Cigar City Brewing Introduces Fancy Papers Hazy IPA as Newest Seasonal

Fancy-Papers-Art-Mock-FINALE-copyCigar City Brewing (Tampa, Florida) has officially announced that Fancy Papers Hazy IPA is rolling out now as the brewery’s “first foray into a wide-release Hazy IPA.”

With a name inspired by the “handsome designs printed on fancy papers and applied to cigar boxes . . . to entice cigar lovers,” Fancy Papers is a Hazy/Juicy India Pale Ale that “eschews the bitterness often found in IPAs for a softness on the palate and a tropical hop expression imparted by a generous helping of . . . Sabro, Idaho 7 and Strata hops.”  To round out the recipe, Cigar City Brewing used an “expressive English ale yeast that adds notes of peach and supports the style’s signature cloudiness.” Coming in at just 6.5% ABV and 60 IBUs, Fancy Papers Hazy IPA offers “an invitingly moderate bitterness and a tempered ABV for its style.”

“While we’ve used Sabro, Idaho 7 and Strata hops separately in several small-batch beers, we’ve been blown away by the flavors and aromas we’re getting in Fancy Papers Hazy IPA now that we’ve combined these expressive hops into one beer. The English ale yeast we use to ferment Fancy Papers helps round out the flavor and bitterness of the beer and strikes a great balance between hop expression and drinkability.”


– Sean Sasscer, Cigar City Brewing’s Director of Brewing Operations

Fancy Papers Hazy IPA started rolling out in January and will be available through March 2020.  You can expect to find this new Seasonal offering available in 6-packs of 12 oz. cans and on draft at select craft beer-friendly establishments located in Alabama, Florida and throughout the rest of Cigar City’s 41-state distribution area.  Prost!

Vital Information for Fancy Papers Hazy IPA from Cigar City Brewing

Release – Seasonal; January – March 2020
Style – Hazy/Juicy India Pale Ale
ABV – 6.5%
IBUs – 60
Featured Hops – Strata, Sabro & Idaho 7
Fun Fact – “The ‘fancy papers’ evoked in the beer’s name are the papers used to print the intricate labels found inside the lids of boxes containing the finest cigars rolled in Tampa, Florida’s Ybor City and elsewhere during the heyday of hand-rolled tobacco. As cigar manufacturing exploded in the Tampa area in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, so too did the production of embossed plain or satin-finished paper labels glued inside cigar box lids that portrayed everything from exotic animals to historical figures to classic Americana iconography. These labels are still coveted by tobacciana collectors today and remain an important part of Tampa’s cigar history, a history that informs much of Cigar City Brewing’s branding.”
Availability – 6-packs of 12 oz. cans & draft
Beer Finder –


Hi-Wire Brewing Teams up with Three Legendary Breweries for 2020 Collaboration 12-pack

Hi-Wire-BrewingHi-Wire Brewing (Asheville, North Carolina) has officially announced that it will release the 2020 installment of its Collaboration 12-pack, a Limited Release mixed pack that includes beers brewed with Ninkasi Brewing Company (Eugene, Oregon), Cigar City Brewing (Tampa, Florida) and New Belgium Brewing (Fort Collins, Colorado), in mid-January.

The annually released Hi-Wire Brewing Collaboration 12-Pack (a.k.a. the Spray Paint Collaboration 12-Pack) never disappoints and is always highly sought-after, but this year’s has gone next level by featuring the following three offerings brewed with true legends in the craft beer industry (descriptions sourced directly from the brewery’s press release):

