Funky Buddha Brewery Establishes The Living Barrel Series

BA_VNikolai_22ozFunky Buddha Brewery (Oakland Park, Florida) recently announced the creation of The Living Barrel Series, a line of specialty barrel-aged beers “with a new, enlightened look.”

To celebrate the growth of their brewery and its barrel-aging program in particular, the folks at Funky Buddha have now designated The Living Barrel Series as their official playground for all things barrel-aged.  These Limited Release brews have been carefully aged in a barrel cellar that currently houses “over five hundred oak casks of all types.”  We are talking about “hundreds of Bourbon barrels filled with everything from imperial stout to double brown ales; saisons aging in Chardonnay casks; and a multitude of unique wine and spirits casks including rum, tequila, and even luscious Cabernet.”

“Like the spiraling growth of a tree’s branches, so too are these beers transformed over time thanks to the maturation exclusively in oak wine and spirits casks. Unlike the ageless timber, these bottles are only available for a limited time.”

The Living Barrel Series will launch in the upcoming months with the release of the following three beers:

  • Rum Barrel-Aged Pina Colada, an Imperial Cream Ale made with real pineapple and coconut and aged in Jamaican rum casks for months. **UPDATE** Release Info: Rum Barrel-aged Piña Colada will be released exclusively in the Funky Buddha Tap Room on Sunday, July 30. 22 oz. bottles will be $20 each. Bottle limits are to be determined. **UPDATE**
  • Vanilla Bourbon Barrel-aged Nikolai Vorlauf – an Imperial Russian Stout aged for nearly two years in Bourbon barrels with whole vanilla beans added to the barrel. **UPDATE** Release Info: Vanilla Bourbon Barrel-aged Nikolai Vorlauf will be released exclusively in the Funky Buddha Tap Room on Sunday, July 30.  22 oz. bottles will be $20 each. Bottle limits are to be determined. **UPDATE**
  • Bourbon Barrel-Aged Dread Pirate Roberts – Powerful and ruthless, this beer takes no prisoners. Barrel-aged Dread Pirate Roberts is a rich and roasty Imperial Stout blended with real raspberry, chocolate, and coconut then aged for months inside bold, Bourbon barrels.



Rum Barrel-Aged Pina Colada and Vanilla Bourbon Barrel-aged Nikolai Vorlauf will be released in the brewery’s tap room (and possibly see distribution throughout Florida as well) sometime between the “end of July and late August.” Bourbon Barrel-Aged Dread Pirate Roberts will be “released exclusively to . . . Imperial Club members in August, with any remaining bottles released to the general public thereafter.”  All three offerings will be available in extremely limited quantities of 22 oz. bottles.

Funky Buddha Brewery already has plans in place to release “2017 iterations of Morning Wood and Last Buffalo in the Park, plus a host of other surprises to come” as future offerings in The Living Barrel Series.  We will be sure to update you with more detailed information on these and any future releases in the series just as soon as we have it.  Stay tuned.  Prost!


Funky Buddha Brewery to Screen Blood, Sweat, and Beer: A Craft Beer Documentary

bloodsweatbeerREDOn Thursday, July 13 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., Funky Buddha Brewery (1201 NE 38th St, Oakland Park, Florida) will treat their fans to a night at the movies by hosting the South Florida Premiere of Blood, Sweat, and Beer: A Craft Beer Documentary.

For this special edition of Funky Flicks, Funky Buddha Brewery will take on the persona of an art film house to present the area premiere of Blood Sweat, and Beer, a documentary that “highlights the explosive growth of the craft beer industry and tells the dramatic story of two breweries as they build towards opening day.”  The complete film synopsis is as follows:

Blood, Sweat, and Beer is a feature documentary about the explosive growth of the craft beer industry and the dramatic journeys of two start-up breweries. The film follows a trio of 23-year-olds as they struggle to start The Brew Gentlemen Beer Company in Braddock, PA. Matt, Asa, and Brandon hope their brewery will help this once-prosperous steel town bounce back from decades of neglect, violence, and population loss. The film also tells the emotional story of Danny Robinson, a boardwalk brewery owner and restaurateur whose empire is threatened by an aggressive trademark lawsuit that could leave him penniless. Four entrepreneurs, two brand new breweries, and one ultimate goal: to quench the thirst of the craft-craving masses.

