffee Pale Ale. Most importantly, it’s a delicious beer – hoppy and vibrant with a nice coffee character. We’re thrilled to partner with an icon like Dunkin’ again.”

Harpoon Dunkin’ Summer Coffee Pale Ale is rolling out now and is scheduled to stick around throughout the summer months.  You can expect to find this Limited-Edition offering available in 12 oz. cans and on draft at select craft beer-focused establishments located within Harpoon’s distribution footprint in the Eastern U.S.  Prost!

Vital Information for Harpoon Dunkin’ Summer Coffee Pale Ale from Harpoon Brewery & Dunkin’

Release – Limited, launching April 2019
Style – American Pale Ale
ABV – 5%
Added Ingredients – Dunkin’s Original Blend Coffee
Fun Fact – “Harpoon Dunkin’ Summer Coffee Pale Ale marks the second craft beer created in partnership between these two iconic American beverage brands. Last October, Dunkin’ and Harpoon Brewery came together to toast the start of fall by introducing Harpoon Dunkin’ Coffee Porter. It proved to be extremely popular among both beer enthusiasts and the brands’ fans alike, with millions of pints served within the regional brewery’s distribution footprint.”
Suggested Food Pairings – “Pairs perfectly with delicious summer favorites like coffee rubbed brisket, chipotle chicken tacos, Dunkin’ coffee rolls, and outdoor brunch.”
Availability – 12 oz. cans & draft
Distribution – Eastern U.S.
Beer Finder –


Hi-Wire Brewing & Oskar Blues Collaborate on Haze-Sesh IPA

HiWireOskarBlues.pngHi-Wire Brewing (Asheville, North Carolina) has officially announced that it will begin the Limited Release of Haze-Sesh, a special collaboration project with Oskar Blues Brewery (Longmont, Colorado | Brevard, North Carolina), on Friday, April 19.

Inspired by the craft beer community’s current “haze craze”, Haze-Sesh is a Hazy Session India Pale Ale double dry-hopped with Cashmere and Wataku hops.  This hop bill lends the beer “notes of lemon-lime, tropical fruit, and melon from the Wataku [while] Cashmere hops give this crushable beer a bright and juicy citrus punch.”  Coming in at just 4.9% ABV, Haze-Sesh is the perfect beer to help you ease into the warmer temperatures of spring.

Haze-Sesh releases on April 19 and will hang around as long as supplies last.  You can expect to find this Limited Release offering available in 4-packs of 16 oz. cans at select craft beer establishments located within Hi-Wire’s distribution footprint.  Prost!

Vital Information for Haze-Sesh Hazy Session IPA from Hi-Wire Brewing & Oskar Blues Brewery

Release – Limited; April 19, 2019
Style – Session India Pale Ale
ABV – 4.9%
Featured Hops – Cashmere & Wataku
Availability – 4-packs of 16 oz. cans
Distribution – North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee & Ohio

Lagunitas Brewing Company & Moonlight Brewing Collaborate, Reveal Secret Agenda

Lagunitas_SecretAgenda_195x519Lagunitas Brewing Company (Petaluma, California) has officially released Secret Agenda, a Pale Bock Beer brewed in Joint Session with Moonlight Brewing (Santa Rosa, California), as the brewery’s latest Limited Release offering.

Carefully crafted by the folks at Lagunitas and Moonlight to satisfy “the unique thirsts of Springtime”, Secret Agenda is a Pale Bock Beer that brings “each [brewery’s] time-tested secrets to the table.”  Weighing in at 7.1% ABV and 46 IBUs, Secret Agenda comes together to offer its drinker “something neither [brewery] could do alone.”

Secret Agenda is rolling out now and will hang around as long as supplies last.  You can expect to find this One Hitter release available in 6-packs of 12 oz. bottles and on draft at select craft beer-friendly establishments located in Alabama, Florida, California, Illinois, Washington and throughout the rest of Lagunitas Brewing Company’s distribution network.  Prost!

Vital Information for Secret Agenda from Lagunitas Brewing Company & Moonlight Brewing

Release – Limited/One Hitter Series, March 2019
Style – Pale Bock
ABV – 7.1%
IBUs – 46
Availability – 6-packs of 12 oz. bottles & draft
Beer Finder –

Highland Brewing Company Brews 25th Anniversary Rustic IPA with Sierra Nevada

HBC_16oz_CanMockupHighland Brewing Company (Asheville, North Carolina) officially announced that it is brewing a new collaboration brew – Rustic IPA – today alongside Sierra Nevada Brewing Company (Chico, California | Mills River, North Carolina) and independent, family-owned hop and malt suppliers including Riverbend Malthouse, Briess Malting, Crosby Hop Farms, Roy Farms, and CLS Farms.