  • Almost West IPA | Collaboration with Ninkasi Brewing Company – Let it be known that Ninkasi Brewing Company is one of the best IPA producers in the country, period. Together with the hop wizards themselves, Hi-Wire Brewing sought to blur the line between Northwest and Northeast IPAs by blending a higher bitterness and balanced malt character with the experience of a hazy IPA. Almost West IPA (6.8% ABV), dry-hopped with Citra, BRU-1, Amarillo, and Zappa supported by Imperial’s “Juice” Organic Yeast, was born from this blending of worlds. Spritely tangerine citrus peel, lemon-lime, tart passion fruit, peach flesh, and sweet cherry are just a few characteristics present in this kaleidoscope of hop goodness.
  • Intercontinental Contemporary Pilsner | Collaboration with Cigar City Brewing – The famed Cigar City Brewing made the trip up to Asheville next, but the beer-centric journey did not stop there. A shared love of lagers and pilsners was the bottom line in their partnership with Hi-Wire and the resulting carbonated passport. Intercontinental Contemporary Pilsner (5% ABV) brings together hops from around the globe – South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S. – then melds them with North Carolina-grown heirloom corn and German malt. A subtly toasted cornbread character and creamy mouthfeel from the malt and Jimmy Red Corn tie together the aromas of tropical fruit, guava, and honeydew from whirlpool hop additions.
  • Belgian Stout | Collaboration with New Belgium Brewing – If the name does not give it away, New Belgium Brewing was founded on traditional Belgian ales, and Hi-Wire Brewing teamed up with their brewers to pay homage to that classic style. Belgian Stout (7% ABV) is not a bold and roasty American-style stout simply brewed with Belgian yeast. The recipe was designed as a proper nod to the Belgian-style, and it all started with the grain bill. Briess’ Midnight Wheat and Epiphany Craft Malt’s Brewer’s Breakfast Malt lend a subtle grain body while Ruby Malt also from the North Carolina-based Epiphany provides notes of plum, fig, and dark fruit. Additions of orange to the base create a classy ale reminiscent of a chocolate orange while star anise adds a whiff of botanical liqueur and soft licorice. Imperial’s Napoleon Belgian Yeast’s high attenuation leaves this beer extremely dry allowing for a pleasant orange twang mixed with smoky cloves on the finish.

**The Collaboration 12-pack will include four 12 oz. cans of each of the beers listed above.**

The Collaboration 12-pack is hitting shelves now and will hang around only as long as supplies last.  You can expect to find this Limited Release mixed 12-pack of 12 oz. cans available at select craft beer-focused establishments located within Hi-Wire Brewing’s distribution footprint in Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Ohio and Kentucky. Prost!


Cigar City Brewing Adds Reformulated Florida Man DIPA to Year-Round Lineup

Florida-Man-Art-Mock-FINALE-copyCigar City Brewing (Tampa, Florida) has officially announced that it is starting the New Year off by adding an updated version of its beloved Florida Man Double IPA to its Year-Round portfolio.

Brewed to “pay tribute to ‘the world’s worst superhero,'” Florida Man is a Double India Pale Ale brewed with “a nearly-criminal amount” of Pacific Jade, Galaxy, Azacca, Lemon Drop and Simcoe hops that are “balanced by delicate peach esters from a unique Double IPA yeast and a dash of Canadian honey malt.”  Weighing in at 8.5% ABV and 80 IBUs, Florida Man is a “hopped-up whopper of a beer [that is] big in character and guaranteed to sear itself into your memory, just like” its namesake.

Florida Man is scheduled to enter distribution in the very near future.  You can expect to find this Year-Round brew available in 6-packs of 12 oz. cans, on draft, and in the Cigar City Brewing Mixed 12-pack of 12 oz. cans at craft beer-focused establishments located in Florida and “most of [Cigar City’s] distribution footprint in the coming weeks.”  Prost!

Vital Information for Florida Man from Cigar City Brewing

Release – Year-Round; launching January 2020
Style – Double India Pale Ale
ABV – 8.5% 
IBUs – 80
Featured Hops – Pacific Jade, Galaxy, Azacca, Lemon Drop & Simcoe
Availability – 6-packs of 12 oz. cans, draft & in the Cigar City Brewing Mixed 12-pack of 12 oz. cans 
Beer Finder –

CANarchy Craft Brewery Collective Launches New IPA Mixed Pack

CANarchylogoThe CANarchy Craft Brewery Collective (Longmont, Colorado) has officially announced that it is actively rolling out its new CANarchy IPA Mixed Pack, a variety 12-pack containing IPAs from four independent craft breweries located across the U.S.

Compiled to show the IPA’s “diversity of style and flavor,” the latest edition of the CANarchy IPA Mixed Pack gives hopheads the ability “to travel from the bright West Coast style of California, to the big, bold hop flavors of Texas, through Florida’s citrusy, balanced flavors and onto Colorado’s innovative creations – all in one box.”  The CANarchy IPA Mixed Pack contains the following offerings (descriptions sourced directly from CANarchy’s press release):