At the conclusion of the film, founding members of Funky Buddha Brewery will open things up for a Q&A session focused on their experiences of building a brewery from the ground up.

Tickets for this event are available now for the price of $15 each, and you can purchase yours by clicking area.  Ticket cost provides you with “a seat at the screening, one draft beer, and bottomless fresh-popped movie popcorn.”  Tickets are limited, so grab yours while you can to ensure that you are one of the first in Florida to see Blood, Sweat, and Beer.  Prost!


Funky Buddha Brewery Announces Buddha Bash Summer Concert Series

funkybuddhaBeginning on July 5 at 8 p.m., Funky Buddha Brewery (1201 NE 38th Street, Oakland Park, Florida) will pair their craft brews with local tunes every Wednesday this summer by hosting Buddha Bash: A Summer Concert Series.

In an effort to transform their Oakland Park location into a weekday summer destination for craft beer and music fans alike, Funky Buddha Brewery will serve as a venue for Buddha Bash, a showcase of local musical talent, on every Wednesday of summer.  Each show will go for 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., and there will be no cover charge at all.

Buddha Bash will launch on July 5 with “MC1, a one-man Garage Punk band consisting of Joe Koontz of Against All Authority fame, performing live on the front patio.”  We Got the Beats Record Store of Fort Lauderdale will also be in attendance “with an extensive collection of vinyl, selling records and keeping the jams going in between sets.”  Finally, the chefs from Funky Buddha’s Craft Food Counter & Kitchen will be serving up “a pig roast with all the fixins” to ensure that everyone is covered in the grub department during the show.

If you cannot make the kick-off party for Buddha Bash, here is a look at the full lineup of shows scheduled during the month of July:

  • July 5th – MC1, one-man garage punk band led by Joe Koontz of Against All Authority
  • July 12th – SNOWMOON, a female fronted indie rock trio hailing from Miami, FL
  • July 19th – Slow Coast, a Miami based band heavily influenced by Blues, Jazz and Rock n Roll
  • July 26th – The Takers and Leavers, a Ft. Lauderdale based alternative rock and indie band

More shows will be scheduled throughout the summer, and we will do our best to update this post with that information as it is released.

If you are in the Oakland Park/Ft. Lauderdale area and have been looking for something to break up the mid-week monotony, Funky Buddha Brewery certainly has you covered with Buddha Bash.  Be sure to check it out when you can.  Prost!

French Toast Double Brown Ale Returns for Funky Buddha Brewery

FBBFrenchToastartFunky Buddha Brewery (Oakland Park, Florida) has announced that the annual, limited release of French Toast Double Brown Ale will officially begin on Sunday, June 18.

Beer and breakfast collide once again now that Funky Buddha is ready to unleash the 2017 batch of French Toast Double Brown Ale.  Brewed with cinnamon and maple, this Imperial Brown Ale is meant to mimic the experience of sitting down to a plate full of “custardy French toast, infused with cinnamon and vanilla, fresh from the griddle and drizzled with warm maple syrup.”  At 8.8% ABV, French Toast Double Brown Ale is a sweet sipper that gives you one more excuse to enjoy breakfast for dinner.

French Toast Double Brown Ale will officially release in Funky Buddha’s tap room on June 18 at 11:30 a.m. During the release event, 22 oz. bottles will be available for $10 each with a limit of one case per person.  Shortly after the brewery release, French Toast Double Brown Ale will see limited availability in bottles and on draft at select craft beer establishments located within Funky Buddha’s distribution network in Florida.  Prost!