Brewed by Highland Brewing and Sierra Nevada – two multi-generational, independent craft breweries – with malt and hops exclusively sourced from independent, family-owned suppliers, Highland’s Rustic IPA 25th Anniversary Ale is a Hazy India Pale Ale featuring “experimental hops like Motueka, Zappa, Azacca, and Strata that lend notes of tropical fruit and lemongrass to the brew.”  A “hazy malt bill featuring flaked oats, rye, pilsner malt, and wheat” rounds out the recipe and further accentuates the beer’s “fruity hop character.”  Coming in at 5.8% ABV and 45 IBUs, Rustic IPA promises to be “a balanced showcase for the best of innovation and tradition from each of the collaborators.”

Brian Grossman, Family-Owner and Second-Generation Brewer for Sierra Nevada in Mills River, said, “When Sierra Nevada chose to build our second brewery in Asheville, Highland welcomed us with open arms. Being multigenerational, family-owned companies, we share similar values and experiences. We were proud to collaborate with our friends to brew a special beer to celebrate their 25th anniversary. “


“Good businesses are built on relationships and we genuinely enjoy and are proud of our relationships with Sierra Nevada and these suppliers,” said Family-Owner and President of Highland Brewing, Leah Ashburn. “Brian and I are in a small group of second-generation family leaders in craft beer and we intend to build a sustainable future for both our breweries. This collaboration beer celebrates that future.”

Rustic IPA will debut at Highland Brewing Company’s two-day anniversary festivities on May 3-4 and limited distribution is scheduled to follow the on-site release.  You can expect to find this special collaboration available in 4-packs of 16 oz. cans and on draft at select craft beer-focused establishments located in North Carolina, Tennessee, and South Carolina.  Prost!

Vital Information for Rustic IPA from Highland Brewing Company & Sierra Nevada 

Release – Limited, May 2019
Style – Hazy India Pale Ale
ABV – 5.8%
IBUs – 45
Hops – Motueka, Zappa, Azacca & Strata
Grains – Flaked Oats, Rye, Pilsner Malt & Wheat
Featured Malt & Hop Suppliers – Riverbend Malthouse, Briess Malting, Crosby Hop Farms, Roy Farms & CLS Farms
Availability – 4-packs of 16 oz. cans & draft
Distribution – Limited; North Carolina, Tennessee & South Carolina only

On the morning on March 19, representatives from Highland Brewing Company, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Riverbend Malthouse, Briess Malting, Crosby Hop Farms, Roy Farms, and CLS Farms gathered at Highland Brewing Company to mash in the brewery’s 25th Anniversary Ale – Rustic IPA.  Photo Credit: Highland Brewing

Cascade Brewing and Beachwood Blendery Collaborate on Tropical Embers

cascadelogoCascade Brewing (Portland, Oregon) has officially announced that it will begin the Limited Release of Tropical Embers, a new collaboration with Beachwood Blendery (Long Beach, California), on March 15.

Inspired by “Beachwood’s reputation for renowned BBQ”, Tropical Embers (7.3% ABV) is a blended Sour Wheat Ale brewed with smoked malt and “aged in oak barrels for up to 18 months with additions of whole pineapple and mango.” The final blend of this “limited collaboration project offers a unique combination of wood smoke aroma and tropical fruit flavor.”

Tropical Embers will hit Cascade’s two Portland pubs on March 15 and is expected to enter distribution at or around that date as well.  You can find this Tier One offering available in 500ml bottles and on draft at select craft beer-focused retailers, bars and restaurants located in Alabama, Florida, Oregon and throughout the rest of Cascade Brewing’s distribution footprint.  Prost!

Vital Information for Tropical Embers from Cascade Brewing & Beachwood Blendery 

Release – Limited/Tier One; March 15, 2019
Style – American Sour Ale
ABV – 7.3%
Treatment – A blended Sour Wheat Ale brewed with smoked malt and aged in oak barrels for up to 18 months with additions of whole pineapple & mango
Fun Fact – Tropical Embers is a Tier One offering; “Cascade’s bottles have distinct label styles for each of the three Cascade Brewing pricing tiers, with each label within the tier utilizing distinctive colors to clearly differentiate each beer. The tiers differ by the style of beer used in the product, the type ingredients contained within, the time aged in the barrels and types of barrels used.”
Availability – 500ml bottles & draft

Hi-Wire Brewing Releases 2019 Collaboration 12-Pack

Hi-Wire-BrewingHi-Wire Brewing (Asheville, North Carolina) has officially announced that it will release the 2019 edition of its always popular Collaboration Mixed 12-Pack in mid-January.