  • Expatriate IPA | Three Weavers Brewing Company (Inglewood, California) –  A 6.9% West Coast style IPA inspired by the Three Weavers Brewing Company community, located in Inglewood, California. Bright and laden with notes of tropical fruits, it’s brewed with two-row barley and a touch of English crystal malt, and loaded with new age American hops. 
  • Deep Ellum IPA | Deep Ellum Brewing Company (Dallas, Texas)Loaded with American hops for a bitter punch. Over-the-top tropical fruit, citrus, pine and floral aromas and flavors make this 7% ABV IPA big and potent enough to bear Deep Ellum Brewing Company’s hometown name. 
  • Jai Alai IPA | Cigar City Brewing (Tampa, Florida)Presents an intense bouquet of tangerine and candied orange peel that entices the nose while flavors of clementines, Valencia orange and subtle caramel provide counterpoint to an assertive bitterness and rich malt character. Bold hop flavor from six different hop varietals is front and center in this IPA by Tampa, Florida’s Cigar City Brewing. ABV – 7.5% 
  • Can-O-Bliss IPA | Oskar Blues Brewery (Longmont, Colorado)The Can-O-Bliss IPA Series by Colorado-founded Oskar Blues Brewery offers beer drinkers a variety of innovative IPA flavors throughout the year, focusing on new and experimental hops and unusual hop combinations. ABV – 7.2% 

**The CANarchy IPA Mixed Pack contains three 12 oz. cans of each the beers listed above**

The new CANarchy IPA Mixed Pack is available now in select markets and will hit nationwide distribution “soon.” You can expect to find this Variety 12-pack at select craft beer-focused retailers located throughout the U.S. Prost!


Cigar City Brewing Introduces Wedge Cut Wheat Ale as New Seasonal Offering

Wedge-Cut-Art-MOck-1-e1549663152929Cigar City Brewing (Tampa, Florida) has officially announced that Wedge Cut, an American Wheat Ale with lemon peel, will launch in September as the brewery’s latest Seasonal Release.

Inspired by “Florida’s cigar history, its citrus industry and its status as an outdoors destination,” Wedge Cut is an American Wheat Ale that showcases Lemon Drop hops – “a moderate alpha acid hop . . . prized for its distinct aroma and flavor of lemon zest and, indeed, lemon drops.”  To round out the recipe, Cigar City’s brewers utilize “malted wheat for the style’s signature texture and flavor” and then hit the beer with Willamette hops “for bittering before the beer is fermented with a clean, neutral American Ale yeast.”  Weighing in a highly drinkable 4.5% ABV, Wedge Cut promises to be “a flavorful, approachable and sessionable offering from one of the fastest growing breweries in the U.S.”

“With this recipe, our brewers and I wanted to highlight the expression of Hopsteiner’s very unique Lemon Drop hop,” says Sean Sasscer, Director of Brewing Operations at CCB. “On its own, the hop gives off flavors and aromas of lemon zest and lemon oil. When it’s combined with actual lemon peel, the hop takes on a remarkable lemon drop and overripe citrus quality. We’re really pleased with the play between ingredients in this beer.”

Wedge Cut is rolling out now and is scheduled to stick around through December 2019.  You can expect to find this new Seasonal offering available in 6-packs of 12 oz. cans and on draft at craft beer-friendly establishments located in Alabama, Florida and throughout the rest of Cigar City’s 40 state distribution area.  Prost!

Vital Information for Wedge Cut from Cigar City Brewing

Release – Seasonal; September – December 2019
Style – American Wheat Ale
ABV – 4.5%
IBUs – 22
Featured Hops – Lemon Drop
Fun Fact – “To name the beer, [Cigar City Brewing] looked to its Florida roots. A wedge cut cigar cutter cuts the cap of a cigar in a ‘v’ shape and spreads the smoke of a fine cigar wider over the palate. The name continues CCB’s tradition of honoring Tampa’s cigar making history. The name also references one of Florida’s favorite outdoor activities, as a wedge is a type of golf club. Finally, Wedge Cut brings to mind a lemon wedge, a nod to the beer’s specialty ingredient as well as Florida’s thriving citrus industry.”
Availability – 6-packs of 12 oz cans & draft
Beer Finder –

Cigar City Brewing Sends Imperial Milk Porter Out for a Limited Release

ImperialMilkPorterMockCigar City Brewing (Tampa, Florida) has officially announced that Imperial Milk Porter will be available beginning in late July as a Limited Release offering.

Just as its straightforward name would lead you to believe, Imperial Milk Porter is a high gravity Porter brewed with lactose.   Weighing in at a hefty 8.3% ABV, this “sweet and silky” brew offers its drinker aromas of “milk chocolate, fresh ground Arabica coffee and molasses” alongside flavors of “rich chocolate . . . complimented by a touch of dark fruit and toffee, while a snappy roast quality cuts through the beer’s sweetness.”