Vital Information for French Toast Double Brown Ale from Funky Buddha Brewery

Release – Limited/Little Buddha Small Batch, June 2017
Style – American Brown Ale 
ABV – 8.8%
IBUs – 35
Added Ingredients – Cinnamon & maple syrup
Availability – 22 oz. bottles & draft
Suggested Food Pairings – “Asiago, Colby, Cheshire, Emmental, and sharp Cheddar or Gouda cheeses; Braised beef shank stew, Grilled flank steak, Roast beef with roast vegetable, Broiled pork tenderloin, Polish Kielbasa sausage, Grilled pork chops with peach chutney, BBQ brisket sandwich, Crème Brûlée with fresh raspberries & blueberries.”
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Funky Buddha Brewery and Jose Cuervo Collaborate on Mexican Coffee Imperial Stout

FBMexicancoffeebottleFunky Buddha Brewery (Oakland Park, Florida) has announced that they have officially partnered with Jose Cuervo Tequila (Jalisco, Mexico) to create Mexican Coffee Imperial Stout, a limited release collaboration aged in tequila barrels.

The master distillers at Jose Cuervo recently reached out to Funky Buddha with a proposal to age a beer of the brewery’s choice in barrels that once held Tradicional 100% Agave Reposado Tequila.  The only catch to this arrangement was that the brewery had to then return to the ale-seasoned barrels to Jose Cuervo so that they could be re-filled with tequila.

Fully on board with the idea, the brewers at Funky Buddha put their heads together and decided to develop a recipe inspired by the cafe Mexicano, a “warm cocktail that combines coffee and cinnamon with a touch of Tequila and usually topped off with sweet cream.”  Funky Buddha mimicked the flavors of this coffee-based libation by brewing “a bold Imperial Stout . . . with oats, lactose, and roasted malts.”  The beer was then blended with coffee and cinnamon before enjoying an “extended vacation” within the provided tequila barrels.

“The idea to brew a Mexican coffee beer came from the former Miami Dolphins punter, Brandon Fields, as we discussed beers that would be great aged in tequila barrels.”

– Ryan Sentz, Head Brewer and CEO at Funky Buddha Brewery

Although the brewery does not yet have an exact release date, we can expect Mexican Coffee Imperial Stout – and the ale cask finished tequila – to arrive “just in time for Cinco De Mayo.” ** UPDATE** Mexican Coffee Imperial Stout will release in the Funky Buddha taproom at 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, April 30.  There will be some delicious Mexican food specials and extended brewery tour hours for the occasion. Hop on for one of the awesome, educational, and most importantly beer filled tours at Noon, 1, 2, 3, 4 p.m.  **UPDATE**  When it is ready for release, the Funky Buddha taproom will have Mexican Coffee Imperial Stout available in 22 oz. bottles for the price of $25 each (limit of four three bottles per customer).  Shortly after the taproom release, this very limited offering will then enter distribution and be available at select craft beer establishments in Florida.  In addition to the bottle release, Funky Buddha will “also be doing some events with Cuervo at cocktail bars around Florida making a special beer cocktail with the Imperial Stout and tequila.”  More information concerning Mexican Coffee Imperial Stout, its release date, and any collaborative events between Funky Buddha and Jose Cuervo will be available soon.  We will update this post with that information just as soon as we have it, so stay tuned.  Prost!

Funky Buddha Brewery’s Last Snow in the Forecast for Late February

lastsnow22ozbottlenew-1Funky Buddha Brewery (Oakland Park, Florida) has officially announced that Last Snow Coconut & Coffee Porter is expected to make its biannual return beginning on Sunday, February 19.

If you happened to read my Tasting Notes on the September release of Last Snow Coconut & Coffee Porter and have been eager to give it a try, your next opportunity is fast approaching as Funky Buddha Brewery prepares to release it once again later this month.  Brewed as a Little Buddha Small Batch release that acts as “an ode to that special time in Florida where the needle dips just south of 75,” Last Snow is a 6.4% ABV American Porter “layered with coconut and freshly-roasted coffee for a taste that recalls a winter wonderland.”

Last Snow Coconut & Coffee Porter will officially release in 22 oz. bottles and on draft in the Funky Buddha taproom on Sunday, February 19.  Shortly after the taproom release, this limited offering will then be distributed to select craft beer establishments throughout the state of Florida.

To add a little variety to your Last Snow experience this time around, Funky Buddha plans to also release two barrel-aged variants of this fan-favorite brew.  Bourbon Barrel-aged Last Snow and Rum Barrel-aged Last Snow will hit the brewery taproom and limited distribution in early March.  Stay tuned for more information on these two.