Back for its third straight year, the Collaboration Mixed 12-Pack is a project that attempts to “connect the dots between some of [Hi-Wire’s] favorite breweries and their fans while creating beers that blend the different styles and philosophies of each brewery.”  The packaging for each collaboration beer features “a vintage ‘spray paint’ can inspired design which represents the kaleidoscope of ideas and recipes created within the collaborations.”

This year’s collaborations are as follows (official descriptions sourced from Hi-Wire Brewing’s press release):

  • Hoppy Pilsner | Collaboration with Rhinegeist Brewery – A common thread among our collaboration 12-pack for 2019 is the ‘beer first’ philosophy of the participating breweries. Rhinegeist Brewery out of Cincinnati, Ohio stays true to this sentiment by creating solid, drinkable beers and brewing a lot of them. For this classic Hoppy Pilsner we used triticale malt from Epiphany Craft Malt here in North Carolina. The hybrid of wheat and rye in this malt varietal imparts a pleasant mouthfeel and grainy backbone to let the tropical citrus, passionfruit and pine notes from Vic Secret, Montueka, and Ella hops shine.  (5.5% ABV)
  • Blonde Brunch Stout | Collaboration with Revelry Brewing Co. – Revelry Brewing likes to play with creative ingredients and recipes at their brewery in Charleston, South Carolina. With this collab our objective was simple: create a brunch-worthy stout without utilizing darker stout malts with an ABV low enough to take you from breakfast well into the late afternoon. Cacao nibs lends notes of roasty chocolate, fresh vanilla creates a creamy mouthfeel, while naturally processed Monte Crisol Costa Rican coffee from Asheville’s High Noon Coffee Roasters adds a soothing and distinct coffee character with notes of blueberry and lemon. (4.8% ABV)
  • No Coast IPA | Collaboration with Monday Night Brewing – Our collaboration with Monday Night Brewing out of Atlanta, Georgia represents the melding of two IPA worlds and we think that’s a good thing, probably. No Coast IPA is brimming with stone fruit, tangerine zest, and juicy tropical hop character balanced by a creamy mouthfeel. All the while, this hazy straw colored ale pays homage to the piney wheat and bitter character of a classic west coast IPA. It’s not east coast. It’s not west coast. It’s no coast. (6.7% ABV)

The beers above will enter full distribution in mid-January with limited availability in the Collaboration Mixed 12-pack of 12 oz. cans and on draft.  You can expect to find these brews at select craft beer-focused establishments located within Hi-Wire Brewing’s distribution footprint in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio. Prost!

Creature Comforts & Russian River Brewing Company Get Comfortable in 2019

ccbcwrrbcCreature Comforts Brewing Co. (Athens, Georgia) has officially announced that it has partnered with Russian River Brewing Company (Santa Rosa, California) to brew Get Comfortable IPA, a special collaboration beer that will raise funds and awareness for the brewery’s 2019 Get Comfortable campaign.

Established by Creature Comforts in 2015 as a means “of being a good neighbor to those in need”, Get Comfortable is a Year-Round program with a mission “to unify the business community to resource the agencies meeting the community’s most pressing needs.” After conducting “a rigorous vetting process” and seeking direction from “an advisory committee of community stakeholders”, Creature Comforts has “selected nine organizations to highlight throughout the season and receive funding when the program wraps in November 2019.”  The nine nonprofits that will benefit from the 2019 Get Comfortable campaign are as follows: Action Ministries, Advantage Behavioral Health, The Ark, Athens Community Council on Aging, Bigger Vision, Chess & Community, College Factory, Family Connection-Communities in Schools, and Mercy Health Center.

“Get Comfortable aims to align as many partners as possible to make the largest impact that we collectively can. Beyond the more than 40 local businesses participating in this year’s campaign, we are profoundly honored to welcome a new partner this year in Russian River Brewing Company. Headquartered across the country in Sonoma County, they obviously operate beyond the borders of Athens-Clarke, but they are absolutely a part of our craft beer community,” said Director of Community & Culture, Matt Stevens.


“Given our desire to transition the Get Comfortable release into an annual collaboration, and specifically our aim to leverage this program to intersect with other craft breweries famous for their philanthropic work, Russian River was an obvious choice to inaugurate this new direction. Whether it’s their annual Framboise for a Cure release, past participation in Ales for ALS, or most recently, their rallying the craft beer world around the Sonoma Pride project in the wake of last year’s California wildfires, they remain an industry leader both in the quality of their product and the reputation of their charity.”