“So, what you’ve got here is a high gravity porter brewed with lactose. It tastes like ‘finding a $20 bill in your coat pocket’ complemented by notes of ‘catching a foul ball at a baseball game,’ while the finish is pure ‘that satisfying feeling of popping bubble wrap.’ It’s good.”


– Cigar City Brewing’s official description of Imperial Milk Porter

Imperial Milk Porter is available now – the week of July 22, 2019 – in the Tasting Room at Cigar City Brewing and is scheduled to enter distribution “in the coming weeks.”  You can expect to find this Limited Release offering available in 22 oz. bottles and on draft at select craft beer-friendly establishments located in Alabama, Florida and throughout the rest of Cigar City’s distribution network. Prost!

Vital Information for Imperial Milk Porter from Cigar City Brewing

Release – Limited; late July 2019
Style – Imperial Porter
ABV – 8.3%
IBUs – 55
Featured Ingredients – Roasted barley & lactose
Availability – 22 oz. bottles & draft
Beer Finder –

Cigar City Brewing Begins Tasting Room Only Release of Celestial Insurance Barrel-Aged Barleywine

500BottleMock-Celestial-Insurance-1200x3350Cigar City Brewing (Tampa, Florida) has officially announced that Celestial Insurance, a Brandy and Rum Barrel-aged Barleywine, will see a Special Release in the brewery’s Tasting Room this week.

Intelligently designed to bring you closer whichever “deity you happen to exalt”, Celestial Insurance is a Barleywine-style Ale that has been “aged in Peach Brandy barrels before being aged in Rum barrels.”  This multilayered treatment lends this Barleywine “a rich nose of toffee, vanilla, and overripe peaches . . . balanced . . . by oak and spicy alcohol aromas” alongside flavors of molasses, raisins and caramelized peach . . . with wood tannins and rum-like spice.” Weighing in at a massive 14% ABV, Celestial Insurance is so “viscous and complex” that is sure to get the attention of the gods themselves.

Celestial Insurance hit The Tasting Room at Cigar City Brewing on June 18 and will hang around as long as supplies last. This Tasting Room exclusive release is available in 500ml bottles and on draft. Outside of special events, Celestial Insurance is not expected to see distribution.  Prost!

Vital Information for Celestial Insurance from Cigar City Brewing

Release – Limited/Special; launching June 18, 2019
Style – Barleywine
ABV – 14%
IBUs – 39
Treatment – Aged in Peach Brandy barrels before being aged in Rum barrels
Availability – 500ml bottles & draft
Distribution – None. Tasting Room only release

Sun King Brewery Releases 10-4 Good Buddy Collaboration 4-Pack

SunKingVertBannerLogoSun King Brewery (Indianapolis, Indiana) has officially announced that it is celebrating its 10th Anniversary with the Limited Release of 10-4 Good Buddy, a mixed 4-pack of 16 oz. cans comprised of collaboration beers with 3 Floyds Brewing Co. (Munster, Indiana), Austin Beerworks (Austin, Texas), Cigar City Brewing (Tampa, Florida) and Rhinegeist Brewery (Cincinnati, Ohio).

Since “collaboration [has been] at the core of Sun King’s success” for ten amazing years, the brewery has decided to celebrate that “decade of award-winning beers, and the collaborative spirit of the brewing industry” with the release of 10-4 Good Buddy. This mixed 4-pack of 16 oz. cans contains the following four beers brewed in collaboration with “independent breweries from across the U.S” (descriptions sourced directly from the Sun King’s press release):

  • Collabergé | Austin Beerworks – An Imperial Brut IPA that brings the dryness of champagne with an assertive hop profile.

    “This collaboration was what it is all about,” said Will Golden, co-founder of Austin Beerworks. “A true friendship, complete with a lot of the bad jokes! The hospitality from Hoosiers is not just a saying y’all, they mean it! All I have to say is I can’t wait to come back!”

  • Highway Queen | Cigar City Brewing – A Sour Golden Ale with Zinfandel grapes, sour cherries, and raspberries aged on oak.

    “Working with Dave and the Sun King team was a great, innovative experience that was in the planning process for months,” said Wayne Wambles, brewmaster at Cigar City Brewing. “The beer makes use of an experimental yeast strain that produces lactic acid combined with a combination of fruits that lend complex acidity as well as fruit harmony. It was a pleasure to celebrate Sun King’s tenth anniversary by creating this wonderful beer with them.”