With each release, Last Snow Coconut & Coffee Porter is guaranteed to disappear from shelves and taps with a quickness.  Be sure to touch base with the folks at your favorite bar/bottle shop, follow their social media accounts for release updates, and just stay vigilant so that you do not miss your chance to lock down a bottle or pour of this delicious Porter when it hits later this month.  Prost!

Vital Information for Last Snow Coconut & Coffee Porter from Funky Buddha Brewery

Release – Limited/Little Buddha Small Batch Series, released biannually in February & September. Next release scheduled to begin on Sunday, February 19
Style – American Porter
ABV – 6.4%
IBUs – 35
Added Ingredients – Coconut & freshly roasted-coffee

Availability – 22 oz. bottles & draft
Suggested Food Pairings – Red Thai coconut curry, stilton cheese, Roquefort, porter-braised beef, fresh Gulf oysters, Texas-style smoked brisket, Kansas City strip-steak with broiled asparagus, corned beef & cabbage with bacon, tres leches cake, black forest cake with coconut ice cream

Funky Buddha Brewery Introduces Pineapple Beach as Newest Year-Round Release

fbpineapplebeachsixer_editedFunky Buddha Brewery (Oakland Park, Florida) recently announced that Pineapple Beach Blonde Ale will be officially joining their Year-Round lineup in February.

As a means of adding depth and balance to their line of Year-Round brews, Funky Buddha has created Pineapple Beach Blonde Ale to be a full-flavored, light-bodied beer “built for a Sunshine state, craft beer-lovin local.”  This goal was achieved thanks to a recipe consisting of Citra hops, Pilsner and Wheat malts, and “just enough real pineapple . . . to capture the tropical vibe without making the beer overly sweet or fruity.”  At just 5% ABV, this crisp and refreshing Blonde Ale proves to be the perfect go-to beer all year long.  Pineapple Beach joins Floridian Hefeweizen, Hop Gun IPA, and Hop Stimulator Double IPA to comprise the full roster of Funky Buddha’s flagship offerings.  The release of Pineapple Beach marks the first new year-round offering from Funky Buddha Brewery since early 2016.

“Pineapple Beach fills a demand that we’re seeing for sessionable beers that appeal to a broad range of craft consumers,” says KC Sentz, co-owner and general manager of Funky Buddha Brewery. “It’s easy-drinking but flavorful, which is exactly what our customers have been asking for.”

As of January 16, limited amounts of Pineapple Beach Blonde Ale are currently available now on draft only.  Following shortly behind, 6-packs of 12 oz. bottles – suggested retail price of $9.99 each – will become available at craft beer retailers throughout Florida beginning on Wednesday, February 1.  If curiosity has gotten the best of you, there is also a chance for “a sneak peek preview of Pineapple Beach at MBCP Draft Day, a draft tour of Maple Bacon Coffee Porter at 200 statewide accounts starting January 26th.”  Whenever you happen to track down your first sip of Pineapple Beach, just be sure to enjoy it as intended: paired with an amazing day in Florida.  Prost!

Vital Information for Pineapple Beach Blonde Ale from Funky Buddha Brewery

Release – Year-Round, draft launches on January 16 and bottles arrive on February 1 
Style – American Blonde Ale
ABV – 5%
IBUs – 20
Hops – Citra
Malts – Pilsner & Wheat
Added Ingredients – Pineapple

Availability – 6-packs of 12 oz. bottles & draft
Beer Finder –
Fun Fact – The bottle artwork for Pineapple Beach was actually based off local Fort Lauderdale beaches

Funky Buddha Brewery Enters December with Plans to Release Three Limited Beers

unnamed-8Funky Buddha Brewery (Oakland Park, Florida) has announced the release of three holiday, craft beer treats during the month of December 2016: Nikolai Vorlauf Imperial Russian StoutI’m So Excited, I’m So Scared Imperial Coffee Stout, and Last Buffalo in the Park.