To draw more attention to the campaign in 2019 and in years moving forward, the Get Comfortable program “will begin partnering with another brewery each year to release a collaborative beer to generate funds for the campaign.”  Russian River Brewing Company has partnered with Creature Comforts for the 2019 campaign, and the two breweries collaborated to brew Get Comfortable IPA – an India Pale Ale featuring Strata, Amarillo, Comet, and Pahto hops.

“When Russian River put a call out to our friends in the craft beer industry last year to raise money for the victims of the 2017 Sonoma County fires, Creature Comforts came forward to help support the cause. It was pretty early on in our recruiting, so naturally I was blown away that a brewery all the way from Athens, Georgia would help out,” said Russian River Owner & Brewer Vinnie Cilurzo.
“Fast forward to the 2018 Firestone Walker Invitational, Adam and I were having a beer and discussing beer and business and he told me about the Get Comfortable campaign Creature Comforts was doing. When Adam asked if we’d like to brew a beer together to help raise money for local charities in Athens, it was an easy yes. At Russian River, we look at giving back to our community as a part of our business model, so it is great to connect with others in the beer industry like Creature Comforts who have the same values.”

The 2019 Get Comfortable campaign and Get Comfortable IPA – available throughout the campaign on draft and in 4-packs of 16 oz. cans – will both launch on Wednesday, February 6 in the Tasting Room at Creature Comforts.  This event will kick off “a pronounced season of emphasis taking place February 6 through April 10, during which the brewery will donate 100-percent of its Wednesday ‘community day’ profits towards the Get Comfortable fund.”  Get Comfortable merchandise, another means of raising funds for the campaign, will also be available during the launch event.  Prost!


Get Comfortable IPA brew day with members of Creature Comforts Brewing Co. and Russian River Brewing Company. 


New Collaboration from Oskar Blues & Cigar City Brewing: Bamburana Double Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout

oskarbluesccbOskar Blues Brewery (Longmont, Colorado) and Cigar City Brewing (Tampa, Florida) have officially announced plans to make Bamburana, an innovative new collaboration beer, available for national distribution in mid-January.

When Wayne Wambles, Brewmaster at Cigar City Brewing, and Tim Matthews, Head of Brewing Operations at Oskar Blues Brewery, put their heads together to develop the recipe for Bamburana, their overall intent was to “craft a brew that would marry the flavors of double-barrel aged imperial stout and Amburana wood, . . . an indigenous South American wood that imparts unique warm and savory flavors and aroma.”  To pull this off, these “two giant craft beer personalities” brewed an Imperial Stout with figs and dates, and then double barrel-aged it in whiskey and brandy barrels.  After a lengthy maturation period in those barrels, the beer was then “aged once more in tanks with Amburana wood spirals.”  Now that its treatment has been deemed complete, Bamburana (12.2% ABV) has risen from its rest boasting “forward-facing roasted malt flavors that branch out against a dark fruit backdrop of figs and dates” while “brandy and whiskey accents make themselves known with complex boozy-and-sweet flavors, complementing the warmth and spice of Amburana wood.”

“We were excited to see the results of infusing Amburana wood into a big, barrel-aged imperial stout,” said Wayne Wambles, Brewmaster at Cigar City Brewing. “We were pleasantly surprised with the vanilla and gingerbread spice nuances this South American wood contributed into the finished beer and look forward to putting this delicious beer in front of folks!”


“We’re both known for barrel-aging big, malty, dark beers,” added Tim Matthews, Head of Brewing Operations at Oskar Blues Brewery. “The culinary goal of this project was to match the flavors of a rich candy cookie with fig filling and gingerbread spice. We spent a bunch of time selecting the right figs and dates to hit exactly the right flavor notes, lend a slight stickiness and cut into the rowdiness of the Amburana wood.”

Bamburana is slated to hit shelves in mid-January 2019 and will hang around as long as supplies last.  You can expect to find this Limited Release available in 4-packs of 12 oz. cans at select craft beer-focused establishments located in Alabama, Florida, Colorado, North Carolina, Texas and throughout the rest of Oskar Blues Brewery’s/CANarchy’s nationwide distribution area.  Prost!

Vital Information for Bamburana from Oskar Blues Brewery & Cigar City Brewing

Release – Limited, mid-January 2019
Style – Imperial Stout
ABV – 12.2%
Added Ingredients – Figs & dates
Treatment – Double barrel-aged – in both whiskey and brandy barrels – and aged once more in tanks with Amburana wood spirals
Fun Fact – Bamburana is the first nationally distributed collaboration between Oskar Blues Brewery & Cigar City Brewing

Availability – 4-packs of 12 oz. cans