  • Hoppiness Jones | Rhinegeist Brewery – An IPA that was aged in both Tequila and Pinot Noir barrels, infused with hibiscus, and is dry hopped.

    “We’ve known Sun King for a long time, since before we even existed as a brewery, and they have been a great mentor and a good buddy for us over the years,” said Bryant Goulding, co-founder of Rhinegeist. “We’re thankful to be able to work together on this high-powered collaboration alongside three other brewers for whom we also have much respect, and we’re excited to help celebrate this special decade milestone. Happy birthday Sun King! Mad respect!”

  • Maximum Overdrive | 3 Floyds Brewing Co. – A Baltic Porter brewed with Indiana malt from Sugar Creek Malt, two different yeast strains, and American and Slovenian hops.

    “It’s great to brew with Sun King on their 10th anniversary” said Nick Floyd, owner of 3 Floyds Brewing. “Being a part of a one-time 4-pack was cool, as was hanging out with Clay and Dave. Congratulations to Sun King and the other brewers that participated. Looking forward to trying some at Dark Lord Day.”

“Sun King Brewery began as a collaboration between two professional brewers and friends sharing ideas over a few pints about what they would want their own brewery to be like, and grew with the insights of our business partners, and the input and hard work of our team,” said Clay Robinson, co-founder of Sun King Brewery. “We have continued to share and create beers with so many of our respected peers along the way, and we wanted to create something unique and special for our 10th Anniversary. 10-4 Good Buddy represents the creativity and camaraderie that is the heart of, not just Sun King, but the independent craft beer industry.”

The 10-4 Good Buddy 4-pack of 16 oz. cans will debut at all Sun King locations on May 23 and is scheduled to hit “liquor stores and restaurants across Indiana the following week.” This exclusive 4-pack will also be available at select craft beer-focused establishments located in Jacksonville and Tampa, Florida; Chicago, Illinois; Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio; and Louisville, Kentucky beginning in June. Prost!


TBBW 2019 Event: Hangover Day – Donuts & Dessert at 7venth Sun Brewery

7venthSunLogoBoth7venth Sun Brewery (Dunedin & Tampa, Florida) has officially announced that it will put the finishing touches on Tampa Bay Beer Week (TBBW) by hosting its 7th Annual Hangover Day: Donuts & Dessert on Sunday, March 10 at the brewery’s Tampa and Dunedin locations.

Organized to give Tampa Bay Beer Week attendees one last hurrah before they have to return to reality, 7venth Sun’s Hangover Day 2019 will end things on sweet note by taking on the theme of “Donuts and Dessert”.  Considering that this event is jam-packed with a plethora of donut and/or dessert-themed beers, guest brewers, and even a special bottle release, we think the best move here is to just break the whole thing down and give you all the details in a format that is both easy to read and navigate.  So . . . let’s get to it!

The Basics

What – Hangover Day 2019: Donuts & Dessert
When – Noon to 10 p.m. on Sunday, March 10
Where – 7venth Sun Brewery – Tampa |6809 N Nebraska Ave | Tampa, Florida AND 7venth Sun Brewery – Dunedin | 1012 E Broadway Ave | Dunedin, Florida

Guest Breweries

It is not a proper Hangover Day unless you get to suffer/celebrate with your friends, so 7venth Sun has invited representatives from the following breweries to hangout during the event:

The Tap Lists

The Hangover Day tap lists at both 7venth Sun locations will be absolutely massive and loaded down with a ridiculous amount of rare, tasty treats from 7venth Sun and those guest breweries mentioned above.  Here’s how the tap lists are looking at this time (all beers are 7venth Sun offering unless otherwise indicated):