Leading this month-long barrage of big beers from Funky Buddha is Nikolai Vorlauf.  Brewed with oats and lactose, this classic Russian Imperial Stout rocks a “thick body . . . complemented by plenty of complex chocolate, cocoa, and caramel undertones, before finishing on a balanced roasty note.”  In an effort to take “care of the locals and visiting beer enthusiasts,” this year’s batch of Nikolai Vorlauf will be available for purchase exclusively at Funky Buddha Brewery beginning on Tuesday, December 20.  This offering will be available in 22 oz. bottles for $10 each (6 bottle limit per person) and on draft.

Named after a scene from Saved By the Bell that really showcased the acting range of a young Elizabeth Berkley (click here to experience the awesome), I’m So Excited, I’m So Scared is the “ferociously coffee-d” variant of the brewery’s Imperial Stout and the second limited release to be featured in December.  Fueled by a massive coffee aroma and a shot or two of vanilla, thoughts of this 10% ABV “caffeinated queen” are almost guaranteed to keep you up at night. Once released on Tuesday, December 20, this offering can be purchased at the brewery in 22 oz. bombers for $13 each (6 bottle limit per person) and on draft.  After the official brewery launch, bottles of I’m So Excited, I’m So Scared will see distribution throughout Funky Buddha’s distribution area in Florida.

lastbuffaloFinally, Funky Buddha rounds off an incredibly busy month with the exciting release of Last Buffalo in the Park.  To create “this rare and highly sought after beer” that was originally brewed in collaboration with Delray Beach’s Park Tavern, the folks at Funky Buddha start by brewing an Imperial version of their Last Snow Coconut & Coffee Porter.  For added depth and complexity, the beer is then “aged in Buffalo Trace barrels for months to accentuate the vanilla and coconut notes.”  This very limited, barrel-aged brew will be released in 22 oz. bottles ($25 each, 3 bottle limit per person) on Friday, December 23.  Bottles of Last Buffalo in the Park will also see statewide distribution for the first time shortly after the taproom release.

The release dates for Nikolai Vorlauf, I’m So Excited, I’m So Scared, and Last Buffalo in the Park are just a few days away, so start making those plans now to ensure that you do not miss out on these limited brews.  Prost!

Vital Information for Nikolai Vorlauf Imperial Russian Stout from Funky Buddha Brewery

Release – Limited/Little Buddha Small Batch, December 20, 2016
Style – Russian Imperial Stout
ABV – 10%
IBUs – 45
Availability – Draft & 22 oz. bottles ($10 each, brewery only)

Vital Information for I’m So Excited, I’m So Scared Imperial Coffee Stout from Funky Buddha Brewery

Release – Limited/Little Buddha Small Batch, December 20, 2016
Style – American Imperial Stout 
ABV – 10%
IBUs – 40
Availability – Draft & 22 oz. bottles ($13 each)

Vital Information for Last Buffalo in the Park from Funky Buddha Brewery

Release – Limited/Little Buddha Small Batch, December 23, 2016
Style – Imperial Porter
ABV – 11.5%
IBUs – 40
Treatment – Aged in Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrels
Availability – Draft & 22 oz. bottles ($25 each)



Tasting Notes: Last Snow Coconut & Coffee Porter from Funky Buddha Brewery

lastsnow22ozbottlenewTasting Notes returns to completely obliterate the midweek hump by taking a look at Last Snow Coconut and Coffee Porter from Funky Buddha Brewery (Oakland Park, Florida).

Released twice a year -typically in February and September – as a Little Buddha Small Batch offering, Last Snow is Funky Buddha’s way of book-ending the harsh, sub-70 degree “winters” experienced in Florida.  This “rich, creamy Porter” is brewed with “coconut and freshly-roasted coffee for a taste that recalls a winter wonderland.”  Although packed with flavor, the beer’s surprisingly low 6.4% ABV creates an easy-drinking experience that you can enjoy all season long.  Since Last Snow happens to be one of Funky Buddha’s more popular releases, odds are that bottles from this last release have all been bought up by now.  Hope still remains though.  I have recently seen this brew available on draft at a few beer bars and growler stations around Tampa, and Funky Buddha has it listed as “On Tap Now” at the brewery’s taproom.

Alright, enough talk.  It’s time to open this bomber, pretend drinking this beer is “work” and take down some Tasting Notes!

Tasting Notes for Last Snow Coconut & Coffee Porter from Funky Buddha Brewery

Appearance: Last Snow fills the glass with an incredibly glossy black, completely opaque body.  Held to direct light, the color holds with just a tinge of rusty brown presenting itself at the extreme edges of the liquid.  The beer is too dark to identify a carbonation level.  The pour produced two fingers of light brown foam.  This head is loose and eventually dissipates to allow the beer’s darkness to shine from all angles.

Aroma:  As my nose approaches the glass, I am delighted to be greeted by a spot-on toasted coconut aroma.  This note is rich and downright intoxicating.  Roasted coffee and fine chocolate soon emerge to swirl about and provide an added level of decadence to the coconut.  A slight caramelized brown sugar presence then develops to round off an aromatic profile that is ridiculously reminiscent of German chocolate cake.  Simply amazing.

Taste: The luxurious, rich and flavorful toasted coconut icing you find on German chocolate cake leads the way, but the beer then begins to take on another identity as it opens up.  The coffee assumes a larger role here by providing a hefty dose of beautiful roast and subtle bitterness.  Dark chocolate rides that bitterness out and lays down a bit of sweetness as well. Caramel, toffee and bit of hazelnut finishes the experience off.

Mouthfeel:  Medium bodied with a moderate carbonation level, this Porter proves to be much lighter than you would ever expect.  The beer does cling to the palate a bit, but this is a welcomed characteristic because it allows you to bask in each and every note provided by the flavor experience.  The ABV is surprisingly light and well hidden.  Notes of coconut and coffee linger as the aftertaste.

Final Thoughts:  So . . . yeah, I can easily declare that Last Snow Coconut & Coffee Porter is one of the best flavored Porters I have encountered during my lengthy craft beer journey.  Until now, I have never experienced such a fresh and clean coconut flavor in a finished beer.  Usually there is a bit of a plastic-like, artificial character to the coconut that just can’t seem to be circumvented.  This is not the case here because Funky Buddha obviously figured it out and absolutely nailed it.  The coconut note would be enough to sell me on this brew, but then we have that coffee presence.  Coming across beautifully roasted and high-end, the aromatics and flavors of the chosen coffee are the perfect complement to that coconut.  The final surprise – and possibly the most impressive feat achieved by this offering – is that so much flavor was stuffed into a pretty low ABV Porter.  So many breweries would have pushed this thing to the area of 10% or above without a second thought, but not Funky Buddha.  It is clear that they took their time with Last Snow, laid it down gently in the sweet spot, and effectively killed it with laser-guided precision.  I want more.  Now.  Please?  Prost!


Nib Smuggler Next Up in Seasonal Series from Funky Buddha Brewery

nibsmuggler12ozbottlenewFunky Buddha Brewery (Oakland Park, Florida) recently announced that Nib Smuggler Chocolate Milk Porter will make its official return to shelves and taps on November 27.

Back again as the Winter Seasonal release from Funky Buddha Brewery, Nib Smuggler is a Milk Porter with cocoa nibs and vanilla added.  Not just any cocoa nibs and vanilla though.  We are talking about fragrant Madagascar vanilla beans and “the finest, purest black cocoa straight from the source: the rugged mountains of Brazil, where chocolate is life.”  This combo makes Nib Smuggler Chocolate Milk Porter a rich, decadent and creamy experience that will keep you coming back for more.

Nib Smuggler Chocolate Milk Porter will officially release on November 27 and will be available through February of 2017.  You can get your supply in 4-packs of 12 oz. bottles or on draft wherever you normally find Funky Buddha offerings in Florida.  Be sure to look for this one when it drops later this month and “get cocoa’d up.”  Prost!

Vital Information on Nib Smuggler Chocolate Milk Porter from Funky Buddha Brewery

Release – Seasonal, November 2016 through February 2017
Style – Milk Porter
ABV – 6.3%
IBUs – 35
Availability – 4-packs of 12 oz. bottles & draft
Food Pairings – Beer-braised oxtail, Caribbean pepperpot stew, Gorgonzola Dolce, bison burger with bacon jam, German chocolate cake, spicy pad Thai
Beer Finder –