Beers Available at Both 7venth Sun Locations

  • Cigar City Brewing | Donut Hunahpu’s
  • My Everything – Berliner with Blueberry, Blackberry, Raspberry, Lactose & Vanilla
  • Infinity & Jelly Donuts Berliner – Raspberry, Donuts & Vanilla
  • After School Special – Rice Krispy Treat Berliner
  • Skittlez – Berliner with Skittles Candy
  • Strawberry Shortcake Berliner
  • D’Artagnan – Milk Stout with 3 Musketeers Candy
  • Blackberry Lime Puff Berliner
  • Sour Patch Adults – Berliner with Sour Patch Kids Candy
  • Sprinkelz Donut Imperial Sweet Stout
  • Eat Your Cocoa Nibs – Bourbon Barrel -aged Imperial Stout with Cacao and Toasted Coconut
  • Double Chocolate Chip Flapjack – Imperial Sweet Stout with Cacao, Maple, Vanilla, Lactose and aged on Cypress Wood
  • Loco for the Coco – Imperial Sweet Stout with Cacao, Toasted Coconut and Lactose
  • Pecan Cheesecake Berliner
  • Bun Bar Stout – Imperial Sweet Stout with Pecan, Vanilla & Maple
  • Public Love – Mango Key-Lime Pie Wheat
  • Carrot Cake Belgian Seasonal with Carrot Cake, Allspice, Nutmeg & Brown Sugar
  • Chocolate Covered Orange Milk Stout
  • Mole con Cacahuetes – Imperial Sweet Stout with Peanut, Cacao, Chilies, Allspice, Cinnamon & Lactose
  • Raspberry Pistachio Imperial Sweet Stout
  • Guava, Key-lime Pie Berliner
  • The Upside Down – Belgian Golden Ale with Pineapple, Cherry & Vanilla
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberry Berliner
  • Monkey Wrecked – Bananas Foster Berliner
  • XOXOXOXO – Tequila Barrel Aged Imperial Sweet Stout with Coffee and Vanilla. 

Beers Available at 7venth Sun’s Tampa Location Only 

  • Calusa Brewing | Rollin’ Out – Cinnamon Roll Imperial Sweet Stout (Collaboration with Hidden Springs Ale Works)
  • Free Will Brewing Co. | Chocolate Coconut Ralphius – Bourbon Barrel-aged Imperial Stout
  • Reve Brewing | What the French Toast – Imperial Stout with Coffee, Cinnamon, Maple & Vanilla
  • Central State Brewing | Raspberry – Raspberry Lactose Sour
  • Late Start Brewing | TBA
  • B. Nektar Meadery | Believe – Apple Mead with Orange Blossom Honey

Beers Available at 7venth Sun’s Dunedin Location Only

  • B. Nektar MeaderyWildberry Pyment


Bottle Release

Hangover Day 2019 will also act as the bottle release for XOXOXOXO, a Tequila Barrel-aged Sweet Stout with Vanilla and Coffee.  Bottles of XOXOXOXO will be available for purchase at both 7venth Sun locations.  More info to come on pricing and bottle limits.

Alright, that should cover all the information currently available for Hangover Day 2019 at 7venth Sun Brewery.  If any more details surface before the event, we will be sure to update this post with that info just as soon as we get it.

If you are still in town on Sunday, be sure to swing by a 7venth Sun location and end your TBBW experience properly at Hangover Day.  This is a come as you are/pay-as-you-go event, so no tickets are needed to attend. All you need to bring is your ID, a way to pay for your beers, and the hangover that you will most definitely be nursing by Sunday.  See you all then. Prost!



TBBW 2019 Event: Tampa Bay Beer Week Bottle Releases at Cigar City Brewing

CCBnewlogoCigar City Brewing (Tampa, Florida) has officially announced that it will hold five days of bottle releases – Sunday, March 3 through Thursday, March 7 – during Tampa Bay Beer Week (TBBW) 2019.

Last year, Cigar City surprised its fans during TBBW with a series of bottle releases that they called a Barrel-Aged Countdown to Hunahpu’s Day 2018.  Since those releases proved to be an incredible success, the brewery has decided to break out five more tempting barrel-aged brews – all Stouts this time around – for TBBW 2019.  The schedule/lineup for this year’s releases is as follows:

Bottle Release Schedule

  • Sunday, March 3Manson Lamps. | Bourbon Barrel-aged Sweet Stout with Coconut
  • Monday, March 4Tip Top Cafe. | Rye Whiskey Barrel-aged Imperial Stout with Mostra Coffee
  • Tuesday, March 5Yes, Always. | Bourbon Barrel-aged Imperial Stout
  • Wednesday, March 6Emotional Support Duck. | Brandy Barrel-aged Imperial Stout with Peanuts, Raspberries, and Blackberries
  • Thursday, March 7The Smiling Nut. | Rye Whiskey Barrel-aged Imperial Stout with Pistachios and Vanilla

Each beer will release on its respective date at 11 a.m. in Cigar City’s Tasting Room (3924 W. Spruce St | Tampa, Florida) for the price of $19.50 each. There are currently no bottle limits in place, but it is possible that this could change based on each day’s turnout.  You best believe that these barrel-aged goodies will sell out quickly, so make sure that you get to Cigar City Brewing as close to opening as possible for each release.  Prost!